Can You Watch DVD on PS4?

DVD on PS4: At this point, you can also stream movies on PS4 in addition to playing your favorite Triple-A games.

In that way, most PS4 users are wondering about streaming movies using the DVD or Blu-ray Discs. There are many queries revolving around watching movies on PS4.

So, we have decided and made an answer-providing article that you can access in the following section. Seemingly, PS4 is one of the most powerful consoles that offers you the best gaming experience.

But how far is it possible to play DVD on PS4? Let’s explore the answer to your query in the following article.

Does PS4 support Play DVD and Blu-ray Discs?

Well, the answer is Yes. PS4 supports playing movies and games loaded on the DVD and Blu-ray Discs.

All you need to do is to insert the desired DVD into the respective slot and select the content from the source folder.

That’s it; you can start watching your favorite movies by loading the DVD or BD discs on PS4. There are some users who report that their PS 4 won’t play DVD.

Get to know why it’s happening by reading the following section of this article.

DVD on PS4
Can you Watch DVD on PS4?

How to Play and Watch DVD on PS4?

Seemingly, there is an important thing to note to enjoy seamless movie streaming on PS4. That is, PS4 has an option called ‘Disc Playback.’

You have to enable the respective option to access the movies or any content on your DVD or BD. Indeed, your PS4 console must be connected to an active internet connection to enable the Disc Playback feature.

It is a one-time process, and you can disconnect the internet connection once after enabling the Playback feature. Moreover, you can access the option while inserting the DVD or BD for the first time on your PS4 console.

Furtherly, you can activate the network connection on your PS4 console by navigating to Settings –> Network –> Set up Network Connection.

Alternative and the Best way to Watch DVD on PS4

Indeed, there are some disc formats that are unsupported on PS4. They are CD, BD-R/RE XL, BD-RE ver. 1.0, and DVDs that have not been finalized.

In addition, you cannot play movies from the DVDs and BDs that are damaged. In such an instance, the best way to watch a DVD on PS4 is by converting the DVD movie into digital format.

Many people ask, is it possible to watch DVD on PS 4 offline? Yes, it is possible by transferring the digitalized movie to a USB Drive, connecting it to your PS4, and enjoy your favorite movies.

So there will be no need for the internet and enabling the Disc Playback option. This is the best and the cleverest way to Watch DVD on PS 4 without the internet.


Can you watch DVD on PS4 without internet?

It is impossible if you are going to stream by inserting the DVD or BD directly on your PS 4. But you can make it possible by converting your movie to a digital format. You can do it by using a DVD Ripper. Now transfer the movie to a USB flash drive and enjoy watching it on your PS4 without internet.

What are PS4 supported file formats?

A basic PS4 console supports various file formats like MKV, MP4, AVI, MPEG-2 PS, MPEG-2 TS, AVCHD, and XAVC S.


I hope now you have got a clear idea of watching movies on PS4 using DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Seemingly, the PS4 console is natively compatible with DVDs.

But, the only thing is that you have to enable the Disc Playback feature to access the content on your DVD.

The above post also includes an additional tip that will be a lifesaver if you love watching movies using DVDs and BDs. Thank you for choosing our article.

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