How to Play DVD on Xbox One?

DVD on Xbox One: In this modern technology, you can get anything on the rest of your couch. Yeah! Until now, you may use your Xbox One console to stream your favorite shows and play games.

But, hereafter, you can insert the DVD and play its content on your Xbox One gaming console. Are you wonder how we can play DVD on Xbox One? If so, keep reading this article to the end to access all your DVD content on your device using simple techniques.

Xbox One is a Home video game console that offers numerous features to its users. It is developed by the company of Microsoft, and with Xbox one, you can get almost 1TB HDD. Also, it allows you to insert the DVD or Blu-ray and play all its content on your gaming console easily.

In this article, we will show the procedure to get your DVD content on your Xbox One console by using its DVD support feature. Let’s dive into the article to learn the method to play DVD on Xbox One.

How to Play DVD on Xbox One?

Now, you can easily access DVD on your XboxOne console without any complications. Luckily, Xbox One natively support DVD and Blu-rays, so accessing them on your smart device is quite easy. In this portion, we are going to show the step-by-step procedure to play a DVD on Xbox One. So, make use of it to get your DVD content on your gaming console.

DVD on Xbox One
How to Play DVD on Xbox One?

Step 1:

Firstly, connect your Xbox One gaming console with a stable internet connection.

Step 2:

Now, press the Xbox button on your controller to get the Xbox One home page.

Step 3:

Then, go to the Search bar and enter Blu-ray using the virtual keyboard.

Step 4:

Look for the app and select Blu-Ray from the suggestion list.

Step 5:

Hit the Install button to get the Blu-Ray app on your Xbox one console.

Step 6:

After the successful installation, go back to the Xbox One home page.

Step 7:

Now, insert the DVD into your XboxOne.

Step 8:

Choose the Blu-Ray app from the list of applications to play the DVD on your console.

Step 9:

That’s all, now, you can access your DVD content on your device without any hassle.


Why won’t Xbox One play DVD?

Sometimes, you may face trouble while accessing the DVD on your console. At the time, you can restart your XboxOne console or reset it to play DVD on the XboxOne gaming console.

How to Play a DVD on Xbox One without the internet?

You have to install the Blu-ray app on your Xbox One console from the respective app store. After that, you can play your DVD on your console with the help of the Blu-ray app even without the internet.


Now, you can stream all your favorite shows or games using the DVD. Here is the option to play DVDs on your Xbox One console. This article explains the simplest way to access your DVD on XboxOne.

We hope this article will help you to play the DVD using effortless methods. Make use of it and stream all your favorites on your gaming console. To get more guides about Xbox One, kindly check our website under the Xbox One category.

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