How to Eject Disc on PS5?

Eject Disc on PS5: PlayStation 5 is one of the perfect choices to get the best gaming as well as streaming experience. If you are a PS5 user, then this article is for you, here, we are going to speak about one of the best features of PS5.

PlayStation 5 will allow you to access the disc on its, in this order, today, we are going to see how to Eject Disc on the PS5 console. Inserting and removing the Disc from your gaming console is too easy.

Luckily, PS5 has a manual button on PS5 and a system option to remove the disc from the drive. Here we will show the simplest method to remove your gaming disc from your PS5 disc drive, so keep reading this article to the end to learn the simple trick.

How to Eject Disc on PS5?

Now, you can effortlessly remove Disc on your PS5 gaming console by following the guide below. Here we are going to see the step-by-step procedure to remove the disc from your gaming console.

Eject Disc on PS5
How to Eject Disc on PS5?
  • You can see the two buttons on your PlayStation 5 gaming console. It refers to Power and ejects.
  • The left button for ejection. Click on it to eject the disc on your PlayStation 5 console.
  • You can use this button to remove the disc from your gaming console even if it is turned off.


Why won’t PS5 eject the disc?

Sometimes, you may not remove the Disc on your PS5 console due to hardware or technical glitches. At the time, you have to eject the disc using the manual method.

To eject the disc from your device, insert the screwdriver into the eject area and turn it on anti-clockwise, it may need several turns. But, you need not worry about the warranty, it does not affect your warranty.

How to Eject Disc on PS5 using Controller?

You can remove the disc from your PS5 gaming console using your controller. Tap on the PlayStation button on your controller and go to the Home screen.

Now, select the game inside the disc drive and highlight the game. Next, click on the Menu button on your PS5 controller and select the Eject option to remove the disc from the drive.


Now, you can easily remove Disc on the PS5 gaming console. The method mentioned above will help you in an easy manner to remove the disc from the disc drive. You can also use your controller to eject the disc from the device.

We hope you successfully remove Disc on PS5 using our guide. To get more technical guides, keep following our article under the PS5 category.

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