ESPN+ on LG Smart TV | How to watch ESPN+ on your LG Smart TV?

There are only very few broadcast channels and video streaming services applications that deliver a 24/7 sports feed to people. From that ESPN is one among them. If you are a big sports fanatic and a lover of the ESPN streaming service means you will definitely know about ESPN Plus. Actually ESPN + is lives inside the ESPN streaming service application. It is not a cable TV channel like ESPN. So you can access to the content of ESPN + through the ESPN app. Let’s take a look at this article on how to watch ESPN Plus on your LG Smart TV.

If you have an LG smart TV with an ESPN app, you can watch all the ESPN Plus sports content in High definition quality. If you are looking for a way to stream ESPN Plus contents on your LG Smart TV, Here we have provided you a solution for streaming ESPN+ on your smart TV.

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What is ESPN Plus?

ESPN Plus is a subscription-based on-demand video streaming service available in the United States. It was started back in the year April 12, 2018. ESPN+ is owned by ESPN/ The Walt Disney Company that offering a variety of exclusive sports programming, live coverage, pay per view events, documentaries, and many more. Inside the ESPN app, there is a separate section for ESPN+ contents. From that, you can stream all the sports content on your TV. ESPN application is available in devices like Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, Apple TV, and more.

Plan & Pricing of ESPN+:

The subscription costs of ESPN+ is $4.99 per month. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time. For a year, it costs $49.99. In addition, you can also get ESPN+ in the combo pack. Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN + just $12.99.

Features of ESPN+ :

  • The user can watch live sports like UFC and PPV events, International Soccer, Boxing, College Sports, Tennis, International Cricket, International Rugby, MLB, NHL, MLS, and many more.
  • The list of Documentaries available in the ESPN Plus is Vick, OJ: Made in America, Chuck & Tito, Rodman: For Better or Worse, I Hate Christian Laettner, and many more.
  • Series available in the ESPN Plus is D. Wade: Life Unexpected, Venus vs, The ’99ers, and more.
  • The original series like Peyton’s Places, The Boardroom with Kevin Durant, NBA Rooks, Ariel & The Bad Guy, The Fantasy Show, and Alex Morgan: The Equalizer.
  • On-demand sports content.
  • Quick access to scores from Football, Cricket, F1, NBA, NFL, Tennis, and many more.
  • Stories and videos from your favorite teams.
  • Get the live notifications on the score update.
  • There is no ad’s trouble.
  • There is no contract required.
  • The application is user friendly to use.
  • Stream your favorite sports from anywhere at any time.

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How to watch ESPN+ on LG Smart TV?

There are many methods to watch ESPN + on online today. Here we have given out the best and easy methods to stream ESPN+ on LG Smart TV. Let’s see in detail in the following steps.

ESPN+ on LG Smart TV | How to watch ESPN+ on your LG Smart TV?
ESPN Plus on LG Smart TV

Step1: Open the ESPN app on your LG Smart TV. If you not yet installed, download the app on the respective app store.

Step2: After downloading, Click Sign UP.

Step3: Enter your login details and Sign UP.

Step4: Subscribe to your ESPN account.

Step5: Now your ESPN app is ready to stream.

Activate ESPN+ on LG Smart TV

Step6: Now, open the ESPN app on your LG Smart TV.

Step7: You can see the settings gear icon on the upper right corner in your LG Smart TV.

Step8: Click the Settings gear icon.

Step9: Followed by tap the subscription option.

Step10: Inside the subscription, you can see the ESPN + option.

Step11: Click the subscribe option in ESPN+ .

Step12: Then, on the next window you can see Log In.

Step13: Click the Log In to ESPN Account.

Step14: Now you can see your activation code. Note down the activation code.

Step15: Go to the ESPN Activate on your PC or mobile browser.

Step16: Enter the activation code and click the continue option.

Step17: Follow the on-screen direction and sign in to your ESPN+ account.

Step18: Wait for a few seconds to confirmation on your TV screen. Now, your ESPN+ subscription is successfully linked.

Step19: After successful setup to ESPN Plus account, go back to the home screen of the ESPN app on your LG Smart TV.

Step20: On the top, you can find ESPN+ and Select ESPN+.

Step21: Now, your TV is ready to stream ESPN Plus content.

The ESPN Plus is now ready for streaming live sports, documentaries, series, and many more. It looks like too many steps are required to set up this process. But it will take only two minutes to complete them all. Once you have finished this setup means you can stream the ESPN Plus contents on your ESPN App at any time.

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Alternative Ways:

You can get this ESPN Plus content on your LG Smart TV using streaming devices. With the help of streaming devices, you can get ESPN Plus app by adding to the following streaming devices. The following streaming devices help you to stream the content on the LG Smart TV.

  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Xbox One
  • Chromecast
  • Playstation 4

To set it up,

  • Plugin the streaming device on your LG Smart TV.
  • Download the ESPN app on your streaming device.
  • Then, follow the above-given steps to access ESPN plus on your TV.

To Conclude:

ESPN Plus is a real hero that serves thousands of sports for you. ESPN+ on LG Smart TV is a great source to stream your favorite sports. If you are an LG Smart TV owner and a cord-cutter, who is looking for the ways to watch sports, then ESPN Plus is the best option for you. We have given the ideal solution to watch ESPN Plus on LG Smart TV through this article. Currently, this method is the best solution for watching ESPN Plus on your TV. If you know any other alternative way to watch ESPN Plus, tell us in the below comment box.

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