What Channel is Estrella TV on DirecTV? [Updated 2022]

Estrella TV on DirecTV: Estrella is a Spanish Television Network. Estrella TV is a local news and entertainment channel in Spanish. This Channel focuses mainly on targeting Spanish people in America. The biggest Satellite TV Network in the US is DirecTV; it is famous for its vast number of channels and different lineups.

Estrella is a pay-TV on DirecTV; get the subscription and get it. Therefore, Estrella is the perfect channel to watch Spanish programs during your holidays. So without delay, let’s dive into the content to know more about this channel.

What Channel is Estrella TV on DirecTV?

Estrella TV on DirecTV
What Channel is Estrella TV on DirecTV?

Estrella is the Spanish-language television that mainly attracts the Spanish people over America. This Channel includes shows like sports events, movies, entertainment programs, etc. In addition to original programming, the channel also broadcasts other imported programs from Latin America. And Estrella TV also provides life worldwide with their international correspondents.

So you will hear the reporters will break the news firsthand. Luckily now you can get Estrella TV on DirecTV by subscribing to its plans. The plans come under packages, and it is pocket-friendly to everyone. This is because so many households of America have access to this channel. The channel number may vary from place to place because there are hundreds of channels on DirecTV. It is a little bit hard to find your favorite channel in those hundreds of channels. So we prepared a channel number list that will help you find your favorite channel so easily.

Channel NameChannel Number
Estrella TV442
Estrella on DirecTV

Popular shows on Estrella TV

  • Alarma TV
  • 100 Latinos Dijeron
  • Rica, Famous, Latina
  • Tangeo Talento, Mucho Talento
  • Noches con Platantio
  • Tu-Night Con Omar Chaparro
  • Nos cayo la Noche
  • Historias Delirantes
  • Subete a mi moto
  • Chisme en vivo
  • E Studio 2005
  • Premios de la Radio 2021
  • Tumbaburros
  • Enchufe.tv


The above information about the channel helps you to know more about it. This Channel will keep you entertained always. This channel will satisfy all you and your family need; it keeps you engaged to it. To know more about this channel, read this content to the end.


What Channel Number is Estrella on DirecTV?

Channel Number 442 is running as Estrella on DirecTV.

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