How to Install Eternal TV IPTV on FireStick / FireTV [2022]

Eternal TV is one of the excellent IPTV application for Andriod, Firestick, and Kodi platforms. You can get 2000+ Live TV channels for a minimal price in this app. By using Eternal IPTV you can get access to various countries tv channels which include some popular countries like US, Canada, UK, South-East Asia, South Asia, Europe, and more.

This IPTV is the best place for the users to stream your favorite TV channels. You will find different categories in this app which includes Entertainment, Kids shows, Sports events and channels, Movies, Regionals, Sports, Premium Movies and Many more. Also having popular channels like BBC, ESPN, 24/7, CNN, etc… EPG technology is also available in this Eternal TV. This EPG technology helps to switch between the channels and also helps to choose your preferred option.

Below we are going to give you the installation guide for Eternal TV APK on Firestick/ FireTV

Why VPN is Mandatory

When you streaming the video contents online, your IP’s address will be exposed or monitor by Governments and ISPs. Your online activities have been continuously monitored every day. Some times hackers can easily hack your devices. If you have streamed any copyrighted contents in your Firestick, you will face some serious problems. Sometimes you have to pay some legal fine for streaming those contents. To avoid all these problems, Use a VPN. VPN helps the user to hide your identity by switching your IP address to the various country location. This technology also helps to stream copyrights video contents. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu applications are banned in some countries. To use this kind of applications you can use a VPN to change your location.

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Quick Guide to install Eternal TV on Firestick/FireTV

Before installing the EternalTV on firestick it is mandatory for the user to signup and buy a plan in the Eternal TV. You must have a user account in the Eternal TV.

Setup Eternal TV IPTV

  • Open the chrome browser and paste this URL
  • Tap on the register option which is located at the top of the menu.
Eternal TV on Firestick
  • Enter all the details in the registration form and click the Register button at the bottom.
Eternal TV on Firestick

Important Note: Don’t forget your Username and Password. Because it has been helpful for a future subscription.

  • Next, choose the subscription package which you like
  • There are three packages available in this app
  1. 5 USD per month (1 connection)
  2. 8 USD per month (3 connections)
  3. 10 USD per month (5 connections)
Eternal TV on Firestick
  • After purchasing the package, now open your firestick.

Steps to install Eternal TV on Firestick

For installing the Eternal TV on your Firestick, read the below instructions carefully.

#1: Turn ON the firestick and navigate to the settings menu

Eternal TV on Firestick

#2: Within the settings option, Tap Device or My FireTV

Eternal TV on Firestick

#3: Click the  developer options in Device

Eternal TV on Firestick

#4: From the developer options, Tap on the APPS from Unknown sources


#5: Turn ON, Apps from Unknown source, Warned message appears to it click OK


#6: Next, Download the downloader app

#7: Go to the Search bar in the home screen

#8: Enter the words as Downloader app, From the result Downloader app arises.

xtream iptv player

#9: Tap and install the Downloader app

#10: Click and Open the downloader app

#11: Tap the settings menu-> Enable javascript


#12: And then click browser

#13: Paste the exact URL “[ ]” of Eternal TV and click ok

#14: Click the Andriod download button

#15: Tap and download it. Downloading takes a few seconds to download.

Eternal TV on Firestick

#16: Click install

Eternal TV on Firestick

#17: Click done. Open the app

Eternal TV on Firestick

#18: If your using the app first means you need to allow for accessing your files.

#19: Tap ok an accept all the terms and condition

#20: Next, delete the downloaded APK on the download folder

Eternal TV on Firestick

#21: Your Eternal TV is ready to stream the videos. Before streaming enable the VPN in your Firestick.

Good!!! This is the best way to install Eternal TV on your Firestick

How to use Eternal TV on your Firestick

We have already installed the app in our firestick. But many of the users don’t know how to access the Eternal TV on Firestick. For that Purpose here we going to help you.

Access the app on the firesticks can be done in many ways

Way 1:

Step1: Click the settings

Step2: Within the settings, Tap the application menu

Step 3: Followed by the application, click the Manage installed applications

Step 4: You can see Eternal tv in the Manage installed application. Click and Launch it.

Way 2:

Step 1: Long press the home screen button on your Firestick

Step2: Immediately a pop window appears with Apps menu click on it

Step 3: Inside the apps, you can see Eternal TV.

Way 3:

#1: Tap the home screen of firestick

#2: Then click the APPS& channels option. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen. In the end, you can see Eternal TV

Eternal TV on Firestick

Launch the Eternal TV, Immediately application asks you to sign in. Enter the username and password and sign in into it.

Eternal TV on Firestick

That’s it your Eternal TV on the firestick is ready to stream the videos.

FAQ for Eternal TV on Firestick

How do I add eternal TV to Firestick?

For adding Eternal TV on firestick, click this link

Is Eternal TV free?

No, this app is not free.5 USD per month (1 connection), 8 USD per month (3 connections), 10 USD per month (5 connections)

What is Eternal TV?

Eternal TV is a streaming application which allows you to stream all the live Tv channels, movies and many more

Is IPTV is legal to use?

Illegal IPTV applications are the ones which stream the channels without their permission. Area 51 is one such application that does illegal streaming. Streaming TV channels with apps like Kodi, Mobdro, Terrarium TV also counts as illegal streaming.

Final words:

Eternal TV on firestick is the best application to stream your cable TV channels on Firestick. It is 100% safe and secure to use. With the help of this installation guide, you can stream tons of live TV channels, movies from popular countries like the USA, Canada and other parts of the world. This application is one of the topmost IPTV application used in the online market.

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