How to Expand Xbox Series X Storage?

Expand Xbox Series X Storage: Have you ever thought of how the Storage on a gaming console works?

Seemingly, gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox use faster storage devices that are more user-friendly than gaming PCs.

This article covers especially the storage space on the Xbox Series X console. Indeed, the built-in storage devices let you install and store your favorite games and files.

In return, it helps in the faster access of the existing files. For that, gaming consoles use a particular type of storage hardware called SSD.

The SSD stands for Solid State Drive. Accordingly, SSDs are known for providing ultra-fast read and write speeds on any device.

Therefore, it is essential to know about the storage size you get with an Xbox Series X console, especially if you are going to buy one.

In the following article, let’s explore how much Storage Xbox Series X has and how to expand it.

How much Storage does Xbox Series X have?

In short, an Xbox Series X console has a native storage of 1 TB SSD. It seems higher than the 825 GB storage you get with the PS5 console in initial impressions.

But can you guess the storage space you get on the Xbox Series X console? Indeed, 802 GB is the usable Storage on the desired gaming machine.

Whereas the Xbox Series S console has 512 GB of NVMe SSD space. Of which the actual usable Storage is only 364 GB.

Even though it seems sufficient, the storage space will be quickly filled when you download the latest games like Halo, Call of Duty, NBA 2K, and much more.

So what to do to get more Storage on Xbox Series X? Well, you will get the answer in this article’s next section.

How to Expand Xbox Series X Storage?

Fortunately, the Xbox Series X console supports storage expansion. Concerning that, you can expand your console’s Storage in two ways.

Expand Xbox Series X Storage
How to Expand Xbox Series X Storage?

You can use an external hard drive with a fast read/write speed or the official SSD from Seagate to increase Storage on Xbox Series X. Continue reading the following guide for more details.

#1. Using Storage Expansion Card

Storage Expansion card
Storage Expansion card

While speaking about storage expansion cards, it is ideal to choose the expansion card from Seagate.

It is an official storage expansion card from Xbox that mimics a memory card. Therefore, you can choose your desired storage variant from available sizes like 512 GB, 1 TB, and 2TB.

Unlike the standard USB slots, the Seagate storage expansion card fits into a dedicated space at the console’s rear near the HDMI port.

All you need to do is to remove the rectangle-shaped outer cover and directly plug it into its dedicated slot.

Indeed, your console will automatically detect the expansion card and completes the configuration process.

#2. Using Hard Drive

using Hard Drive
using Hard Drive

By using hard drives for storage expansion is one of the everyday things with every device. Indeed, the same formula can be applied to the storage expansion of your Xbox console. Make sure you choose the best hard drive with optimal and write speed for faster game loads.


This is about simple ways to expand Xbox Series X storage space. I hope now you have got an answer to the question of how much Storage does Xbox Series X have.

Using a storage extension card from Seagate or a hard drive will be optimal to increase storage on your console. But again, refer to the above post for more details.

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