How to use Facebook on Roku Connected TV? [2022]

In this tutorial, we are going to guide you on how to get Facebook on Roku TV?. Roku is one of the best choice to stream all the media content on your TV. With the help of the inbuilt Roku Channel Store, you can access to the various media contents like movies, tv shows, games, and other social media applications also. Here we are going to tell about the world’s largest social networking site called Facebook. Through this installation process, I will show how to get Facebook on Roku in a simple way.

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About Facebook:

Facebook on Roku TV

Facebook is an American online social networking site owned by Facebook Inc. It was launched back in the year 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. More than 1 billion users all over the world using this application. It makes the user to connect and share with your friends and family easily through online. Facebook has been available in 37 languages all over the world. It allows the account users to create your profile, upload photos and videos, post comments on other’s photos, chat live, order foods, marketing and many. This site is the best place to share your own thoughts and own opinion without any interruption. You can also play games like Bejeweled, Candy Crush, Farmville, and many more. This application is available on platforms like Android devices, PC, Mac, Firestick, etc…

Key Features of Facebook:

  • Facebook has a simple user interface and it will be updated regularly.
  • Best place to meet new people online.
  • The user can make more friends through this application.
  • Organize everything on your own.
  • Upload your photos, videos, thoughts, opinions, memories, etc…
  • Can post comments on any body’s profile.
  • The user can order foods on this site.
  • When someone likes or comments on your posts, immediately you will get a notification.
  • The user Can play games like Galaga, EverWing, Space Invaders, Endless Lake and Many.
  • Follow your idol and favorite celebrities, get their latest news right on your newsfeed within a second.
  • Using Facebook Live, you can do live videos.
  • It is also the place to earn money.
  • Marketing.
  • Create events and invite guests.
  • Chat with your friends.

Can I Stream Facebook on Roku?

Yes, you can stream Facebook on Roku. But it is not officially available on the Roku channel store. It doesn’t mean you can’t stream it on Roku. Still, you can stream it on your Roku device using the casting or screen mirroring option. In a minute, you can get it on your Roku TV through this tutorial. Just follow the below steps and stream Facebook on Roku.

How to get Facebook on Roku TV?

As we have already said that you can’t get Facebook on Roku TV directly. Let’s see how to get it by using a screen mirroring or casting process. If you decided to do screen mirroring Facebook on Roku TV, Check your screen mirroring option is enabled or not. If not means follow the below steps.

Facebook on Roku TV

Turn ON Screen Mirroring on Roku:

Step1: Buy the latest Roku device and Plugin one side of the cable on your TV’s HDMI port and another side on your electrical socket.

Plugin your Roku device

Step2: Turn on your TV as well as the Roku device.

Step3: Next, Connect all the working devices to your home wifi server.

Step4: Sign-in to your Roku account.

Step5: Select Settings on the home page of Roku.

Step6: Inside the settings, Scroll down a bit and select the system option.

Step7: In the system, you can see the screen mirroring option.

Step8: Select the screen mirroring option.

facebook live on roku

Step9: Followed by select the screen mirroring mode in screen mirroring.

Step10: On the next window, finally choose the prompt option.

facebook on roku tv

Now your screen mirroring is enabled on the Roku device.

Screen Mirroring or Casting Roku from Android Phone:

Before start, the casting process, Connect your Android phone to the same wifi as your Roku connected. Check it at least twice, If it is not connected to the same wifi or not.

Step1: Download the Facebook app on your Google Play store.

Step2: Install it on your Android Phone.

Step3: After installing, create a Facebook account and login to it.

Step4: After entering the Facebook home page, swipe down your notification bar on your Android phone.

cast facebook to roku

Step5: Select the Cast Option.

Step6: It will show the nearby casting device. Select your Roku device.

Step7: It will start to cast on your Roku device. After casting over, your phone screen will be displayed on your Roku TV.

Screen Mirroring or Casting Roku from PC:

This is another one way of casting Facebook on Roku. Similar to the above method, connect your Roku and PC to the same wifi server.

Step1: Go to the Google Chrome Browser.

Step2: Search

Step3: Enter your username and password. Sign In to it.

Step4: On the right side of the Facebook browser page, you can see three-dotted icons.

Step5: Tap the three-dotted icons and select the cast option.

Step6: Nearby casting device will be displayed from the results. In that choose Cast Tab

Step7: Finally Choose your Roku device.

Step8: In a few seconds, Your entire PC screen will appear on your Roku TV.

How to get Facebook live on Roku?

Below we have given the steps for how to get Facebook live on Roku.

Step1: Once you get Facebook on your Roku, On the home page you can see your Profile name on the top.

Step2: Tap your Profile name.

Step3: On your Profile page you can see the various options like create post, photo/videos, Live video, Life events.

Step4: In that click the Live video.

Step5: In a few seconds, you will connect to the Facebook live on Roku.

Can you stream Facebook live on Roku?

Yes, you can stream facebook live on Roku. Follow the steps

Step1: Once you have to get Facebook Live on Roku, Tap the Live option.

Step2: Start your face live video.

Step3: After live video gets over means, post it on your Facebook account.

Step4: Your friends can watch it.

Is Facebook Watch on Roku?

Yes, You can see Facebook Watch on Roku by the below steps.

Step1: On the home page of your Facebook you can see watch option on your left side.

Step2: Tap the Watch option.

Step3: Inside the Watch, you can see your watch list and latest videos also.

Step4: Click the Latest videos and you can see the videos of your following people.

Step5: Click any one video stream it on your Roku device.

How to watch Facebook Live on Roku?

Once you have done screen mirroring on Roku, You can watch Facebook Live on Roku very easily.

Step1: If any of your friends or following celebrities started a Live Video means you will receive a notification.

Step2: Click the Notification option.

Step3: Tap the ongoing Facebook Live video and watch it on your Roku device.

Final Words:

Facebook is the most used social networking site all over the world. I have covered all the topics regarding Facebook on Roku TV. From anyone of the given methods stream, Facebook Live videos on your Roku easily. If you have any issues in screen mirroring Facebook on Roku, leave us a comment in the below comment section. we will sort out the issues very soon.

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