Firestick Not Working? A Simple Guide to Fix all the issues [Solved]

Welcome to the Firestick not Working guide. Firestick is the most trending device to watch all your favorite shows, Movies, Live TV, and much more without a cable. Amazon has developed this device for the user to watch all their show on a big screen easily.

So, the User is installing the application available in the Amazon App store or from the third-party websites. Amazon has created this device so user-friendly that it allows all the third-party apps. However, most of the streaming device does not allow third-party apps.

There are many features available on the Amazon Firestick and it cannot be listed in a single guide. So, here we will check out only the problems faced in the Amazon Firestick like Firestick not working, Firestick is Frozen, Firestick shows a blank screen and more. We will list the problems faced in the Firestick device one by one along with its solutions.

List of Problems in Amazon Firestick [Detailed Guide 2022]

Simple Guide to Fix all the issues
Simple Guide to Fix all the issues

Amazon Firestick not working is the major problem for most of the user these days. Likewise, there are many problem are available in the Firestick also occurs. So, We will list all the problems below and you can directly move on to solutions directly.

  • Firestick Not Working
  • Firestick is Frozen
  • Blank Screen on Firestick
  • Firestick buffering Issues
  • Firestick won’t connect to WiFi
  • Amazon Firestick Streaming Issues
  • Firestick Home Screen Not Working
  • Firestick Stopped Working
  • Unable to mirror Screen on Firestick
  • Firestick Remote Not Working
  • Firestick Logo Stuck on the Screen
  • App Crashes on firestick
  • Firestick won’t turn On.

Still, there are many problems arises on the Amazon Firestick and we are finding solutions for all the problems for it. If you got any problem regarding the Firestick, just leave a comment below about it. Let’s move on to the Solutions to solve it.

Firestick Won’t Turn ON [Firestick not Working]

There are some common solutions are recommended by the Amazon Firestick developer is listed below.

Basic Checkups:

  • Make sure your Remote is Working
  • Check whether power cable and adapter is connected.

Most of the user has the same issue that firestick won’t turn On. It is a very irritating one and most of the users asked Amazon customer care and got a solution for it.


  • Unplug the TV from the Wall.
  • Turn on your TV with your firestick connected to it.
  • Hold the Power button in your firestick remote for 30 seconds.
  • After 30 Seconds replug the TV and turn it ON.
  • Now, You can move on to the Firestick input channels.

Most of the users find this method something crazy but it is working for some of the firestick users.

My Firestick is Frozen

My firestick is Frozen and doesn’t know what to do. Then don’t worry here is the simple solution for you. Due to overload or space problems, this may occur. For this restarting a firestick is the only solution.

There are two methods for restarting a firestick in a second. Let’s check what are the methods.

The first method by Physical connection: Just disconnect the power cord from your device. And reconnect it back, it will restart your firestick.

The second method using Remote: Take your firestick remote. Press and hold the select button and play/pause button at the same time for 5 seconds.

Blank Screen on Firestick [Amazon Firestick Not Working]

Firestick is awesome device comparing to the other streaming devices. No other device is so user-friendly than Firestick. Many problems occur in it and have a solution for it. Each and every device will have some problems with it. So, you can rectify it easily in the firestick. To fix the blank screen firestick. there some basic checkups to be done.

  • Check whether all the cables are connected properly.
  • Make sure that you are using all the equipment given along with firestick.
  • Disconnect and connect the HDMI cable on your TV.
  • Try Restarting the firestick by the below-given methods.

The first method by Physical connection: Just disconnect the power cord from your device. And reconnect it back, it will restart your firestick.

The second method using Remote: Take your firestick remote. Press and hold the select button and play/pause button at the same time for 5 seconds.

I hope that it will fix the Blank screen firestick to function properly.

Firestick Buffering Issues

Buffering issue is the most irritating issue among the other problem in firestick. Because while watching a interesting movies or tv shows. If it buffer it will be the most irritating one.

There is much reason for this buffering issue in firestick. Let’s check what is the issue and solve it one by one.

Reason for Buffering issues

  • ISP throttling
  • hardware Limitations
  • Remote server malfunctions
  • Slow Internet connections
  • Memory Problem

Solution for Buffering Issues on Firestick

Keep your Device updated

Amazon will be kept on updating their version to make the device so user-friendly. Some of the users forget to update the version of the device. Sometimes it may lead to buffering issues or lag.

Choose t Best VPN for Firestick

Why is the relationship in VPN and Buffering Issue?. It has been the most frequently asked question by the user for installing a VPN.

There are many possibilities in buffering issues that VPN will help. ISP will be slowing down particular categories to avoid using it regularly. If you are using a VPN, you can change your location and watch your program without any issues.

Also, Some live programs will have huge amount of traffics and cannot be loaded in our country but it can be free in other country channels. Just change your location watch without ay disturbance.

And there are many usages in installing a VPN on Firestick. If you like, you can try using a Free VPN for Firestick and later shift to a premium one.

Uninstall the Unwanted Application

Every application would have installed by you and you will in need of all the application. Then what to do?.

Maybe you will not be using all the applications daily only a few and another weekly.

So, that you can uninstall the limited using application and install it whenever you have requirements. Because installing the application is so simple in the Amazon Firestick.

How to uninstall Apps on Firestick?

Just follow the steps below to uninstall the selected application in seconds.

Step1: Turn On your Firestick and move on the Settings.

Step2: In Settings, just scroll to your right and select Applications.

Step3: In Applications, just scroll down and select Manage Installed Applications.

Step4: Now, you can find the list of applications installed on your firestick.

Step5: Just Select the application and open it.

Step6: Another window opens and in it, you can find Uninstall Option.

Step7: Just tap on Uninstall and in a moment it will be removed from the firestick.

Restart Your Firestick

Restarting your firestick also helps to resolve the buffering issues. Let’s Check how to restart a Firestick easily.

The first method by Physical connection: Just disconnect the power cord from your device. And reconnect it back, it will restart your firestick.

The second method using Remote: Take your firestick remote. Press and hold the select button and play/pause button at the same time for 5 seconds.

The Third Method: Open Settings–> Device–> Restart–> Confirm. That’s it, it will restart your firestick.

Factory Reset

Actually, Factory rest improves your speed of the firestick. Because all the applications will be moved to the basic version and there will be more space on your device. So, it will function properly without any buffering issues. Let’s get to know

How to Factory reset a firestick?

Step1: Turn on your Firesting

Step2: open Settings

Step3: Open Device in settings

Step4: Scroll down to the bottom and there you can find Restore to Factory defaults.

Step5: Click on Confirm. It will automatically rest your device to factory defaults.

How to Factory reset a firestick using Remote?

Press and Hold the back Button and right key for 5 seconds. A window pop-ups on the screen for factory rest. Just click on Confirm.

Firestick won’t connect to WiFi

Firestick function with the help of WiFi. If Wifi is not connecting then what to do with the Firestick device. So, to resolve the firestick won’t connect to Wifi, just follow the procedure below.

  • Try restarting the WiFi Router
  • Restart the Firestick
  • Check your Signal Strength

Let’s try to figure out how to solve firestick not connecting to Wifi error.

Why Won’t my Firestick connect to Wifi?

There are many possibilities that Wifi does not connect to Firestick. By saying that Modem would have hanged up or the range is not sufficient for the amazon firestick.

On the Firestick side, The wifi receiver would have been hanged or some trouble caused which blocks from connecting to a WiFi network.

Likewise, there are many problems occur on the firestick on the router or Firestick. Let’s get to know how to resolve Firestick won’t connect to WiFi.

let’s Try out the solution one by one and find out which one works perfectly on your firestick.

Fix Firestick Won’t connect to WiFi

The solution is always simple and solves the problem. After that, we realize how come I forget doing it. It happens for most of us but really it never comes in mind when we are tensed. Ok. Let’s see what are the solution to fix the problem from the basic to the experienced solution.

Restart the Firestick

Restart a firestick really a simple solution and it will be done by most of them. Only for the few users, it resolves the problem of not connecting to WiFi.

If you are lucky then it works to resolve the issues. Otherwise, you have to proceed to the next step.

There are two methods of restarting the firestick. First, try restarting the firestick Physically and the second one using the remote.

Restart the WiFi Router

Final Words

Amazon Firestick is an amazing device even with lots of problems in it. Because there are many solutions are arriving daily to resolve the issues. No other application is so user-friendly than the Amazon Firestick. Amazon Firestick not working is a simple issue that can be resolved within a minute.

Enjoy using the Amazon Firestick and click on the notification bell for more updates of this Post. We will be updating solutions for all the errors appearing on firestick. If you are in need of any application just visit

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