How to Get FMovies on Roku?

FMovies on Roku: Watching our favorite movies and TV shows has always been our entertainment factor. As long as many TV shows arrived, many OTT platforms and streaming apps have increased.

In addition, the rise in these streaming apps has increased and you may be familiar with many such apps. Some subscription-based apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc offer a lot of movies and entertainment shows.

However, you will forget those apps when you can get everything for free on FMovies. Now, we shall discuss the possibility of getting these FMovies on your Roku streaming service.

Is FMovies on Roku?

Unfortunately, FMovies is not available on Roku as this is an illegal and unofficial platform. To know more about accessing FMovies in an alternative way, refer to the upcoming portion of this article.

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How to Get FMovies on Roku?

As we saw above, FMovies is an illegal site and not available as an official app. Even there is no native browser on Roku to access this website.

In this case, we can try some alternative methods using our phones to watch our favorite movies or TV shows. Accordingly, follow the below steps to screen mirror the FMovies site to your streaming device.

FMovies on Roku
How to Get FMovies on Roku?

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Step 1:

Initially, you should connect your Roku streaming device to your Smart TV and finish the setup process.

Step 2:

Next, pair your Roku TV with the same internet source as your Smartphone.

Step 3:

Now, go to the home screen of your Roku TV with the help of your Roku remote control.

Step 4:

After that, select the Streaming Channels button and open it from the home screen menu.

Step 5:

Then, choose the Settings option from the next screen and go to the System Settings.

Step 6:

Select the Screen Mirroring option and choose Prompt from the Screen Mirroring Mode.

Step 7:

Meanwhile, take your Smartphone and go to the native web browser on your phone.

Step 8:

Type FMovies using the search option on your web browser and search for it.

Step 9:

Open the FMovies from the trusted official site and complete the sign-in process.

Step 10:

In the meantime, scroll down the notification panel on your phone and enable the screen mirroring option.

Step 11:

Select your Roku-connected device name from the list of available devices to screen mirror.

Step 12:

Finally, play any FMovies videos on your Smartphone and the same video will start playing on your Roku TV.

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Hence, FMovies is ready to stream on your streaming device through the screen mirroring method.


Probably, you have followed the above steps and started streaming the FMovies content on your Roku device. Thus this is how you can make it possible to watch anything even if the content is not available on your device. So, make use of this article and start watching your favorite content through the alternative method.

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