How to Watch Friends Reunion on Firestick/FireTV? [2022]

Whatever series, shows may come and go but only a few remains forever. And one of that few series is F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Hope you have guessed today’s topic of discussion. Yes, we will be knowing the ways to watch Friends: The Reunion on Firestick. Follow the article to know in detail.

What is Friends: The Reunion?

Friends: The Reunion is an upcoming special show of the all-time favorite sitcom series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. This show is also named as The One Where They Get Back Together. Nothing about this special show is revealed. It seems that the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. cast members will revisit the set and be as the cast members and not as the characters. The Friends: The Reunion show will be available on HBO Max from May 27, 2021. And one more best part is the users can watch all the episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. on HBO Max.

What is the cost of HBO Max subscription?

HBO Max comes with only one subscription plan which costs $14.99/month. And also, the TV providers users who have access to HBO Max can watch it free by making use of the credentials of your TV provider.

How to watch Friends Reunion on Firestick/FireTV?

As stated above, you can watch the Friends: The Reunion show through the streaming service, HBO Max. The main thing to remember is that the show Friends: The Reunion will stream only from May 27, 2021, and not before that. So search for it on or after May 27, 2021.

Friends Reunion on Firestick
Friends Reunion on Firestick

How to watch Friends Reunion using HBO Max app on Firestick?

Step1: Launch your Firestick and connect it to your TV.

Step2: Make sure you provide internet connection to your Firestick.

Step3: Get to your Firestick homescreen.

Step4: Using the search icon, type and search for HBO Max.

Friends Reunion on Firestick

Step5: From the search results, opt for HBO Max app.

Friends Reunion on Firestick

Step6: Tap the Get button.

Friends Reunion on Firestick

Step7: This will add HBO Max on your Firestick.

Step8: Click open and launch the HBO Max App.

Friends Reunion on Firestick

Step9: Sign in with your HBO Max login credentials.

Friends Reunion on Firestick

Step10: To watch Friends: The Reunion, you have to search for it in the HBO Max.

Step11: And that’s it, start watching Friends: The Reunion on your Firestick.

Alternative Method: How to cast Friends: The Reunion on Firestick using Smartphone?

Step1: Go to the respective App Store of your Smartphone.

Step2: Install the HBO Max app on your Smartphone.

Friends Reunion on Firestick

Step3: Sign in to your HBO Max account.

Step4: You have to provide the same Wi-Fi connectivity to both your Smartphone and Firestick.

Step5: Use your Firestick and go to the Sttings Menu.

Step6: Go for the Display&Sounds option.

Step7: Click on Enable Display mirroring screen.

Step8: Go to your Smartphone Settings and enable the Cast option.

Step9: From the list of available devices, choose your Firestick device.  

Step10: Open the HBO Max App on your Smartphone.

Step11: Search and play the Friends: The Reunion show and get it casted on your Firestick connected TV.

To Conclude

To conclude, these are some of the ways to watch Friends: The Reunion on your Firestick. Hope you are clear with the above-mentioned methods. Thank you for reading. If you know some other means, then don’t forget to share with us!!