How to Watch Friends Reunion on Roku Streaming Device?

Hey friends, we are going to discuss about friends. It seems a little confusing right! We will be talking about the exciting upcoming reunion show of the all-time favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S. This article will throw light on how to watch Friends Reunion on Roku.

Friends: The Reunion

Friends: The Reunion is also known as The One Where They Get Back Together. As the name suggests, it is the Reunion special show of the all-time top-notch sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It is been scheduled to release on May 27, 2021. It is exclusively released only on the HBO Max service. And the utmost pleasure is that the users can watch all the 10 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Until now, this special show’s details are veiled. The users have to wait till 27 May 2021 to know and stream Friends: The Reunion on their respective streams.

As stated above, the exclusive platform to watch Friends: The Reunion is HBO Max. So the users have to subscribe to HBO Max or the streaming services which offer HBO Max as their add-on package. Or even, the cable TV providers which offer HBO Max will do.

If subscribing using HBO Max subscription, the users have to pay $14.99/month, but remember there is no free trial period.

What are the ways to watch Friends Reunion on Roku?

As you people know, you can get to watch Friends: The Reunion special show only through the streaming of HBO Max. As a known fact, HBO Max is one of the channels in Roku’s Channel Store. Apart from adding HBO Max on Roku, one can opt for some other Roku channels where HBO Max service is available as an Add-on service. Following is the list of streaming services that offer HBO Max and from where you can stream Friends: The Reunion:

Amazon Prime Video

Apple TV



YouTube TV

Note: You have to manually add HBO Max add-on to your already prevailing subscription, this may cost you individually too. Most importantly, keep in mind that you can watch Friends: The Reunion only from May 27, 2021.

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How to watch Friends Reunion on Roku?

You can use the following method to install any of the above-mentioned streaming services on your Roku and watch Friends: The Reunion special show.

Friends Reunion on Roku
Friends Reunion on Roku

Step1: Connect your Roku device to your TV.

Step2: Establish internet connectivity to your Roku device.

Step3: Use your Roku remote and press the home button in it.

Step4: Go for the Streaming channels section.

Step5: Now, click on the Search channels option.

Step6: Use the search screen and search for any of the given channels:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Apple TV
  • AT&T TV
  • Hulu
  • YouTube TV
  • HBO Max
Friends Reunion on Roku

Step7: The results of your search appears. Here click on the channel you searched for.

Friends Reunion on Roku

Step8: In the next screen, tap the Add channel button.

Friends Reunion on Roku

Step9: This will install it on your Roku device.

Step10: Then, click the Go to channel button and Sign in with your respective streaming service account credentials.

Step11: Subscribe for HBO Max add-on for other channels and pay for it.

Step12: Then why to wait!? Search for Friends: The Reunion and have fun!!

To end, hope you are enlightened with the said ways to stream Friends: The Reunion show. Thank you for reading. Remember May 27, 2021.