How to Fix a Frozen Nintendo Switch? [Updated]

Frozen Nintendo Switch: A Nintendo Switch is one of the amazing handheld gaming consoles. The handheld gaming technology allows you to play your favorite games anywhere, anytime. Seemingly, the best part is that you don’t need any external screen to access the games.

What if the console becomes frozen or unresponsive while playing your favorite game? The Nintendo console may stuck on the logo/loading screen or while opening a game. Moreover, a Nintendo Switch may freeze due to various reasons.

It may happen due to an interruption in the network connection, a software issue, or an incomplete system update. Whatever the issue may be, the following article examines the cause and provides you with simple ways to unfreeze your Nintendo Switch.

How to Fix a Frozen Nintendo Switch?

As I have discussed above, the Nintendo Switch may freeze due to several reasons. Especially many users are suffering from a Nintendo Switch frozen on the logo screen issue.

Frozen Nintendo Switch
How to Fix a Frozen Nintendo Switch?

Seemingly, an incomplete download or software glitch may be causing the issue. Indeed, a simple restart can help you pass through the frozen screen. Furtherly, have a look at the below-given methods to fix Nintendo Switch frozen issue.

Soft Reset

Soft Reset Nintendo Switch
Soft Reset Nintendo Switch

Seemingly, this method shows you a simple trick to get rid of the respective issue by doing a system restart. The issue may either rely on the console or the game. So, restarting the console will clear all the glitches and allows you to pass through the frozen screen.

For that, you have to press and hold the power button located at the top part of the Nintendo Switch for about 15 seconds. On the mark of the 15th second, your console will automatically shutdowns and restart.

This method is significantly helpful when your Nintendo Switch is frozen on the logo screen. If this does not help you, furtherly continue with the following methods.

Press the Home Button

Press the power button on Nintendo Switch
Press the power button on Nintendo Switch

What to do when your Switch freezes while playing a game? Well, this is the factual scenario with most gaming consoles, including Nintendo Switch.

You can easily get rid of this issue by pressing the Home button. And, of course, this will show whether the issue is with the game or the console itself.

If the real issue relies on the game, pressing the home button will take you to the home screen.

Now press the “X” button to close and reopen the game. Hopefully, this will take you out of the frozen Nintendo Switch issue.

Dock the Switch

Put the Nintendo switch in the Dock
Put the Nintendo switch in the Dock

I hope the Nintendo Switch users will be aware of the Dock station. Yes, the dock is a device that every Nintendo Switch buyer will get.

Indeed, the dock helps you in connecting the console to your TV. Often inserting and removing the Switch from the dock also may cause such issues.

You have to place the Switch again in the dock in such a case. Sometimes, draining the battery completely and charging the console can also fix the issue.

In most cases, docking and removing the Nintendo Switch will resolve the Frozen Nintendo Switch issue.

Get the Customer Supports

Get Customer support
Get Customer support

Suppose you also face the problem of Frozen the Nintendo Switch, then move to reach customer support for Nintendo Switch. In addition, you can contact the customer care of Nintendo Switch via their online customer page and their customer care number. Then customer care for the Nintendo Switch is 1-800-255-3700.


I hope the above-given post has provided you with the best solutions to fix the Frozen Nintendo Switch issue. Indeed, try to clean the cached data and unwanted files often on your Switch. Try using a microSD card to keep your device’s storage clean and bug-free. You can furtherly try reaching the Nintendo Switch help center for hardware support.

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