What Channel is FX on Optimum?

FX on Optimum:  Are you a person who is addicted to a lot of TV shows? Then, you might have come across the FX channel which is dedicated to delivering a lot of TV shows and sports programming.

Yes, FX is a pay television channel in America that has various original programming. FX Networks which is a subsidiary of Disney Entertainment and a division of the Walt Disney Company owns this channel.

In addition, the original programming of this channel is known for its standards which are similar to premium cable channels. This article is all about knowing the possibility of getting this channel on Optimum.

Is FX on Optimum?

Yes, FX is available on Optimum and you can get this pay television channel on your streaming service. So, refer to the following portion of this guide if you want to get the exact channel number.

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What Channel is FX on Optimum?

It will be better to know some basic details of FX and its programming before getting into the streaming details. Speaking about the standards of this FX channel, it is known for its mature themes and content, high-quality writing, directing, and acting.

Additionally, there are two sister channels namely FXX and FXM which mainly focus on movies, comedy series, and feature films. Here, FXX is dedicated to televising original and acquired comedy series and feature films.

On the other side, FXM or FX Movies is a channel that consists largely of movies. Additionally, FX includes theatrical films and terrestrial network sitcoms.

Though the channel shows regular programs, a premium subscription is also available under FX+ which is subscription-based and ad-free. As we saw above, the programs of this channel include largely original shows, sitcom series, reruns of theatrical films, etc.

Besides this programming, FX offers sports programming which includes programs from Fox Sports, ESPN, and ABC. Even the channel introduced a brand named ESPN on FX as it started streaming most programs of ESPN and ABC.

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However, ESPN has discontinued the service with FX and rescheduled the programs to its networks. As of now, we have seen about the availability of the FX channel on your streaming service.

FX on Optimum
What Channel is FX on Optimum?

You should be aware of the channel numbers to access the respective channels easily. Hence, you can look over the channel numbers below to tune into the channel without browsing.

Streaming Service: Optimum

Channel Name: FX

Airing On- 40

Channel Name: FXX

Airing On- 159

Channel Name: FXM/ FX Movies

Airing On- 190

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After all, we have reached the concluding part of the guide on getting the FX channel on Optimum. All you have to do is to subscribe to the right package of Optimum which includes the FX channel. In addition to the FX channel, you can watch two of its sister channels through the channel numbers given in this article. 

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