How to Get More Space on Nintendo Switch?

More Space on Nintendo Switch: Without any doubt, Nintendo Switch was a boon to the world of handheld gaming.

However, Switch has its screen and controllers altogether as a single brick, unlike the other consoles.

As a portable gaming console, you can take your Nintendo Switch anywhere to play your favorite games.

Of course, there were certain disadvantages too. Indeed, storage space is one of the significant disadvantages.

Seemingly, you have a native space of 32GB NAND memory with the console.

But, the modern games launched at this point not only have additional features but also occupy some additional space on your device.

As a result, you may not be able to download extra games in the future. Fortunately, the Nintendo Switch allows you to expand the storage space.

So you can load a few extra games on your Switch. But how to expand the storage space on Nintendo Space? Let’s find that in the following article.

How to Check Storage Space on Nintendo Switch?

Before expanding the storage to get more space, firstly, let’s see how to check the existing storage space on your Switch console.

#1. Initially, Turn On your console and navigate to the Settings menu.

#2. Choose Data Management.

#3. Now you can see the used/remaining internal and external storage space on your console.

Get More Space on Nintendo Switch
How to Get More Space on Nintendo Switch?

How to Get More Space on Nintendo Switch?

Thankfully, the Nintendo Switch allows you to expand the native storage space.

Seemingly, there are two ways to expand storage space on your Switch. One is deleting or achieving the game data or using a micro SD card.

Indeed, the following guide showcases both methods. You can choose any of those methods at your convenience.

Deleting/Archieving Game Software

#1. Go to System Settings.

#2. Choose the Data Management option.

#3. Now click on the Manage Software option.

#4. Select the software that occupies more space on your console.

#5. At this point, you can either delete or archive the respective software.

Note: Deleting the software will delete all the game data, including game saves. Whereas achieving the software will delete the game data but saves the game saves.

Using Micro SD Card

Another best way to get more space on Nintendo Switch is by using external memory. You can accomplish it by adding a Micro SD Card to your Switch.

Indeed, the Switch console supports microSD and microSDXC cards and provides up to 2TB of storage space.

You can locate the SD card slot on the back side of your Nintendo Switch. Pull up the kickstand and insert your SD card.

That’s it, you are all set with your extra storage on Nintendo Switch. But there is more you can do with an SD card.

The significant advantage of an SD card is that you can transfer the large software and game saves to it.

As a result, you will have more space on your Nintendo Switch to download more games. Enjoy your gaming.


How to get more space on Nintendo Switch without SD card?

You can expand your Nintendo Switch storage even without inserting an SD card by deleting or achieving the software or games.

Can you put SD card in Nintendo Switch lite?

No. Seemingly, Nintendo Switch does not support inserting an SD card. Indeed, you can get more space on Switch lite by inserting a micro sd card.


I hope you have got a clearcut idea at this point on the ways to get more space on your Switch console.

Even though the Nintendo console has limited memory, it allows you to expand the storage space by inserting a microSD card.

Concerning that, the above-given post will provide you with the respective methods to expand the storage space on your Nintendo Switch.

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