How to Get Rid of White Box on Firestick? Simple Ways [2022]

Get Rid of White Box on Firestick: The world is round. So, thus there is no space to escape or avoid any problem. In addition, No one has tried to solve their problems or issues in this systematic period. So, live all their life with carrying the problem on their back. If there is a problem, solutions are also there. Without answers, there are no issues. Yes!!! So, try to solve your problem in a good way and don’t put a burden on yourself. Relatable, today also we have to discuss one issue and the ways to fix that problem. Then the problem is Get Rid of the white box on Firestick. Hence, read all the following passages without skipping to learn ways to get Rid of the white box on Firestick. Without making delay, start to read this article now.

Accordingly, the white box on Firestick is nothing; while we are using or Streaming Firestick Screen, the large box appears in the color white on the screen. There is no any causing for this issue like errors, glitches, or Bugs. Then, the white box is Firestick’s accessibility feature called a text banner. The primary purpose of this white box is to tell the users where they are on the screen and what they are doing with the help of the remote control. Rightly, the white box is vital for people suffering from infections, visual and Skin related. Apart from this good, this is as much as the annoying one for some people.

Because while streaming the exciting content on your Firestick screen, this box’s appearance irritates the viewers. So, thus form this essay will discuss the pathways to get rid of this problem of the white box on Firestick. Virtually according to this problem is not the biggest issue of your Firestick Device. But, then, this issue is easy to solve a problem. In short, this box gives commands on your action on your screen with the help of your Firestick remote control.

Moreover, you can efficiently resolve this problem. The following passages explain how to eliminate this white box problem on your Firestick Device Screen. So, therefore refer to this entire note without skipping to learn all the ways to solve this problem.

How to Get Rid of White Box on Firestick?

As per the above passage, this problem of getting rid of the white box on Firestick is straightforward to resolve. To be clear, you can clear this issue straightforwardly using the following ways. The upcoming portion will give all the ways to resolve the problem of removing the white box on the Firestick screen. Fundamentally, two methods are available to fix this white box problem on Firestick. Then the following lines will explain how to solve this white box problem on the Firestick screen. They are as follows.

  • Temporary way
  • Permanent way.  
Get Rid of White Box on Firestick
How to Get Rid of White Box on Firestick?

Temporary Way to Get Rid of White Box on Firestick

Regards the problem, all problem has solutions in front of us. Sometimes the problem needs a temporary solution depending on the situation. Per this statement, you can temporarily eliminate the white box on the Firestick screen by following our given lines and methods. Moreover, you can finalize this process in a very, very short time. Then you don’t want to waste your time on this action of avoiding this issue. The effort is also significantly less to attain this process. If you want to remove the white box from your Firestick Screen temporarily, do the following steps. The technique is to press your play or pause button on your Firestick remote control Spontaneously for some moments. Eventually, that’s it; your problem will solve now. If you want to vanish your situation permanently, read the following passage.

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Permanent way to Get Rid of White Box on Firestick

However, to resolve your problem permanently, read this portion thoroughly to get all the possible ways. From this portion, you can gain many ways to get rid of this white box on the Firestick problem. Appropriately, the tricks to get rid of the white box on Firestick as given below.

Turn Off Text Banner in Settings

Essentially, the white box is not coming from the bugs or glitches of your Firestick device. In addition, the white box is a notable accessibility feature of the Firestick device. So, for this, you want to overlook and change our settings from the menu option on your Firestick device. Turning off the text banner in the background of your screen is the best way to eliminate this white box Firestick device problem. So, please do the following steps to turn off the Text Banner on your settings.

  • After turning on your Firestick device, press the Home button on your Firestick remote control to reach the home screen of the Firestick device.
  • After reaching the home screen, navigate to the settings option.
  • After that, from the settings option, select the option Accessibility.
  • Please choose Text Banner from the accessibility option and turn it off. 

Disable Screen Magnifier

A screen magnifier is one of the influential causes for this issue white box on the Firestick device Screen. Likewise, the previous method is also one of the accessibility options for your Firestick device screen. Additionally, you want to complete this action by using your Firestick remote. With the help of the button combination process, you can achieve this method quickly. Disabling this Screen magnifier can efficiently resolve this problem of the white box on the Firestick device screen. Do the following steps to disable the Screen magnifier; simultaneously press the back and forward buttons on your Firestick remote. Now, the white box will vanish from your Firestick screen.

Disable Zoom In

Disabling the Zoom In option can vanish the white box from your Firestick device screen. This Zoom In is also one of the accessibility options for your Firestick Device. Furthermore, quickly you can disable the Zoom in and Zoom out opportunities on your Firestick device. By enabling the Zoom In and Zoom Out options, you can stream the pictures on your Firestick screen as your wish, as far as close. Press your menu and the rewind button of your Firestick remote simultaneously to disable the Zoom-in option. Now the white box will run from your screen.

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Restart Fire TV

Still, if you face the white box on your Firestick, then without any delay, try this method. This method is also one of the finest and easiest ways to eliminate the white box problem on the Firestick. Here you can straightforwardly restart your Fire TV. Furtherly, to the following steps to continue your Fire TV.

  • Initially, press and hold the OK key and play button simultaneously on your Firestick screen.
  • In some moments, on the next screen, the notification will appear on your Firestick screen, which is Fire TV is powering off.
  • After that, leave the buttons and wait until completing the restarting process of your Fire TV.

While doing this process, don’t press any button. Then, after restarting the Fire TV, you can see the screen without the white box.

Re-Plug Fire TV Stick

Replugging the Fire TV stick is very easy and practical to get rid of this problem white box on Firestick. In addition, this process is a straightforward and comfortable method to vanish the white box from your Firestick device. Moreover, read the following lines to achieve this method without fail.

  • Initially, unplug your Fire TV stick from your TV without powering it off.
  • After that, wait some minutes until the TV gets cool.
  • Now, replug the stick to your Smart TV.
  • Now, the problem will solve.

Reset Fire TV Using Remote

Also, still, the white box appears on your Firestick screen. Then try this method also. Appropriately, the technique is to Reset your Fire TV. Attain the below-given steps to reset your Fire TV without your remote. For that,

  • Go to the home screen of your Fire TV by pressing the home button on your Fire TV  remote.
  • Go to the settings option.
  • Now, select the MY Fire TV from the settings option.
  • On the next screen, choose Reset to Factory Defaults.
  • Next, enter the PIN if you get it from the screen.
  • Select Reset to confirm.
  • Now the white box won’t show on your Fire TV.

Check for system Updates.

Another method to get rid of this problem is checking for system updates. Primary, the purpose of this method is to check if your System asks for any updates. If you have not updated the System correctly, the functions of the System go down. So, without omitting to update your System correctly while seeing the updating notification on your system screen. Instead, do the following steps to check your system updates.

  • First, go to the home screen of your Firestick screen.
  • Afterward, select the settings option from your screen.
  • From the settings option, choose My Fire TV.
  • From the My Fire TV option, choose the About option.
  • Now select the check for System Updated Options.

Contact Amazon

Suppose, after doing all the above methods still; the white box appears on your screen; then go to contact Amazon without hesitation. This method will be an advantageous method to get rid of the problem of the white box on the Firestick screen. This time may you raise the question of how to contact Amazon? Don’t worry; the answer is very near to you. Quickly can get the solution from the Amazon crew by contacting their customer service page. In this portion, we insert the E-mail address and customer service number through this article. With the help of these details can get rid form the issue by contacting and interacting with them through this service. Fortunately, Amazon gives its service 24\7 to its customers. The  details are as follows,


For general questions-  [email protected]

For Issues – [email protected]

Customer service number1-888-280-4331.

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What are the other causes for White Box on Firestick?

Exactly, for some other reasons also we have to face this kind of problem. This portion will discuss different ways to resolve this problem elaborately. Apart from these ways, you can get rid of this situation by using another simple way: clear your cache from your System and replug your Fire TV to the power sources. In this sense, clear all your stored cache from your Firestick device because the stocks are the biggest reason for facing these kinds of problems.

Alike replugging the TV to the power sources is also one of the effective ways to clear this issue. To replug your TV, disconnect the TV plug from your Power sources. After that, wait for some time. Afterward, replug the TV Plug with the power sources. Then, turn on your Fire TV. Without any doubt, your Fire TV will display or play your respective content without the white box. After trying these methods also, you can get rid of this white box problem on Firestick.

Wrapping Note

That is all about all ways to eliminate the problem of the white box appearing on the Firestick screen. Hereafter, try all the above-given methods; you will resolve the issue of the white box on the Firestick device. Hopefully, this article will help to get rid of the problem of the white box on the Firestick screen. Undoubtedly, this problem is easily resolvable. So, therefore read this note thoroughly from top to bottom to know how to resolve these issues. Suppose you wish to read more articles related to this topic, then without hesitation, you can get and read them from our website by reaching the website. By the way, thanks for visiting our page.