How to Fix Google TV Not Working Issue? [Updated 2022]

Google TV Not Working: A great vibes, folks!!! There are numerous questions raised oriented to How to fix Google TV not Working problem? Suppose you also have that question, then don’t worry, here you choose the correct page now. Yes. Now in tis article, we are going to discuss how to fix the problem of Google TV not working. Furthermore, by reading the note thoroughly, you can get more information about Google TV not working.

The Prologue of Google TV

Formerly, the Google TV device is correspondingly known as Chromecast with Google TV. Emphatically, the main work of this Google TV is that you can use this Google TV on your Smart TVs. Furtherly, the Google TV has come with remote control. Additionally, this remote control has some unique features on it. They are the youtube Button, Netflix, and Google Assistance Button on it. For example, you can search your suggestion through its microphone.

Moreover, this Google TV allows you to cast the content to another device. Here, you can get your videos in 4k resolution through this application. The launching date and year of this service are October 10, 2018. Here, complete reading this portion. Then, manually move to all upcoming parts to know more about Google TV.

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How to Fix Google TV Not Working Issue?

Undoubtedly, Google TV is one of the best streaming devices for streaming all types of content. Additionally, here you can Stream and enjoy all kinds of content through this device. In addition, here, you can get the best streaming experience through this device. But, many Google TV users say that rarely the users face the problem of Google TV not working.

Google TV Not Working
How to Fix Google TV Not Working Issue?

Additionally, this is a prevalent problem and also resolved problem. So, therefore from the Upcoming portion, we are going to know about the solutions to resolve the problem of Google TV not working issue. Truthfully, many ways are available to fix the problem of Google TV not working. Fundamentally, the leading cause of this problem is Google TV Not working in Factory system settings. You might face this issue due to your factory system being complete. So, First, reset the device to factory setting and then try to access your Google TV. Eventually, you can get rid of this problem. Furthermore, do the following steps to reset the device to the factory setting. The steps are,

  • First, reach the Google TV Home Screen.
  • Click the profile icon located at your screen’s top right side corner.
  • Then, click the Setting option.
  • Then move to the about option.
  • Eventually, click the Reset factory.

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Check the Internet connection.

Suppose still you face the problem of Google TV not working after attaining the above-given method. Then without any delay, better to move this part and try this method. In this portion, we will present another possible way to fix this problem of Google TV not working. The technique is to check the internet connection. Correspondingly, the Internet connection is essential to operate the Google TV in good condition. Due to the reason for your invalid internet connection, you might face this problem. So, check your internet connection and fix it if it is poor. Do the following steps to check your internet connection.

  • First, go to the home screen of your Google TV.
  • Then, click the profile icon at your screen’s top right corner.
  • Now, click the Setting option.
  • From the settings option, select the Network and internet connection on your GoogleTV.
  • Here,m you want to confirm whether your Wi-Fi is on or not.
  • Suppose the Wi-Fi isn’t on, then first on the Wi-Fi connection on your Google TV.
  • After enabling the Wi-Fi connection, click the network you want to connect to your device and enter the correct password if it requires the password.

After connecting the internet connection, open any of your applications on your Google TV and Stream your Favorite content as your wish. Now, you will get rid of your issue with Google TV Not working.

Check for System Update

Fundamentally, the update is essential need to access your Google TV properly. So, henceforth, properly update your device when it shows the Update Notification on your screen. If you skip the Update process, you will face these problems on your Google TV. So, the Updating method is significant to access Google TV without any obstacles or instructions. Moreover, perform the following steps to Update your System.

  • First, go to the home screen of your Google TV.
  • Then, click the System Option.
  • Then move to the about option.
  • Now, click the Software Update on your Google TV.
  • Then check the System update.

Formerly, suppose your system is asking for an update, click the update key and wait for some time until your system is updated. Afterward, launch any app and stream your favorite content on your Google TV.

Restart Google TV

Still, your problem with Google TV not working is didn’t been resolved. Then try this forthcoming method without any hesitation. Instead, one of the best methods is to restart the Google TV. Subsequently, restarting the Google TV is one of the best and most effortless methods to vanish the problem of Google TV not working. So, thus attain the given steps to start your Google TV. The steps are,

  • First, click the profile icon from the top right corner of your Google TV screen.
  • Then, press the system option.
  • Eventually, click the Restart button to restart your Google TV.

Clear App Data

Suppose the above methods didn’t support you to solve the issue of Google TV, not Woking, then perform this method. We have stored many applications on our devices. So, the installed application has more data on it. Due to the reason also you face this types of problem. So, frequently clear your app’s data on your devices. Perform the following lines to remove App data on your device.

  • Go to the setting from the home screen of your Google TV.
  • Then, navigate to the Apps section.
  • Here, See all the apps.
  • Next, find and select the app which has more data.
  • Then finally, click the clear date button to clear the unwanted data from your system.

Check your accessing Profile.

Lastly, try this upcoming method to still if you cannot resolve the problem of Google TV not working. For example, you create more than one Profile on your device. So, check and confirm that you have used the Profile for designing for the Google TV if you didn’t use the correct Profile. Then apparently, use the other Profile and try to access Google TV. Eventually, Now your Google TV will work in a good way. And get rid of the problem of Google TV not working.


Finally, now we are tracking to the Bottom line of our topic, Google TV is not Working. So, we hope the above-shared method will help you to resolve your problem of Google TV not working. Furthermore, suppose the techniques would not work for your Google TV. Better, you choose the customer care service to get rid of this issue by interacting with them. Moreover, if you want to learn more about these topics, gain from our forthcoming article by mind our website. That’s all about the Bottom line about our topic Google TV is not working.