How to Download and Install Grit TV on Roku? [2022]

Today’s write-up is for adults and especially men. We will be discussing on American Grit TV and the ways to stream Grit TV on Roku. This article will definitely clear all your doubts about Grit TV and all about Grit Gold too. 

About Grit TV

Grit is a free-to-air television network which is based in America. This is often referred to as American Grit. The Grit TV is owned by the subsidiary of E.W. Scripps Company. This is free to stream but comes with ads. The mainstreaming of Grit TV is Movies and TV series that too for adult men. The streaming library consists of grindhouse and cult classic movies. It has more adult content. So before opting for Grit TV, the users should think of choosing it.

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How to Get Grit TV on Roku?

Grit as a channel is only available on digital terrestrial television. It is not available on any other streaming devices. So users should look out for some other options or services. But luckily Grit TV has a Grit Gold streaming app which streams the contents of Grit TV. Hence users can go for Grit Gold, if in need of Grit TV streaming.

About Grit Gold

Grit Gold is the official streaming app of Grit TV exclusively designed for Roku players. GritGold has few modifications when compared to Grit TV. Grit Gold is free from ads which means no annoying ads you get when you stream it.  Grit Gold costs $1.99/month. Get access to all contents of Grit TV on Grit Gold. So the same disclaimer is applicable here too. It is important to ponder upon to whether opt for Grit Gold or not.

How to Download and Install Grit Gold on Roku?

Grit Gold is supported by Roku. So, the user can have access to Grit Gold by making use of the Channel store of Roku. Following are the steps involved:

Grit TV on Roku
Grit TV on Roku

Step1: Associate your Roku player with your TV.

Step2: Connect it to your internet source.

Step3: Click the Home button present in your Roku remote.

Step4: From the list of options, go to the Search option.

Grit TV on Roku

Step5: Now, type in and search for Grit Gold.

Grit TV on Roku

Step6: You will be listed out the search results.

Step7: Choose the Grit Gold app.

Step8: On the app info page, tap the Add Channel button.

Grit TV on Roku

Step9: This will install the Grit Gold app on your Roku device.

Step10: Then click open the Grit Gold app and start running it on your Roku.

Step11: You can Sign in to Grit Gold with your already existing Grit TV account info.

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What are the alternative ways to watch Grit TV [Grit Gold] on Roku?

Instead of direct download, the users can use the following options to stream Grit TV [Grit Gold]. The list is:

  • Associate your Antenna with your digital TV and enable auto scan this will provide you with Grit TV if available
  • Sling TV
  • Chromecast
  • Apple TV

The End Note

To end, these are some of the possible ways to stream Grit TV content on Roku using the Grit Gold app. All the adults who are interested in grindhouse content and legendary content can definitely choose this but it is also very adult-oriented. Hope you find this article useful. Thank you for reading.