How to Download and Install HBO GO on Firestick / FireTV


HBO GO on Firestick is the prefect streaming app for movie lovers. This HBO Go is a streaming service app which offers the users to watch HBO movies, series, TV shows, Documentaries and many more. The HBO Go was developed by the American based premium cable company called HBO. HBO offers online TV service to all the users in the name of HBO GO. This application was launched back in the year 2010.

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It allows the user to stream even the on-demand video contents of all the shows. Also offers latest news, comedy specials, talk shows, sporting events and many more. You can enjoy all the HBO contents free with your HBO subscription. The Subscription cost is around $15/month.

HBO Go Supports Andriod devices, PC and Firestick. The Amazon firestick is the best device to stream this HBO GO. You can get this app directly from the Amazon app store. Also, you can access to the official HBO website to stream videos. In this article, we are going to give you the complete installation guide for HBO Go on Firestick and its setup

Specifications about HBO GO

Name: HBO GO

Size of the File: 38.1 MB

Andriod requirement: Andriod version 5.0 and above

Cost: 15$ per month

Installs: 1,000,000+

Category: Movies and TV shows

Why VPN is Mandatory

HBO GO is only supported in the U.S. and certain U.S. territories. It is difficult to access this application outside the US for that reason you need a VPN to stream this app outside the US.

Also, When you streaming the video contents online, your IP’s address will be exposed or monitor by Governments and ISPs. Your online activities have been continuously monitored every day. Some times hackers can easily hack your devices. If you have streamed any copyrighted contents in your Firestick, you will face some serious problems. Sometimes you have to pay some legal fine for streaming those contents. To avoid all these problems, Use a VPN. VPN helps the user to hide your identity by switching your IP address to the various country location. This technology also helps to stream copyrights video contents. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu applications are banned in some countries. To use this kind of applications you can use a VPN to change your location.

After trying out a huge number of VPN here we have recommended you the best VPN calledNordVPN.This technology will help you safeguard your privacy. Also provides the subscription package at an affordable price with instant discount. If you want to know installation setup for a VPN means Click here

How to install HBO GO on Firestick / Fire TV?

It is very simple to install HBO GO on your Amazon Firestick. Because it is not a third-party app, you can get this app directly from the Amazon App Store. So, read the below steps carefully

Step 1: Switch ON your Amazon Firestick First and Go to the Home screen

Step 2: Click the Search icon in the home screen

Step3: Enter as an HBO Go in the search box and click Go

HBO GO on Firestick

Step 4: As a result, You can see HBO Go at the bottom

Step 5: Click the HBO Go and Download it

Step6: Wait for a few minutes to download

Step 7: Once the download gets over means open the app

Step 8: Click the install button inside the app

Step9: Immediately installation takes place

Step 10: Once the installation over means click and launch the app

HBO GO on Firestick

How to Setup HBO Go on your Firestick?

Once the installation of HBO Go gets over means next we need to set up and sign in the app. For that follow the below steps

Step 1: Open the HBO Go on your firestick

Step 2: On the Home screen, Tap on the Sign In option

Step3: Immediately you will get an Activation Code in your smartphone or in the Smart TV

Step 4: Next, Go the Chrome browser in your PC or Smartphone. And Search as

Step 5: Enter the Six digit code on the code box for activation.

HBO GO on Firestick

Step 6: Click the Next button

Step7: Next, Choose the TV provider and enter your login details

Step 8: Enter your username and password. Now your HBO Go is activated

Step9: Once the HBO Go is activated means the app gets refresh automatically and display all the video contents

Step 10: Click any one video on the home page

Step 11: It will ask immediately for the subscription to stream

HBO GO on Firestick

Step12: Click the package of subscription as you wish, For a monthly subscription, it will cost 15$ per month.

Step 13: After done your subscription means your app is ready to stream the HBO video contents.

HBO GO on Firestick

Features of HBO GO:

  • You can stream famous HBO’s series like Game of Thrones, Chernobyl, Barry, Big Love, Ballers, The Deuce and many more.
  • By using this app you can make the bookmark of your favorite movies and series that you want to watch after.
  • You can share the link of all your favorite movies and series to others through social media
  • HD quality Streaming
  • The app is user-friendly and smooth to use
  • Registration is mandatory
  • Subscription is worth for your money.

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I hope you will definitely like this article. This HBO Go on Firestick / FireTV is the best application to stream all the HBO video contents. If you are NON-US residents means install the VPN and get access to the HBO Go app. If you have any feedback abou this article means let us know in the comment section.

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