How to Get HBO Go on Sony Smart TV? [Updated March 2022]

Can anybody be there without knowing something named as HBO? That is something impossible I guess. As it is a famous and renowned network. And we are talking about this because this write-up is related to HBO. We will be discussing on How to add HBO Go on Sony Smart TV. But you might have heard about the unavailability of the HBO Go app. No worries, this article will answer all your questions related to this!

About HBO Go

HBO Go is a video-on-demand service operated by HBO. It was initiated in the year 2010 and was dismantled in the year 2020. It streamed quite a large amount of content with its vast streaming library. And it is been now streaming under the app named HBO Max. This will have all of HBO and HBO Go.

HBO Max is an online streaming platform that works on subscriptions. It is offered by WarnerMedia. Through the HBO Max service, the users can access contents of both HBO and AT&T. This is definitely a larger streaming library right. You get access to watch blockbusters, movies,  originals, shows, series, and a lot more. The HBO Max service is also available as an add-on service in various online streaming services. It offers features such as parental controls, handpicked content, multi-user profiles, and umpteen number of exciting features.

Cost of HBO Max

The HBO Max comes with a subscription plan which costs $14.99/month and as a new user, you can get a free trial period of 7days. After trying out the free trial one can choose whether to subscribe to HBO Max or not.

How to watch HBO Go on Sony Smart TV?

As stated above, the service of HBO Go is been dissolved a year back, 2020. But there is no place for worries as you can avail yourself of all of HBO and stuff under HBO Max. You will be reading the ways to add HBO Max on Sony Smart TV.

How to install HBO Max on SonyAndroid Smart TV? 

Step1: Actuate your Sony Android Smart TV and you need internet connectivity so provide it.

Step2: Press the Home button of your Sony Bravia Android TV remote.

Step3: Then as you know, you have to choose the Apps.

Step4: Then click on PlayStore App, since it is an Android-based OS.

Step5: Using the Search bar, search for the HBO Max App.

HBO Go on Sony Smart TV

Step6: And head to the App info page and install the HBO Max App.

HBO Go on Sony Smart TV

How to activate HBO Max on Sony Android Smart TV?

Step1: Launch the HBO Max App and tap Subscribe Now button.

Step2: You will be offered an activation code.

HBO Go on Sony TV

Step3: Now go to any other device and browse the HBO Max activation webpage.

Step4: In the space which asks for an activation code, enter what you got on your Sony TV screen.

HBO Go on Sony TV

Step5: Click the Next button.

Step6:Then Sign in or Sign up for HBO Max.

Step7: This will activate the HBO Max App on your Sony Android Smart TV.

Step8: So you can go ahead with the streaming of HBO Max on your Sony TV.

What is the alternative method to add HBO Max on Sony Android Smart TV?

Step1: Start off your Sony Android Smart TV and power up it with internet connectivity.

Step2: Go to the PlayStore App.

Step3: Look out for the HBO Max App.

Step4: Go to its app info page and choose the Subscribe and Install option.

Step5: Continue by clicking on Agree and Continue button. This will associate your google account and HBOMax.

Step6: Since you chose to Subscribe and Install the method, you have to deal with the Payment info and stuff next.

Step7: After confirming the payment steps you have to click the Subscribe button.

Step8: Create a password for the HBO Max account connected with your Google account.

Step9: And the last step is to tap the Continue to HBO Max. And that’s how you can add and watch HBO Max on Sony Android Smart TV.

How to install HBO Max on Sony Smart TV?

Step1: Turn on your Sony Smart TV and establish internet connectivity.

Step2: Use your Sony Smart TV remote to press the Home button.

Step3: Go for the option which denotes Apps.

Step4: Search and locate the HBO Max App.

Step5: Further install it and start streaming HBO Max on Sony Smart TV.

What are the alternative ways of streaming HBO Max on Sony Smart TV?

The HBO Max App is available only for the Sony Smart TV models of 2016 and later. So, what about the other Sony TV users? It is very simple people can look out for external streaming devices for this case. For instance Roku, Chromecast, and Firestick. All these devices are compatible with the HBO Max App. To connect the streaming media devices to your Sony TV and install the HBO Max App and start watching HBO Max!!

The End Note

To end, these are the possible ways and effective ways to install the HBO Max App on your Sony Smart TV. But instead of installing the HBO Go App, we are going with HBO Max because the HBO Go has been dissolved and all its contents and all of HBO can be streamed at one place named as HBO Max. Hoping that we have held you. Thank you for reading.