How to Download and Watch HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV?

To pull down the other online streaming services, HBO has let out a new video streaming service. This new roll-out has become the favorite for all, who is in the thought of cutting their cords. Since it offers all of HBO Now and extra content. It is HBO Max. This article is for Samsung Smart TV users, who want to know How to Download and Watch HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV?

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What is HBO Max?

HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV

HBO Max is HBO’s new member. It is an American on-demand video streaming service offered based on subscription. HBO Max came into the play in the year 2020. Within a short span of time, it crossed around 8 million users. It is a part of the HBO TV Premium service. You can avail of third-party contents as well as original contents on HBO Max. Being an HBO Pay-TV Subscriber you can avail HBO Max as free of cost subscription.

HBO Max is compatible with various devices. You can avail of HBO Max in the following devices: Android, iOS, Tablets, Windows, Apple TV, Android TV, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Chromecast, Samsung Smart TV, Vizio TV, LG Smart TV. To cast HBO Max, you can use the following devices: Roku, Fire TV, Vizio TV, LG TV.

What are the features of HBO Max?

It is not so easy to add users within a short span of time. It takes time to make people understand the roll-out and to try it. But, HBO Max has achieved it just by its stunning features only. Let us have a look at it.

  • 5 user profiles
  • Free to the HBO Pay-TV users
  • Originals
  • Movies
  • Shows
  • Series
  • Third-party contents
  • Contents from HBO Now and more
  • 100 years of shows for entertainment
  • Human hand picks to binge on
  • Exclusive for Kids
  • Download and watch
  • No need for a cable box
  • Accessible anywhere and anytime

And many more features to awe!

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HBO Max Subscription plans

 HBO Pay-TV user, this section is not for you. Because it is a free add-on for you. For others, you have to pay $14.99/month + tax based on region.

By subscribing as a new user, you can avail 7-day free trial.

How to Signup For HBO Max?

Step1: Go to

HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV

Step2: In the account form enter the required fields.

Step3: Press Create account option.

Step4: Now, Sign in to your HBO Max account with the details you furnished above.

Step5: To subscribe Add Payment and get the 7-day free trial period.

HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV

Step6: Start Subscription and click on Let’s Go.

Step7: Hey! HBO Max user.

How to get an HBO Max subscription via Mobile or TV provider credentials?

This is applicable only when your Pay TV provider offers or avails HBO Max channel.

Step1: Go to and tap on Sign in option.

Step2: Choose the option, Sign in through TV or mobile provider.

HBO Max App on Samsung Smart TV

Step3: Enter the login credentials of your mobile or TV provider.

Step4: Now you have got the access of HBO Online.

Step5: Navigate to your Account Settings.

Step6: Go to create a HBO Max account option.

Step7: Give the mail address which is already given above to avail HBO Max via your mobile or TV provider.

Step8: Create your HBO Max account accordingly.

Step9: Keep the record of your HBO Max account credentials.

How to get an update to HBO Max from HBO Now?

Being an automatic update available, your HBO Now will automatically update to HBO Max. Or else, you can update your HBO Now app from the respective app store of your device.

Step1: Launch the HBO Max app.

Step2: Login with your HBO Now info.

Step3: Tap that option Access all of HBO Max.

Step4: You have successfully upgraded to HBO Max.

Is HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV?

The answer is Yes. You can get the HBO Max app on Samsung Smart TV easily. As said before, HBO Max is accessible on a vast number of devices. Samsung Smart TV is one of the devices.

How to Download HBO Max App on Samsung Smart TV?

HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV

Step1: Turn on your Samsung Smart TV and provide internet connection.

Step2: Click the Smart Hub button on your Samsung Smart TV remote.

HBO Max App on Samsung Smart TV

Step3: Navigate to Apps.

HBO Max on Samsung TV

Step4: Go to search option and type HBO Max.

Step5: Tap on the HBO Max and click Install.

HBO Max on Samsung TV

Step6: After installation, you can get access to the HBO Max app on the Apps section in Smart Hub.

How to activate HBO Max App on Samsung TV?

Step1: Launch the HBO Max app on your Samsung Smart TV.

HBO Max App on Samsung TV

Step2: Click Sign in.

Step3: You will see the activation code on the Samsung Smart TV screen.

HBO Max on Samsung TV

Step4: Go to your web browser.

Step5: Signin with your HBO Max credentials.

Step6: Enter the activation code into the web browser.

HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV

Step7: Now you have activated HBO Max App on your Samsung Smart TV.

How to cast HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV via Samsung Mobile?

Step1: Launch Samsung Smart View in your Samsung Mobile to cast screen to the any supported device.

Some devices have Samsung Smart View as inbuilt app.

Step2: Ensure the same Wi-Fi connection to your Samsung mobile and Samsung Smart TV.

Step3: Navigate to Smart View on your Samsung mobile.

HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV

Step4: You will see a list of devices compatible with your Samsung Mobile.

Step5: On the list, Tap on your Samsung Smart TV.

HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV

Step6: A notification pops on your Samsung Smart TV.

Step7: On the pop-up, tap on Allow option. And Casting starts after a while.

Step8: Launch the HBO Max app on your Samsung Mobile.

Step9: Now, you can start streaming HBO Max on your Samsung Smart TV via Samsung mobile.

How to stream HBO max on Samsung TV via Windows?

Ensure same Wi-Fi connection to your Windows and Samsung Smart TV.

Step1: On the home screen of your PC, navigate to the Connect tab on the bottom of the screen.

HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV

Step2: You can see the list of devices that you can cast.

Step3: On the list, Choose your Samsung Smart TV.

HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV

Step4: You can see a notification popping up to allow casting.

Step5: Choose Allow option to cast the screen.

Step6: Now, visit on your Windows web browser and open your favorite show.

Step7: You can now stream your Windows screen to your Samsung Smart TV.

This is applicable only with Windows 10 as the Windows Connect is inbuilt.


Is HBO Max free?

The answer stands partial. HBO Max is free only for HBO Pay-TV users. The following online streaming users can attain a free upgrade from HBO Now to HBO Max. They are Altice, Spectrum, Apple, Verizon, AT&T, YouTube TV, NCTC, Cox, Hulu, Comcast.

Is there any specific requirement for internet speed to access HBO Max?

To access HBO Max at the disturbance-free streaming of HBO Max, you need a minimum internet speed of 25mb per second. If you want to download your favorites you should at least have a 5mb per second speed of data.

Is HBO Max accessible without cable?

Yes. You get access to HBO Max at any time and anywhere without the need for a cable subscription too. With mobile or TV provider, HBO Max is an add-on (even free add-on). But, without cable, it is a premium package. Without cable you can get HBO Max on the following streaming service: AT&T TV, AT&T TV Now, Hulu+live TV, Cox, DirecTV Now, Xfinity, YouTube TV, Optimum, Spectrum.

How many streams are allowed in HBO Max?

In HBO Max, one subscription can avail 5 user profiles. This will let you share your account with your family and friends. And, it allows up to 3 streams on different devices at a time. You also get the opportunity to have an eye over your kid’s user profile via parental controls on “Kids”. This lets you filter and set the contents that your kid should watch.


To conclude, HBO Max is a must-try online video streaming service. You can see it reach clearly. This is all because of its finite super cool features. Hope you find this article helpful. Thank you for reading.