How to Download and Install HBO Max on Xbox 360? [2022]

Streaming services are entertainment services that are capable of making people attracted towards them. So many streaming services are available. But few streaming services can be said to be popular and they can meet the needs of the people. HBO Max is one such streaming service that is popular. You can get HBO Max on most of your favorite devices. Are you thinking about installing HBO Max on home video game consoles? Yes, you can get HBO Max on home video consoles. But it’s not available on all video game consoles. Here we are using Xbox 360. In this article, you’ll get the steps to get HBO Max on Xbox 360.


HBO Max on Xbox 360

HBO Max is the streaming service to make you busy watching your favorites of the HBO catalog and other content from other providers. AT&T owns the HBO Max service and was launched on May 27, 2020. You can watch your favorites such as Movies, TV Shows, Series, Documentaries, Animations, and so on from Max Originals, HBO content library, and other providers. You can get HBO Max service on many devices including Android, iOS, Desktops, iPadOS, Roku, Amazon Firestick, PlayStation, Xbox One, Samsung Smart TV, Android TV, Web Browsers, and so on.

Is HBO Max Available on Xbox 360?

There is no such dedicated HBO Max app available for Xbox 360. So can’t directly download the HBO Max app on your Xbox 360. But you can access HBO Max directly on your Xbox 360. This can be done using a web browser. Let us move further to know the steps to get HBO Max on Xbox 360.

How to Get HBO Max On Xbox 360?

To get HBO Max on your Xbox 360, get along with provided steps.

HBO Max on Xbox 360
HBO Max on Xbox 360

Step1: Turn on your TV and Xbox 360. Make sure you’ve connected your TV and Xbox 360 with one another.

Step2: Access the internet or Wi-Fi connection on your Xbox 360.

Step3: Go to the Microsoft Edge browser on your Xbox 360.

HBO Max on Xbox 360

Step4: Search the official website of HBO Max.

Step5: Then get into it. And tap the Sign In option.

HBO Max on Xbox 360

Step6: If you’ve got HBO Max through a TV or Mobile Provider, then pick Sign In Through TV or Mobile Provider. Otherwise, move to the next step.

HBO Max on Xbox 360
  1. Then pick the TV or Mobile Provider from which you’ve access to HBO Max.
  2. Now enter the userID and password of the TV or Mobile Provider. Finally, tap on Sign in to get into the HBO Max service.

Step7: If you have got an HBO account, you can enter the email address and the password.

Step8: Then tap on the Sign In option to access the service on your Xbox 360.

Now you’ve got on your Xbox 360. Start streaming favourites.

How to Sign Out from HBO Max on Xbox 360?

You can sign out from HBO Max on all devices which you are signed in then. This can be done by following the below-given procedure.

Step1: Sign in to HBO Max on the HBO Max app on Mobile or Web Browser using your TV or Mobile Provider credentials, or HBO account credentials.

Step2: Now access your Profile.

Step3: If you are using the web browser, then hit the Manage Devices option. Otherwise, move to the next step for further actions.

Step4: If you are using the HBO Max app on your Mobile, then access the Settings Gear icon. Then choose the Manage Devices option.

Step5: Prefer the Sign All Devices Out option.

Step6: Then choose Sign Out to confirm the signing out process.

Step7: This will take a while. After signing out you’ll be taken to the home page. There you can hit the Sign In option and sign in to HBO Max.


HBO Max makes the people love it more with its service and features. You can get most of the contents on HBO Max. HBO Max is a popular streaming service and you can use it to watch your favorites on the large screen and on the go. We have provided the steps to get HBO Max on Xbox 360. We hope that our article will be very helpful to you.