How to Watch HBO Max without Cable? [Easy Guide]

As a well-known fact, HBO is popular for its shows and movies. As people move towards the platform of online streaming services nowadays, there is a lot of confusion in choosing the right. People check reviews, prices, etc to choose one. But, within the phase of introduction itself, HBO Max got its own subscribers because of its contents which had all of HBO. This article will tell you, How to watch HBO Max without cable.

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What is HBO Max?

HBO Max Without Cable

 HBO Max is an American subscription-based on-demand video streaming platform. It is owned by AT&T WarnerMedia. It was introduced in May 2020. By now, it holds the pride of having 4.1 million users. HBO Max is based on HBO premium TV services. It offers original programming, WarnerMedia’s, and many more additional contents from third-parties. Being an HBO pay-TV subscriber, you get free of cast subscription for HBO Max.

HBO Max can be availed in the following devices: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Tablets, Android TV, Apple TV, Windows, PlayStation 4, Samsung Smart TV, Xbox One, Chromecast, Vizio TV, LG Smart TV. And it can be used on Roku, Fire TV, Vizio TV, and LG Smart TV via AirPlay or Casting.

Features of HBO Max

HBO Max offers you with all the HBO in one place. It has reached a peak within the few days of the release itself. This was possible because of the extraordinary features provided by HBO Max. Let us ponder upon some of the features of HBO Max:

  • Max originals, movies, shows, series
  • 5 viewer profiles
  • Free for HBO pay-TV subscribers
  • Exclusive hand picks to binge-watching
  • Download and watch it anywhere and at anytime
  • Kids’ exclusive
  • Epic entertainment of 100 years

The list goes on..!

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HBO Max subscription plans

As said before, it is free of cost update for the existing HBO pay-TV subscribers. To get HBO Max alone you have to pay $14.99/month + taxes if applicable.

You get 7-day free trial.

How to Sign-up for HBO Max?

Step1: Visit

HBO Max Without Cable

Step2: Fill out the account form by entering name, username, password, billing info.

HBO Max Without Cable

Step3: Tap on Create Account.

Step4: Sign in with the above details.

Step5: Now, Add payment for subscription and avail 7-day free trial.

HBO Max Without Cable

Step6: Tap Start Subscription.

Step7: Now click on Let’s Go.

Step8: Now you are a HBO Max user.

How to Sign-up for HBO Max via TV provider credentials?

Step1: Visit your Windows web browser.

Step2: Tap Sign in.

Step3: Now, click on Sign in through TV or mobile provider.

HBO Max Without Cable

Step4: Enter the mobile or TV provider credentials to login.

Step5: You will be given access to HBO online.

Step6: Go to Account Settings and choose the option to create an HBO Max account.

Step7: Enter the mail address which is linked with the TV or Mobile provider.

Step8: After creating the HBO Max account, keep a note of your HBO Max account credentials.

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How to watch HBO Max without cable?

 HBO Max is available on various platforms such as:

HBO Max without Cable


HBO Max Without Cable

Subscription: $55/month to 183/month

There are various subscription packages. HBO Max is an add-on package. You can avail it by paying $15/month. It consists of:

  • HBO
  • HBO2
  • HBO Max
  • HBO Comedy
  • Family
  • HBO Latino
  • HBO Signature
  • Zone


HBO Max Without Cable

Subscription: $25/month to $69.99/month

HBO Max is a part of HBO in specific TV and also a part of the internet bundle. It is an add-on service too costing $16/month.

Hulu+Live TV

HBO Max Without Cable

Subscription: $54.99/month to $60.99/month

You get a 30-days free trial for Hulu and ad-free Hulu and 7-day free trial for Live TV. HBO Max is an add-on in Hulu+Live TV.  You will be paying $14.99/month to avail of HBO Max.


HBO Max Without Cable

Subscription: $59.99/month to 124.99/month

You get free access for one year to watch HBO Max. Like any other streaming service, HBO Max is an add-on service costing $14.99/month.


HBO Max Without Cable

Subscription: $74.99/month to $124.99/month

HBO Max comes with the premier package. It can also be added as an add-on paying $14.99/month.


HBO Max Without Cable

Subscription: $70.99/month to $89.49/month

HBO Max costs $12.99/month as an add-on service.

YouTube TV

HBO Max Without Cable

Subscription: $64.99/month

HBO Max costs 14.99/month or else it can be availed with the HBO package itself at free of cost, just for paying HBO.

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Who can get HBO Max upgrade for free?

If you are the existing user of the following streams, you can get free access to the HBO Max upgrade. The streams are:

  • Altice USA and it’s Optimum, Suddenlink
  • Apple
  • AT&T (HBO parent company)
  • Charter and Spectrum services
  • Comcast X1 and Flex customers
  • Cox communications
  • Hulu
  • NCTC member
  • Verizon
  • YouTube TV

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The EndNote

To end, HBO Max is becoming the most favorite streaming part of the HBO family. It is creating many many fandoms. As it is offering a 7-day free trial, it worth the try. It is just awestrucking. Hoping that this article is super useful.

Thank you for reading.