How to Chromecast Google Home Mini?

Chromecast Google Home Mini

After a long gap, we are back with another one Chromecast related article that is currently famous all over the world. From this post, you can learn how to Chromecast Google Home Mini on your home accessories.

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About Google Home Mini:

Google Home Mini is a small smart speaker launched in the year 2017. It is developed by Google. Google Home Mini is a small smart speaker launched in the year 2017. It is developed by Google. Google Home Mini is a small smart speaker launched in the year 2017. It is developed by Google. From the name itself you can predict that it is the smaller version of Google Home Speaker. It is powered by the Google Assistant. This device performs multiple functions. It is Hands-free to help around the house. From this device, users can ask questions and also you can allocate the works to your servant from your room itself by telling them to do things. Google Home Mini is also known as Voice Controlled device.

Things you can perform by using this device are

  • You can play music.
  • The user can control home gadgets.
  • Answer trivia questions.
  • You can make a shopping list.
  • You can manage your day by creating schedules, reminders, etc.
  • Also having one interesting thing is you can play any video on Chromecast enabled screen.
  • You can also hear phone calls from this device.

If you are a lover of Google device or if you want to use this kind of device means just follow the steps which have given below.

How to use Google Home Mini?

Well, this guide will definitely help you to set up and running Google Home Mini in a few steps. Read the below instructions carefully.

Steps to set up Google Home Mini:

Step1: Firstly, we need to plug in the power cable which comes on the device box to the google home device.

Step2: Next, Plug in the power adapter into the electrical socket of your wall. Once you plug in means your Google Home Mini start to power on. It will instruct you to download the Google Home App.

Step3: Very next thing is we need to download the Google Home App on your Phone.

Step4: Once you downloaded the Google Home App, next signup your Google account on App.

Step5: Turn on your Bluetooth option.

Step6: Immediately Google Home looking for devices.

Step7: It will find the nearby devices, Click Next.

Step8: It will start to connect Google Home Mini.

Step9: Click Yes.

Step10: Next select the Where is this device located. Select anyone from the list. Click Next.

Step11: Choose your wifi network and connect it.

Step12: Set up your Google Assistant opens, Tap Next.

Step13: Click Continue for setting up your voice match.

Step14: Teach your Assistant to recognize your voice by saying display words.

Step15: Once the voice match is over means, Click next.

Step16: Again Click next on Choose your Assistant voice option.

Step17: Enter your Address. Click next.

Step18: Add your music services.

Step19: Click the next option twice. Then it will starts to update the Google Home app’s latest version.

Step20: After updated means click Continue.

Step21: Click next.

Step22: Click not now for sign up.

Step23: Followed by click browse option.

Step24: Finally Lock your phone.

Step25: Now your Google Home Mini smart speaker is ready.

Step26: Well, Start to speak on your Google Home Mini and get answers to your questions.

By using these steps you can set up your Google Home Mini.

How To Chromecast Google Home Mini?

Once you have completed your setup process means next we have to move to the Chromecast process for casting Google Home mini to your home accessories. Here we are going to show you how to Chromecast Google Home Mini on your TV.

Step1: Connect the Chromecast device on the back of your TV HDMI port.

Step2: Connect all the devices to the same wifi network.

Step3: Open your Google Home app.

Step4: On the home page you can see a Chromecast device.

Step5: Click Set UP. It will start to connect to the Chromecast

Step6: Linking to the Chromecast option.

Step7: Now you can play any kind of videos, audio, images on your TV through Google Home Mini device.

Step8: Just speak through your Google Home Mini speaker. It will do things directly.

These are the Steps of Chromecast Google Home Mini on your home accessories.

Wrapping UP:

If you read out the above steps completely means, You can set up and Chromecast Google Home Mini easily. So, buy a brand new Google Home Mini smart speaker in online and use it in your Home. This will be definitely helpful for you to reduce time and also you can do more activities.

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