How to watch NFL Game Pass on Chromecast Plug-in TV?

There are many apps officially Launched by the NFL. That NFL Game Pass is one among them. This application is only compatible with the Chromecast device. In this article, we will be going to guide you on how to Chromecast NFL Game Pass on TV.

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How to watch NFL Game Pass on Chromecast plugin TV?

NFL Game Pass Chromecast
How to watch NFL Game Pass on Chromecast Plug-in TV?

NFL Game Pass and Chromecast are operated by Google. So you can easily cast the app on your TV. It supports both the Android and iOS platforms. In the following instructions, you can learn how to Chromecast NFL Game Pass on TV.

It can be done in two ways

  • Connect with the help of the Smartphone.
  • The second one is with the help of the browser on the PC.

Steps to Chromecast NFL Game Pass with the help of a Smartphone:

Step 1:

The first thing we need to do is plug in the Chromecast device on the back of your HDTV.

Step 2:

The second thing you have to do is please ensure or check whether your Chromecast device and other devices are connected to the same wifi.

Step 3:

If the Chromecast device is not connected to the same wifi means Chromecast icon will not appear on your smartphone.

Step 4:

To use Chromecast, We need to download and install the NFL Game Pass app.

Step 5:

For that, go to the google play store or App store on your Smartphone.

Step 6:

On the respective app store, search for the NFL Game Pass app.

Step 7:

Download the app and install it.

Step 8:

Once the Installation process done means, open the app.

Step 9:

Enter the login details and Sign IN.

Step 10:

Play any video on the app.

Step 11:

On the top of the video playing screen, you can see a Cast button.

Step 12:

Tap the Cast button, and it will be shown the available Chromecast devices.

Step 13:

Choose your Chromecast device from the list.

Step 14:

Once the connection gets connected, Within a few seconds, your entire phone screen displays on your TV. The same video begins to playback on your TV.

To Conclude:

With this process, you can Chromecast NFL Game Pass and stream any Football matches on the big screen. This application gives regular updates on all the matches. So you can’t miss any matches once you installed this application. This application is best for NFL Game lovers.

Thanks for your Patience. For further queries, share your thoughts or doubts in the comment section.

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