How to Chromecast Oculus Quest? [2022]

Oculus Quest Chromecast

Oculus Quest Chromecast is our next topic. Today, In this post we are going to tell about Oculus Quest complete details and Quick guide to Oculus Quest Chromecast.

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The Oculus Quest allows the user to play games and watch all kinds of media within VR. The Oculus Quest is also known as the virtual reality headset. It was developed by Oculus VR and it is a division of Facebook Inc. This device is having fully standalone features with Six degrees of freedom controllers. This device is working on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 process. The first generation Oculus Quest was launched on May 21, 2019.

This device works without any wires or external sensors. Oculus Quest track all the movement of the users in any direction. There is no need for using any external sensors or connected PC for tracking movements. If you are newcomers to VR technology means you will definitely get the best experience. Also, If you are a VR enthusiast looking for a wireless setup VR headset means this device will helpful for you.

Oculus Quest Chromecast

Every game lovers will surely love this device. But this device is not good for using social activities. If you like to share what you see inside your Oculus Quest headset means all you need to do is to cast your device to other Chromecast supporting devices. Oculus Quest supports Chromecast devices so you can easily cast the device.

Cost of Oculus Quest and Where can I buy it?

The Oculus Quest headset has two varieties one is 64GB version and another one is 128GB version. The 64GB version costs $399. If you like to do sideloading or love to watch downloaded media contents on your headset means to purchase the larger version 128GB which costs $499.

Features of Oculus Quest Chromecast:

  • There is no pc or external sensors is required.
  • Oculus Touch controllers are present in this device. Along with the headset, Touch controllers are present in that by using this you can transport your hands and gestures right into the game.
  • VR audio is available.
  • Oculus Insight tracking technology can scan all the movements and nearby items in your VR space.
  • Oculus Quest has inbuilt apps like Netflix, Youtube, SKYBOX VR.
  • You can watch all the movies and TV shows.

How to setup Oculus Quest in simple steps?

Before casting Oculus Quest to other devices we need to set up the device. For that follow the before steps for the setup process.

Step1: First of all open the Oculus Quest Box and remove the headset from the box.

Step2: Next, take the Oculus controllers out from the box.

Step3: Remove the battery cover from the controllers.

Step4: Insert the batteries on the controllers.

Step5: Again put the battery cover.

Step6: Now download the Oculus app from the Google Play Store or App Store. Download the app on your phone.

Step7: Next create an account on the Oculus Quest.

Step8: Now Click the Dismiss button to accept all the terms and conditions of Oculus.

Step9: Next adjust the privacy settings and followed by Click next.

Step10: Then Choose or add any of Oculus Friends.

Step11: Again add the payment method for games in Oculus.

Step12: Choose the Oculus Quest from the list of headset menu.

Step13: Take off the Quest Charger. And then plug in the charger on the device.

Step14: Once the Charging starts means you can see the indicator light on the headset.

Step15: Once the Charging has been started means switch on the Oculus Quest by pressing the power button.

Step16: After power switching ON the Oculus Quest, Next turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile.

Step17: Now, Wear the headset.

Step18: Pair both the headset and phone by entering the 5 digit number which is displayed inside on the lower right corner of your headset.

Step19: After that take off the headset, Select the same wifi connection for both the device.

Step20: Pair your controllers by following up on the prompts in the Oculus App.

Step21: Choose language and Click continue.

Step22: Finally wait for the headset to update completely.

Step23: Now again put on the headset back and set the boundaries for playing area using Oculus controllers.

These are steps using for the setup of the Oculus Quest Process.

How to Chromecast Oculus Quest on your mobile device?

Well, By using this casting process you can share games or other media content on your phone. Things which are required for doing this process are

  • Oculus Quest headset 64GB/ 128GB.
  • Strong wifi connection.
  • Mobile device.

Step1: First of all, Open the Oculus App.

Step2: Switch on the Oculus headset

Step3: On the bottom toolbar you can see sharing button select Sharing.

Step4: From the Sharing menu you can see Cast option select it.

Step5: Now select the Oculus App from the list.

Step6: Click the Start button from the in-VR prompt.

Step7: Now you will receive a notification on your phone. It will ask you to open the Oculus App.

Step8: Open the App and Click Start casting. Now you can watch the same on your phone as well as Oculus Quest Headset.

How to cast Oculus Quest on your TV?

If you want to share what you play or what you see on your Oculus Headset to your friends and family means use this method. You can share all media content on your TV for your friends to see it. Follow the below steps

Things Required are,

  • Oculus Quest headset 64GB/ 128GB.
  • Strong wifi connection.
  • Mobile device.
  • Google Chromecast.
  • A TV with HDMI port.

Step1: Connect all the devices to the same wifi connection and make sure that all the devices are connected to the same wifi.

Step2: Plug in your Google Chromecast on the back of your TV HDMI port.

Step3: Check whether your Google Chromecast home page is viewable on the TV display.

Step4: On the Oculus home area click the sharing button.

Step5: Select the cast on the left side. Once you have selected the casting option means that it will open your headset to any casting device which you have set on your phone.

Step6: Now open the Oculus App on your Phone and then tab the cast button which is located on the right side of the application.

Step7: Now select your Oculus Quest.

Step8: Click the Cast TO menu and select the Chromecast device.

Step9: Once all the device connected means, your Oculus Quest visuals will be displays on your TV through Google Chromecast.

Final Words:

From the above two methods, you can cast your Oculus Quest headset to your phone and TV easily. Use the Oculus Quest headset at least once, in your lifetime, this will definitely give you a better VR experience. Go and purchase the Oculus Quest and get a visual treat.

If you are facing any trouble while using this device means tell us in the comment section which is located on the bottom.

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