How to Download Apps on Firestick?

Amazon Firestick users will have a basic doubt that ” How to Download App on Firestick or Fire TV”. Because new streaming devices have lots of options and settings to change. So, that user is looking for manuals to download apps for firestick.

So, has made a short guide on how to download apps on firestick in a minute. However, Amazon Firestick is an amazing streaming device that allows the user to download any application in it. But make sure that you have not occupied the storage space on firestick.

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How to Download Apps on Amazon Firestick /Fire TV.

Download Apps on Firestick
Download Apps on Firestick

Amazon Firestick allows the user to download all kinds of streaming applications like HBO, CBS, TBN, Netflix, and much more. Moreover, Users can also download music apps like Spotify and Sports apps like Bt Sport, Yahoo sports, and more.

Also, Amazon Firestick allows downloading third-party applications on their devices. So, users can download their favorite applications on Firestick.

There are many ways of downloading apps on firestick. Let’s discuss it one by one in a short guide.

How to Browse and Download Apps on your Firestick /Fire TV?

Actually, Amazon Firestick has its own Appstore with tons of applications in it. Just browse in it and select the app you want to download.

If we discuss it in the paragraph it will be difficult to understand. So, we will explain it with an example.

Example: Going to download Es File Explorer (Instead Es File Explorer you can download any application by following the steps below)

Step1: Turn on your Firestick

Step2: In Home-page, select the Search option.

Step3: In the Search tab, type Es File Explorer.

Step4: Now, a list of Applications appears on the screen. In that, you can find Es File Explorer.

Step5: Tap on it to Open.

Step6: In the Es File Explorer dashboard, you can find an option as Get.

Step7: Click on it, it will begin the download and installing Es File Explorer on firestick.

Step8: That’s it. Es File Explorer is successfully downloaded and installed on Firestick.

These are the steps to browse and download apps on firestick in a minute from Amazon Appstore. Most of the applications will be available on the Amazon Appstore. Only a few applications, you have to download from third-party websites.

How to Download Apps on Firestick using Amazon Website?

Amazon Website also contains its own application which resembles the Amazon Appstore. There is no difference in downloading from the Amazon Appstore and Amazon website.

The same apps will be available on both Appstore. Just we are providing this information only for information purposes.

Just follow the steps to download apps from the Amazon website.

Step1: Open Browser in your firestick.

Step2: Type in the URL box.

Step3: Now, you can find the Appstore on your screen. Just toggle to search your apps.

Step4: After selecting your app, open it.

Step5: In the right sidebar, you can find an option as “Deliver to“. In that select Fire TV.

Step6: Then Click on Get App.

Step7: Hold on for the app to download and install on your device.

How to download Apps on firesticks that are not available on the Amazon App Store?

Actually, third party apps are not available on the Amazon Appstore, So, the user has to download it from an external source.

Let’s see how to download apps on firesticks that are not available on the Appstore.

Actually, to download the third party application you will be in need of some requirements as listed below.

  • APK file format of the Application.
  • Downloader App (available on the Amazon Appstore).

That’s it. With the help of these, you can download any third-party application on your firestick.

If you want to know how to download the third-party apps in brief. Just check out this guide “How to Sideload Apps on firestick”.

Final Words

Downloading apps on firestick/fire TV is a simple procedure that can be done in seconds. Just follow the steps above and download your favorite apps on firestick without any trouble. If you are facing any issue in downloading, just leave a comment below. Also, if you are in need of any application visit

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