How to Factory Reset Google Chromecast Device?

How to Factory Reset Google Chromecast Device

In this Guide, You can get to know How to Factory reset a Google Chromecast or Reset Chromecast? {All generation of Chromecast}.

Everyone would have heard about the Factory data reset and what it will do to your device. Because once in a lifetime you would have done it on your mobile device or other devices.

Likewise, we are gonna do it for the Google Chromecast to improve the performance or to change the WiFi network.

Reasons to Reset Chromecast

Always there must be a reason to reset a chrome cast. without any reason, no one would factory reset chromecast. Let’s what are the reasons to reset Google Chromecast.

Change WiFi Network: Actually, you will be using a WiFi network for a long time. Suddenly you have changed the WiFi network. So, you need to reset the Chromecast to add the new WiFi Network.

For adding a Wifi network, do we have to reset chromecast?. yes, because chromecast can save only one WiFi network. Adding another one, you have to reset it.

Chromecast Not Working/Hangs: Actually. for some users, chromecast will freeze or hangs in between frequently. At that time, you can Factory reset Chromecast to fix the hanging/Freezing issues on your chromecast. For more reason, check out Support Google.


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How to Reset Chromecast/Factory Reset Google Chromecast?

Actually, resetting Chromecast is so simple comparing to the other devices. It will take a minute to complete the reset process. There are many methods to reset a chromecast. But the easiest method is using the button on chromecast device.

Press the Reset button on Chromecast Device

In the Chromecast device, you can find a small button near the Micro USB port. Press and hold the button for around 25 seconds. A solid light begins flashing when you press and hold the button.

After that remove the USB cable and wait for some time. Then, reconnect the cable and your chromecast device would have reset.

Actually, It is the easiest method to reset a Google Chromecast because of only one Button available on the Chromecast device.

Using Chromecast App on your device

Most of them don’t want to use the button for safety purposes [breakage issues]. So, they prefer to use the app to reset chromecast.

From Android App:

If you are already using the Chromecast app it will be easier to reset it. If your device in hang mode it is difficult to use the app. you have to use only the hard reset button.

#1. Install the Chromecast App

#2. Open Chromecast App

#3. Open Settings and connect your Chromecast device.

#4. Select the Device and click on the Factory data reset.

#5. It will automatically reset the firestick in a minute.

Using Computer Chrome

Actually, it will work only if you have already connected to your chromecast device.

#1. Open Chrome Browser

#2. Select your chromecast device

#3. Click on Settings

#4. Click on the Factory Reset tab.

#5. Again, click on the reset button.

That’s it. you have successfully reset chromecast device using a computer.

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