How to Reset a Firestick/Fire TV? (With & Without Remote)

In this Guide, we will see “How to reset a firestick?“. Actually, reset is done if the performance of the firestick decreases or infected by any virus. Actually it is safe to do the reset a firestick which provides a fresh new firestick feeling for you.

But all the applications, you have installed on your firestick will be gone. But you can install apps on firestick easily in a minute.

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What happens when you reset firestick to factory settings?

It has been a most frequently asked question and doubts fro the user. What happens when I rest firestick to factory settings?.

Reset a Firestick
Reset a Firestick

Actually, Resetting a firestick is equal to operating a new Firestick. Everything will be deleted on your firestick and it will take you back to the old version of firestick.

Have you ever reset your mobile phone?. If yes, then it same as resetting the Firestick.

No means, then get to what will happen below.

  • All the data will be erased.
  • The installed application will be deleted.
  • The firestick software version will be outdated.

It will look like a new Firestick which has been bought just now. You can find improvement in the performance and speed of the firestick. If you were facing any issue it will be resolved too.

How to Reset a Firestick to factory setting?

Resetting a firestick to factory defaults is done in a minute. Actually, Make sure that you want to reset your firestick after that you can’t get any data back.

Also, you can avoid resetting the firestick by uninstalling preinstalled apps from firestick. Get to know how to uninstall Apps on firestick it will help to improve the performance. Actually, Unwanted apps will be a burden to your firestick.

Let’s Move on to the Procedure directly.

Step1: Turn On your Firestick /Fire TV.

Step2: Move on the Settings in your Home Page Menu.

Step3: In Settings, scroll to the right and open Device.

Step4: In Device, you can find Rest to factory defaults. Just click on it.

Step5: Another pop-up appears in that click on Reset.

That’s it. It will reset your firestick in a minute and rest your device to Factory defaults.

How to Reset a firestick with remote?

It is a simple procedure to do it comparing to navigating the menu items.

Step1: Press and hold the back and right button in the remote. Till the reset, a screen appears on the screen.

Step2: Once the reset screen appears, click on reset.

It will begin resetting your firestick and take you back to the home page. Once it’s done.

How to reset a firestick without remote?

In recent times, a lot of users is facing firestick not working issue. So, Amazon Firestick has launched an application for mobile to access the Firestick. They have designed the application as same as Firestick remote.

Just Download the Amazon Fire TV App on your device and access all the applications on your device.

Most of them have a problem with their remote and don’t know how to reset a firestick. Still, now no one has found out a solution for it.

But you can do a remedy for it by borrowing a remote from your friend. If your friend is using a firestick then get his remote for a minute.

After that then pair the remote with your firestick device. Just check out the guide on How to Pair firestick remote.

After pairing the firestick, just follow the steps above and reset your firestick in a minute.

How to Reset Firestick with Computer?

Actually, it was the question requested by the user. It is the same as doing it from tv. Once you have connected firestick to the Computer. Then follow the steps as given above How to factory reset amazon firestick.

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Final Words

I hope that you have successfully reset your Amazon Firestick. If you are facing any problem with your firestick. Just check out the solution to fix Firestick Not working solutions.

Thank you for Reading. Sharing is Caring.

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