How to Download and Install Pluto TV on Roku? [2022]

All the online users didn’t know about how to install an app on Roku? The guide covers the complete installation and setup of Pluto TV on Roku. Below we have given the step by step instructions of how to download and install PlutoTV on Roku and its setup.

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Here I will teach you on,

  • About Roku
  • How to set up Roku on your TV?
  • About Pluto TV
  • Features of Pluto TV
  • How to Download and Install PlutoTV on Roku?

About Roku:

How to Download and Install Pluto TV on Roku? [2020]

Roku is a digital media player developed by Roku Inc which was started in the year 2008. Streaming your favorite movies and TV shows whatever you like by using Channels. Roku is the media streaming player that allows the user to access audio and video content to the TV from various streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, Amazon Prime Video and many more. Roku having different streaming sticks as well as boxes you can choose which one is suited for your budget.

With the help of Roku, you can make normal TV into a smart TV. All the Roku devices comes up with Roku Remote. From that, you can navigate the Roku screen. Just Plugin the Roku device to your TV, Connect the internet and create a Roku account. Then stream whatever you like.

How to set up Roku on your TV?

Just follow the below instructions for setting up Roku on your TV.

  • Connect the Roku Streaming Stick on the back of your TV HDMI Port.
  • Turn on your TV and Go to the Roku’s Welcome Screen.
  • Take your Roku remote and insert the batteries in it.
  • After that, press the reset button in the remote for several seconds.
  • Then choose your language.
  • Followed by setup your Internet Connection.
  • Choose your Wifi network.
  • Enter the Password for your Wifi and Connect it.
  • After connected means, We need to install updates.
  • After updated means Restart your Roku.
  • Next, it will ask you to test the TV screen. Follow the instructions and test it.
  • Then, create a Roku account for that, go to the on your PC
  • First, Enter the code which is displayed on your TV.
  • Create a Roku account now.
  • After creating your account means, log in it on your TV.
  • Choose the channels whatever you like to stream.

About Pluto TV?

How to Download and Install Pluto TV on Roku? [2020]

PlutoTV is a video streaming service that allows the user to stream Stream hundreds of hit movies, TV shows and more. This service was available in the US and its surrounding region. It was started back in the year 2013 and it is owned by Pluto Inc. It is available on the Platform like Roku, FireTV, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, Vizio TVs, Android devices, iOS, etc. More than 250+ channels, it is completely free to use.

The Popular Channels available in the Pluto TV are,

  • Pluto TV Kids
  • Pluto TV Crime
  • FailArmy
  • World Poker Tour
  • Pluto TV Sports
  • Pluto TV Food
  • IGN
  • Pluto TV Retro Toons
  • World Poker Tour
  • Pluto TV Movies
  • Pluto TV Drama
  • Ghost Dimension
  • Minecraft TV
  • Pluto TV Conspiracy
  • My5 Documentaries
  • My5 Crime

Features of Pluto TV:

  • The user can watch +1000 movies and on-demand shows in various different channels like Comedy, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Thriller, Horror, Romance, love and Many more.
  • For streaming, entertainment shows you can watch channels like TV channels, ET Live, BET, TVLand Drama, CMT.
  • The news channels available on the Pluto TV are NBC News, CBS News, CNN, Bloomberg, Cheddar, NewsMax, Sky.
  • Streaming Popular TV shows like Cold Case Files, Fear Factor, This Old House, Doctor Who, The Addams Family, Unsolved Mysteries, and many more.
  • For watching comedy shows access to channels like  Comedy Central, Tosh.0, TVLand Sitcoms, FailArmy.
  • Sports channels in Pluto TV are PGA Tour, Major League Soccer, bein Sports Xtra, Stadium, Red Bull TV, Fox Sports, NFL Channel.
  • Having a sperate category for kids, Latino, and many.
  • Favorite tab and Bookmark is available.
  • It Supports multiple switching languages.
  • Ad’s Free.

How to Install and Setup Pluto TV On Roku?

Step1: Before installing your Pluto TV on Roku, We need to check up whether this Pluto TV is available or not. Pluto TV works on the Roku device on Firmware 7 or superior.

Pluto TV on Roku
Pluto TV on Roku

Step2: If you don’t know about your Roku Firmware means Go to the home screen of Roku.

Step3: Click the settings option in that.

Step4: Followed by Click the Right arrow.

Step5: Now, you can see the model of your Roku.

Step6: Now go back to the home screen. Click the Search option.

Step7: Enter the keyword as Pluto TV.

Pluto TV on Roku

Step8: From the result Click your Pluto TV.

Step9: Next, Choose Add Channel.

Step10: It takes a few seconds to add the channel.

Step11: After adding Select OK.

Step12: Now Pluto TV is available at the end of your Home List.

Step13: Scroll down and Click Pluto TV.

Step14: Enlarge your screen size and click OK.

Step15: Now Pluto TV runs for initial setup.

Pluto TV on Roku

Step16: Once the setup is over means now you can stream whatever you like on the Pluto TV.

Alternative Method:

You can also stream Pluto TV on Roku by using screen mirroring method. For that follow the below instruction.

Step1: Go to the home screen of Roku.

Step2: Click the settings option.

Step3: Followed by Click the System option and Enable the screen mirroring.

Step4: Stick your device Andriod phone and Roku to the same wifi connection.

Step5: Now, Go to the settings in your Andriod phone.

Step6: Click Connected device.

Step7: Followed by Click Connected preference.

Step8: Inside that, you can view Cast. Click the Cast option.

Step9: Now your smartphone looking for the nearby device with the same wifi.

Step10: Click your Roku device from the result.

Step10: Press Always on your TV screen.

Step11: Now your Andriod device display on your TV screen.

Step12: Launch the Pluto TV on your Andriod device and enjoy it on your Roku connected TV.

Final Words:

Pluto is one of the best streaming services out there in the online market. By using pluto tv you can stream 250+ live tv channels free of cost. From the above methods, you can stream Pluto TV on Roku. Try it at least once. Mention your doubts and issues in the below comment box. We will help you ASAP.

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