How to take a Screenshot on Asus Chromebook?

Day by day, the world gets advanced scientifically and technologically. Now, we have attained the state that we can’t even survive a day without science and technology. This may seem funny to say but, this is the truth. We can see the advancement of tech from simple mobile phones to Chromebook. Screenshots have become necessary in order to save something for future use. This article is for you to know on How to take a screenshot on Asus Chromebook.

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What is a Chromebook?

Screenshot on asus chromebook

Chromebook is a Linux-based Chrome OS operating system. Since it performs the tasks based on the Google Chrome browser, it termed as Chromebook. It has slight differences compared to laptops. Both have their own merits and demerits. The basic difference is the operating system. Chromebook works on Chrome OS whereas, laptops work on Windows or macOS. And most importantly, the former is energy-efficient. There are plenty of Chromebook out there. From that, Asus is one of them.

How to take a screenshot on Asus Chromebook? [using it as a Laptop]

To take screenshot of the entire screen of Asus Chromebook:

Screenshot on asus chromebook

Step1: Click the Ctrl button (present in the left bottom of the keyboard)  and the Switch Window key (present in the top center of the keyboard) at the same time.

 Ctrl+Switch window

Screenshot on asus chromebook

To take screenshot of a part of the screen of Asus Chromebook:

Step1: Click the Ctrl button (present in the left bottom of the keyboard), then the Shift button (present above the Ctrl button) and the Switch Window button (present in the place of the F5 button as in a computer’s keyboard) at a time.

Ctrl+Shift+Switch window

Screenshot on asus chromebook

You’ll see the cross hairs, move the cursor and adjust it according to the size of the screen which you want to take a screenshot of.

Are you using a keyboard connected externally to your Asus Chromebook?

Then, you can use the F5 button in place of the Switch window button. Both keys serve the same purpose.

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How to take a screenshot on Asus Chromebook?[using it as a tablet]

Not applicable on all models

Step1: Click the Power button and Volume down button at the same time.

Power button+Volume down button

Screenshot on asus chromebook

Where can I see the screenshots taken on Asus Chromebook?

After capturing the entire screen or a part of the screen of the Asus Chromebook, you can see a pop-up at the bottom right corner. You can either copy the image to the clipboard or you can annotate the screenshot.

If you didn’t get the pop-up don’t worry, you can find the screenshot in the Downloads folder of your Asus Chromebook, this is applicable in both online as well as offline capture.

How to see the old screenshots on Asus Chromebook?

Every screenshot will be saved in the Downloads folder. To have a look and access on all the screenshots taken, follow the given steps:

Step1: Tap the launcher (circular button) on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Step2: Click on the Files icon. Or else tap the up caret [^] button and look for the file’s icon.

Step3: On My Files, search for Downloads.

Step4: The screenshot will be saved by the date and time of the screenshot taken.

What are the screenshot apps or cute extensions for Asus Chromebook?

If you are a person in need of lots and lots of screenshots and screen recordings for various reasons such as education, work, etc. Take a look at the following apps and chrome extensions:

  • Fireshot
    • Screenshot of the entire webpage
    • Works offline
    • Webpage to PDF format
    • Editing tools
    • Share directly to Gmail
  • Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder
    • Fullscreen or partial screen capture
    • Editing tools
    • Video recording, webcam as well
    • Screencasts
    • Fullscreen or partial screen capture
    • Annotation tools
    • Editing tools
  • Awesome Screenshot
    • Top-rated screen capture and screen recorder
    • Annotation tool
    • Screen sharing with video and screenshot

There are many more apps and chrome extensions for taking a screenshot on Asus Chromebook.

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To conclude, screenshots serve the purpose of evidence in every aspect of the usage. For example, you can use a screenshot as a part of the evidence for any technical issue. Asus Chromebooks have become handy as you can use it as a laptop or as a tablet. Use the above-mentioned methods to take a screenshot on your Asus Chromebook. Hope you find this article helpful. Thank you…