How to Update Firestick / Fire TV in 2022

In this guide, you will get to know “how to Update Firestick to a new software/Version”.

Update Firestick
Update Firestick

Actually, Updating the Amazon firestick is so simple comparing to the other streaming devices. Amazon Firestick is a user-friendly device which allows the user to do what they want.

There are many Firestick devices available on the Amazon-like Fire TV, Fire TV 1, Fire TV 2, Firestick 1, Firestick 2. These Fire TV will be updating to a new version And Version for Fire TV Cube, Fire TV 3, Firestick 4K.

However, there are many firestick/Fire TV devices but, updating the procedure is the same. Only the version differs between Firestick devices.

To Update a firestick/Fire TV, Internet Connection is required. Also, Firestick will automatically updates the firestick version if it is connected to an Internet Connection.

How to update firestick or Fire TV 2022

Updating Firestick is common across the globe. The same procedure has to be followed for all firestick Devices.

Step1: Turn on your Firestick.

Step2: In-Home Page, Scroll sideways to Settings.

Step3: In Settings, Select Device

Step4: Open About in the Device option.

Step5: Scroll down and select Install System Update.

Step6: Hold on, it will update the software on Firestick.

Once the Update completed, Fire TVwill restart. If your firestick is not restarting or turning on, try manually restart by pressing the Select and play/pause button on Firestick remote.

Most of the users are asking a question frequently that “how to Update firestick on computer/laptop?”. Wherever you are using the firestick the procedure same on updating the firestick version.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Update my Firestick?

Just follow the steps below to update your firestick in 2019.
#1. Open Settings
#2. Move the cursor and select Device.
#3. In Device, Select About
#4. Scroll Down and Click on Install System Update.
#5. Automatically, it will update your firestick.

How to update jailbroken Firestick?

Actually, updating the firestick version is the same as the normal firestick version. Do the procedure as given below and update your jailbroken firestick.
#1. Open Settings
#2. Select Device
#3. Open About
#4. In the About, you can find the Install System update.
#5. It will begin updating your Firestick software version.

How do I Check for Updates on my firestick/Fire TV?

However, Amazon will be updating its Firestick Version in order to resolve the bugs and to improve the performance of the Firestick. So, you can check the updates of firestick by following the steps below.
#1. Turn on the Firestick
#2. Open Settings
#3. Move on the Device option
#4. In Device, Select About
#5. There you can find Check System updates.
It will provide you the information about the updates of firestick.

I hope that you have successfully updated the Amazon Firestick. If you are looking for any Application for firestick, just Visit or leave a comment below.

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