How to watch and Chromecast ESPN on your TV? [2022]

In this tutorial, I will teach on How to watch and Chromecast ESPN on your TV. Read out the post completely which is given below

  • About ESPN
  • Features of ESPN
  • How to Sign IN and Subscribe to ESPN?
  • How to Chromecast ESPN on your TV?

About ESPN:

Chromecast ESPN

ESPN is Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. From the name itself, it’s evident that it is a sport based channel owned by ESPN Inc and The Walt Disney Company. More than 50 million users using this application. ESPN streaming service is here to keep you updated with the live telecast of all sports, highlights, replays, scores, match fixtures, latest sports news, and many more sports-related videos. This application is available in the device like Android, PC, iOS, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox and many more. It is compatible with the Chromecast option, so you can cast ESPN contents to big screen easily.

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Popular Live Channels of ESPN:

  • ESPN2
  • ESPNews
  • ESPN Deportes
  • Sony ESPN
  • Sony Liv
  • ESPN3
  • ESPN 5

Subscription cost for ESPN:

  • For a month it costs $4.99.
  • For a year it costs $49.99.

Features of ESPN:

  • For watching live sports events you need to subscribe to it.
  • You can hear ESPN radio.
  • You can access to the scores of all games in scores category.
  • Watch 1000+ videos in games like Football, Cricket, F1, NBA, NFL, Tennis, Golf, MLB and many more.
  • Stories and videos of your favorite teams and the favorite league will be available in the favorite section.
  • While starting the app you can choose your favorite sport and teams.
  • Receive a quick notification on scores, latest sports news on your device.
  • In India, ESPN is a collaboration with Sony Pictures Networks. You can watch all the videos on Sony ESPN.
  • The user can download the video and watch it anywhere at any time.

How to Sign In and Subscribe to ESPN?

Step1: Firstly, Go to Google PlayStore on your Android phone.

Step2: On the top, click the search bar.

Step3: Type the app name as ESPN.

Step4: Download ESPN App.

Step5: Install the ESPN app on your smartphone.

Step6: Click SignUP.

Step7: Fill in the details and create an account.

Step8: Choose your favorite league and team.

Step9: At last you will reach the home page of ESPN.

Step10: Click the Watch Icon you can see at the bottom.

Step11: It will give 5 minutes of free trail live telecast. After that, you need to pay.

Step12: Click any video, after 5 minutes it will ask to subscribe.

Step13: Choose any plan you like.

Step14: Enter your credit card details.

Step15: Buy the Plan.

How to Chromecast ESPN on your TV?

Chromecast ESPN on your TV
Chromecast ESPN on your TV

By using two different methods you can Chromecast ESPN to your living room TV easily. Two different methods are,

  • TV’s with Chromecast inbuilt
  • TV’s without Chromecast inbuilt.

Method 1: TV’s with Chromecast inbuilt

If you are using a TV with Chromecast inbuilt feature means you can cast your phone to TV in a minute. For casting, you can use anyone from Andriod/ iOS device. Both are compatible with this process.

Note: The Chromecast device is not required for this method. Connect your Smart TV to the same wifi connection as your mobile device connected. Check both are connected or not.

#1: Firstly Open the ESPN app on your smartphone.

#2: Secondly, Enter your ESPN login account.

#3: On the home page you can see the variety of videos and categories.

#4: Start a live video or non-live video which you like to watch.

#5: Further, tap the video to play.

#6: Meanwhile, you can see the cast icon on the screen top.

#7: Tap the cast icon and it will display the available Chromecast device.

#8: Choose yours from the list and connect it.

#9: The video content you choose will be mirrored to your TV.

Method 2: TV’s without Chromecast inbuilt

If your TV doesn’t have Chromecast inbuilt feature means don’t worry. A TV with an HDMI port is enough for this process.

Note: Plugin your Chromecast device on the back of your TV’s HDMI port. Similar to the above method, Connect your Chromecast device to the same wifi connection as your mobile device connected. Check whether both are connected or not.

#1: Touch your ESPN app on your smartphone.

#2: Enter your mail id and password for the sign-in process.

#3: Once you log in, You can see a small cast icon on the top of the screen.

#4: Touch the icon.

#5: It starts to browse the available Chromecast devices in your home.

#6: From the search result, Select your living room TV.

#7: Your cast icon will look white in color. Once it gets connected

#7: In a few seconds you can see your mobile screen on your TV screen.

#8: Now play any video which you like to watch on the big screen.

#9: The same video plays on your TV screen also.

#10: For stop casting, Click the cast icon again.

#11: Choose Stop cast.

Wrapping UP:

It is one of the best alternatives to watch ESPN on your TV at any time without using any cable TV subscription. By following the above methods, you can cast ESPN on your TV screen easily. Enjoy unlimited live and non-live sports events in ESPN without any commercial interruptions and hassle.

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