Hulu on Vizio smart TV | How to get Hulu on Vizio smart TV?

Hi all, I hope the pandemic situation becomes normal on day by day basis. In the meantime, people are so updated and they need to entertain themselves by watching TV. Everyone is started using the smart TV. The options provided by the designers of smart TVs are completely updated and useful for people who can use all the updated options on the TV. Wi-Fi connectivity is required to change your normal TV into a smart TV. Like that one of the best smart TV in the market is Vizio which is available with full option as what more than the smart TV needs. Vizio Smart TV is compatible to stream all the video streaming service applications like Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus, HBO Go, Hulu, and more. Here I will explain to you how to get the Hulu App on Vizio smart TV?

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About Hulu

Hulu is one of the subscription-based video streaming services which is owned by Walt Disney as majority and remaining by NBCUniversal, Comcast as an equity stakeholder. In the year 2007, Hulu was developed by Walt Disney and Comcast. Hulu looks the same as other online streaming services like HBO GO, ESPN, Disney Plus, Netflix, Sling TV, Fox Nation, and many. Hulu itself differentiate it with other online streaming services by focusing on new releases like TV shows and movies with copyrights content only.

Users can watch the new release because Hulu is updated with new releases in a short span of time. Hulu supports various platforms like PC, Android OS, Smart TV, Roku, Kodi, and Apple TV. Hulu is more compatible with Vizio smart TV. It offers Movies, Live TV shows, Sports, News, and many.

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Features of Hulu

  • Hulu is one of the Video streaming platforms with a subscription basis.
  • All Classic and new movies are available.
  • Hulu allows you to watch content on your favorite devices.
  • Users can enjoy hit movies, full seasons of exclusive series, Hulu Originals, and more.
  • Hulu also streams, especially for kids shows.
  • Cancel the subscription or switch plan anytime.
  • Using supported devices Hulu allows you to watch Live TV online.
  • Record the content of Live TV up to 50 hours into the cloud.
  • You can stream 60+ Live TV channels which include News, Sports, and Entertainment.
  • Watch thousands of Movies and TV shows anytime and anywhere.

Subscription for Hulu

Hulu is available in google play store which is free to download and install on your device. During signup to Hulu, it asks for the subscription. It provides a 1-month or 7 days free trial pack and then you can choose any one of the plans below.

  1. After 1 month free pack, it costs $5.99 per month for Hulu only.
  2. Hulu with no ads costs $11,99 per month.
  3. After 7 days of the free pack, it costs $54.99 per month with Hulu and Live TV.
  4. Hulu and Live TV with no ads cost $60.99 per month.

How to get the Hulu App on Vizio smart TV?

It has two types of smart TV’s and they are in the following below.

Hulu on Vizio smart TV
Hulu on Vizio smart TV
  1. Vizio Internet Apps TVs or VIA TV.
  2. Vizio Smartcast TVs

How to connect Vizio Smart TV to the home WiFi network?

Step1: Switch on the TV first and by using VIZIO remote, press

Step2: Then Click on “Network” and press “Ok”.

Step3: Inside the network, the option chooses “Network connections” followed by the “Wireless” option.

Step4: Choose your home network devices and enter the password to connect.

Step5: After connected to Wi-Fi a confirmation message will appear on the screen.

How to download and install Hulu on Vizio Internet Apps TVs (VIA TV)?

Step1: Once Wi-Fi connectivity is ensured, Take your Vizio remote and go to the “play store”.

Step2: Then press the “V button” on your remote.

Step3: Type “Hulu” in the search tab and click search.

Step4: It will navigate to the Hulu app page.

Step5: Click “install” followed by “Ok” to install it on your device.

Step6: Once installation completed you can open the Hulu app by login with your account and enjoy the contents.

How to download and install Hulu on Vizio Smartcast TVs?

Step1: Download and install the Hulu app on your smartphone.

Step2: Then log in to the Hulu app with a subscribed account.

Step3: Open the settings option on your smartphone.

Step4: Then, go to connection preferences and followed by tap the cast option.

Step5: It will show the available device.

Step5: Choose your home Vizio Smartcast TV.

Step6: After a few moments your mobile screen will appear on the smart TV.

Step7: Open the Hulu app. By using your mobile as remote enjoy the contents of Hulu on the Vizio TV’s big screen.

How to fix Hulu on Vizio Internet apps TV when it is not working?

Step1: At first go to the play store and uninstall the Hulu app.

Step2: Then restart your TV using the Vizio Internet apps TV remote and install the Hulu app again.

Step3: Update the Hulu app if new updates are there.

How to update Hulu on Vizio Smart TV?

For updating Hulu on Vizio Smart TV, follow the below steps.

  • Press the V-shaped button on your Vizio Internet Apps TV remote.
  • Choose the Hulu app which you want to update and then followed by tap the yellow button on your TV remote.
  • If you find any option like Update, hit that. If you are not able to find any update option, Go to the App store using your VIA remote.
  • Select the Hulu App which you want to update.
  • Open the Hulu and hit the update.
  • After a few moments, The updated version of install on your TV.

To Conclude

By using Vizio Smart TV, you can watch all your favorite Hulu content. It allows you to enjoy the TV shows and movies without any ad interruptions. The above given are the two simple methods to get the Hulu App on Vizio smart TV. If you are the Vizio Smart TV user, install Hulu and enjoy yourself in this pandemic situation. If you need any clarification, let me know in the below comment box to sort it out.

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