How to Fix Hulu not working on Smart TV?

Every single thing has an issue. That too, in the field of technology, issues are inevitable. This is applicable to online streaming services as well. To get rid of your Hulu issues on your Smart TV, follow this article on How to Fix Hulu not working on Smart TV?

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What is Hulu?

Hulu not working on Smart TV

Hulu is an American subscription-based on-demand video service. Hulu is been possessed by three owners such as Walt Disney, NBCUniversal, and Comcast. It mainly focuses on streaming service, digital distribution. Hulu is known for its production and distribution in the field of film and television. It was introduced in the year 2007. And it has around 35 million users.

Hulu offers 2 services namely, Hulu and Hulu+Live. The former is an ad-supported package and the latter offers more number features compared to Hulu.

Hulu is accessible on the following devices. They are Android, iOS, Tablets, Apple TV, Android TV, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Fire TV Stick, Fire Tablets, Fire TV, Chromecast, LG TV, Roku, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Echo Show, Samsung TV, Vizio Smartcast TV, Nintendo Switch, Xfinity, macOS and Web Browser.

Xfinity and PlayStation 3 doesn’t possess the option of live programming.

What are the features of Hulu?

 The following are the features of Hulu.

  • 65+ channels
  • Customized profile
  • TV lineups as you wish
  • Hulu originals
  • TV shows
  • Movies
  • Add-ons
  • Live TV recording
  • Ad-free
  • Multiple device streaming
  • Anytime cancellation

And many more wonderful features.

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What are the Subscription plans to avail Hulu?

Hulu offers one month free trial.

Hulu offers a handful number of subscription packages to avail it. Following are the subscription packages:

  • Hulu

$5.99/month, it is ad-supported service. It costs $59.99/year.

  • Hulu premium

$11.99/month, it is ad-free service.

Hulu offers one week free trial.

  • Hulu+Live TV

$54.99/month, it is ad-supported service. With access to 65+ channels, add-ons, cloud DVR, etc.

  • Cloud DVR$9.99/month
    • Unlimited Screens – $9.99/month
    • Cloud DVR + Unlimited Screens costs $14.98/month
    • Entertainment Networks – $7.99/month
    • Español Networks – $4.99/month
  • Hulu premium + Live TV

$60.99/month, it is an ad-free service. It features all of Hulu+Live TV but without ads in between.

Hulu ad-free service also telecasts ads in live programming and it also shows ads before and after telecasting a show.

What are the issues faced by Smart users in loading Hulu?

  • Welcome screen jammed
  • Blank screen
  • Black screen
  • Hulu is unable to start
  • Trouble in loading the Hulu app
  • Buffering
  • Playback issues
  • Low video quality
  • Video jamming
  • Unable to log in to Hulu
  • Invalid login details
  • Subscription issues
  • Account activation problems
  • Home network issues
  • Location service issues
  • No audio issues
  • No closed captions

How to Fix Hulu not working on Smart TV?

Hulu not working on Smart TV
  • Exit app

Exit Hulu app and try entering into Hulu again.

  • Plug out and Plug in

Plug out your Smart TV and after a few minutes try plugging in your Smart TV and start Hulu.

  • Restart your device

Try to restart your internet devices.

  • Network error

Check the speed of your internet connection.

  • Internet Speed

Try to improve the Interner speed by connecting your Smart TV with an Ethernet cable directly.

  • Cache and data clearance

Navigate to your Smart TV Settings and go to the clear cache and data option to free up space.

  • Check for app updates

Check whether Hulu has let out an update. Update the Hulu app to fix troubleshooting.

  • Check for software update

Check whether your Smart TV is in need of an update. If there is a let out of update try to update it. 

  • Reinstall Hulu

Uninstall the Hulu app and reinstall the Hulu app.

  • Reactivate your device

Remove your Smart TV from Hulu’s account page. And after a few minutes, activate your Smart TV.

  • Exit all the apps

Try to exit all the background apps and Hulu and login to Hulu.

The above steps will definitely help you to fix Hulu not working on Smart TV


How to Sign up for Hulu?

Step1: Go to on your web browser.

Step2: Tap the Start Free trial button.

Step3: Choose the plan you prefer:


Hulu ad-free

Hulu+Live TV

Hulu ad-free + Live TV

Step4: Fill the required fields by giving your name, email address, and some personal information.

Step5: Select your payment method.

Step6: Enter your billing details and click Submit.

Step7: Now you are a Hulu user.

Is Hulu compatible with TVs?

Hulu is compatible with the following Smart TVs.

  • Android TV particular models
  • Vizio Smartcast TV
  • Fire TV
  • Fire TV Stick
  • LG TV
  • Echo Show
  • Samsung TV
  • Apple TV

How to activate Hulu on Smart TV?

Step1: Sign in to your Hulu account on your Smart TV.

Step2: You will get an activation code on the TV screen.

Step3: Go to and sign in via your web browser.

Step4: Enter the activation code into the web browser.

Step5: You have successfully activated Hulu on your Smart TV.

The EndNote

To end, Hulu is one of the prominent online streaming services. Though Hulu is good at its features, it stands back in streaming ads even at ad-free subscription service. Hope this article is helpful in fixing all your Hulu issues on your Smart TV. Thank you for reading.