How to Watch Hulu on Sharp Smart TV? [Update 2022]

Every single thing in our lives is getting evolved and developed. The main reason is technology. Likewise, Cable boxes are getting replaced by streaming services. This replacement takes place because of the wide range of contents given by the streaming services and add-ons of premium channels. Hulu is known for its largest library of streaming contents. To know more, read this article on How to Watch Hulu on Sharp TV.

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What is Hulu?

Hulu on Sharp Smart TV

Hulu is an online streaming service works on subscription. It offers live TV,  on demand video, film production and film distribution. Walt Disney, NBCUniversal and Comcast shares theownership of Hulu. And was introduced in the year 2007.

Hulu is available for wide range of devices.  They are: Android, iOS, Tablets, Apple TV, Android TV, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Fire TV Stick, Fire Tablets, Fire TV, Chromecast, LG TV, Roku, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Echo Show, Samsung TV, Vizio Smartcast TV, Nintendo Switch, Xfinity, MacOS and Web Browser. The Hulu programming varies in some devices  such as: Xfinity and PlayStation 3.

What are the features of Hulu?

Hulu features varies according to the plan you opt for. Let us have a look on the general features applicable for all the plans of Hulu.

  • Hulu originals
  • Sports
  • Cartoons for kids
  • Adult cartoons for adults
  • Live TV
  • Film production
  • Film distribution
  • Add-ons
  • 65+ channels
  • Shows with full season
  • 80,000+ shows and movies
  • 2 streams at a time
  • 6 user profiles
  • In and outside entertainment
  • Record shows
  • Your channel lineup
  • Additional paid services such as:
    • Cloud DVR
    • Multiple screens
    • Entertainment networks
    • Español networks

And goes the features list of Hulu.

What are the subscription plans of Hulu?

Hulu offers the following plans:

  • Ad-supported plans
    • Hulu$5.99/month and $59.99/month – 30day free trial
    • Hulu+Live TV $54.99/month – 7day free trial
  • Ad-free plans
    • Hulu $11.99/month – 30day free trial
    • Hulu+LiveTV $60.99/month – 7day free trial
  • Hulu bundle $12.99/month
    • No free trial
    • Hulu
    • Disney+Hotstar
    • ESPN+

Hulu programming differs according to your plan and device you use.

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How to Sign up for Hulu?

Step1: Browse

Step2: Choose the Start free trial tab.

Hulu on Sharp Smart TV

Step3: Pick your Hulu plan.

Hulu on Sharp TV

Step4: Enter name, mail address, password, etc.. required.

Hulu on Sharp Smart TV

Step5: Adopt for your payment method.

Step6: Give your billing credentials.

Hulu on Sharp Smart TV

Step7: Tap Submit.

Step8: Hey Hulu user!!

Is Hulu available on Sharp Smart TV?

Hulu app is compatible with the various models of Sharp Smart TV. The list of compatible Sharp TVs are:

  • Sharp TV — 2015,2016
    •  BH30, BK40,BW30, BTV-3201D, HW35, U30, U40, US30, US40, W30, XD35, XD40, XG35, XU30
  • Sharp Android TV 2017,2018,2019
    • AJ1, AL1, AM1, AU1, AN1, AX1, AW1,
    • BJ1, BL1, BN1, BW1
    • CX1
    • BH35, U45, US4, US45, UH5, US5, W5
  • Sharp TV 2020 model

How to Watch Hulu on Sharp Smart TV?

The Hulu app installation varies according the the operating system of the particular Sharp TV model. Let us see to the varying methods to get the Hulu app:

How to install Hulu on Sharp TV via AppsNOW app?

Step1: Switch on your Sharp TV.

Step2: Establish Wi-Fi connection to your Sharp TV.

Step3: On your Sharp TV remote, click the Apps button.

Hulu on Sharp Smart TV

Step4: Go to the AppsNOW option.

Step5: Now, click your Sharp TV remote’s OK button.

Step6: Choose the Movies&TV shows option.

Step7: Search for Hulu app.

Step8: Click on the Hulu app.

Step9: Select the OK button and let the Hulu app to download and install.

Step10: Wait for installation and have a great experience of Hulu on your Sharp TV.

How to install Hulu on Sharp Android TV via Google PlayStore?

Step1: Switch on your Sharp Android TV.

Step2: Establish Wi-Fi connection to your Sharp Android TV.

Step3: On the TV homescreen, navigate to PlayStore app.

Hulu on Sharp TV

Step4: Search for Hulu app by typing it out on the search option.

Step5: On the list, tap on the Hulu app.

Step6: Tap on the install option on the app info page of Hulu

Step7: After installation, enjoy Hulu on your Sharp Android TV.

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How to install Hulu on Sharp TV via Vewd App Store? Not applicable for Roku OS.

Vewd is a cloud based app store for smart TVs and set-top boxes. It enables 1500 apps on your Smart TVs and set-top boxes.

Step1: Switch on your Sharp TV.

Step2: Establish Wi-Fi connection to your Sharp TV.

Step3: Click the Apps button on Sharp TV remote.

Step4: Head to the Vewd App Store.

Hulu on Sharp Smart TV

Step5: Search for Hulu app using search option on the TV screen.

Step6: On the suggestion, choose the Hulu app.

Step7: Click the OK button, it will install the Hulu app.

Hulu on Sharp Smart TV

Step8: Launch Hulu and enjoy it on your Sharp TV.

Is your Sharp TV doesn’t come under any of the above-mentioned category?

Being a Sharp TV user and don’t come under the above-mentioned categories will not let you to get the Hulu app on your Sharp TV via the given methods.

 To get the Hulu app, you have to use external streaming devices such as:

  • Amazon Fire stick
  • Roku
  • Roku TV
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360 and many more.

The EndNote

To end, Hulu is one of the top-rated streaming services. Inspite of its live programming variations its pros are worth buying it. It allows a month of free trial, it helps the users to contemplate about it. Hope you find this article useful.

Thank you for reading.