Instagram on Firestick | How to install Instagram on Firestick?

Are you bored of staying home? Today I am come up with an idea to entertain you all. In this rising world, all of you must know about social media and their applications available online. Sharing of information, interests, ideas and other expressions by using computer-mediated technologies is called social media. Photos, Videos, comments or text posts are generated by the users through online for interaction. A unique profile or website can be created by the users for identification. Users can access social media services through Desktop, Laptop, and mobile devices. One of the famous social media apps is “Instagram”. In this tutorial, I will show you on how to install Instagram on your Firestick? Let’s discuss briefly in this article.

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About Instagram:

Instagram on Firestick

Instagram is the videos and photo-sharing social networking services created and launched in the year of October 2010. At first, it was launched for iOS devices. Then by the year 2012, Instagram was released on Android for the first time. Recently Instagram was owned by the number one social media service called Facebook. “In over previous Firestick article, we have given the installation steps for Facebook on Firestick readout it”.

One of the most popular mobile applications where users can share their messages and photo or video content. It was one of the website user interfaces before launching the windows app. The popular people in various fields like cinema, sports, politics and many are created their page to share their updates for the followers.

Features of Instagram:

  • In the Conversation segment, users can share their text messages, photos, and videos.
  • Upload Videos and Photos on your page and the followers can like, comment and share it.
  • Geotag your upload with the location name.
  • User’s unique accounts can connect with other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter to share their updates.
  • It supports both the Portrait and Landscape aspect ratios
  • Enable “Instagram Live” to share your live updates.
  •  Users can upload their daily status which disables automatically in 24 hours from uploaded time.
  • Archive option is available to store their post in Local storage area.
  • Upgraded Instagram “Focus mode” camera which blurs the background while taking photos or videos.
  • “Hashtags” on Instagram to helps users discover each other.
  • Tag your post with your friend’s name and the tagged accounts will receive the post’s notification.
  • Searching in various categories like Sports, Media, Actors, Actress and many are possible.

Can you get Instagram on Firestick?

Yes, It is possible to get Instagram on Firestick. Firestick is an online streaming device used by my people all over the world. A portable and small device with a remote controller that streams media apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix and many more.

Instagram on Firestick

Let me explain by three possible methods on How to get Instagram on Firestick? You can anyone of the methods to get it on Firestick.

  1. Direct method
  2. From the Amazon app store
  3. Using the downloader app

How to get Instagram app directly on Firestick?

Step1: Before switch on your TV, Plugin Firestick device to a smart TV in the HDMI port.

Step2: Switch on the TV as well as Firestick device using own remotes.

Step3: Enable Wi-Fi connectivity to the Firestick device.

Step4: Homepage of the Firestick opens and type “Instagram” on the search bar.

Step5: Click “Download” and it will download as well as installed in your Firestick device.

Step6: Now you can see Instagram on Firestick home apps. You can open and login to your Insta account on your Firestick.

How to get Instagram app on Firestick from the Amazon app store?

Step1: Repeat the above steps to plug in the device to the TV and connect to home Wi-Fi.

Step2: If the Instagram app is not available by default, go to in your PC.

Step3: Use your Amazon Firestick credentials to log in to the Amazon website.

Step4: Type Instagram on the search box.

Step5: After searching, click on the official Instagram app you want to download.

Step6: It navigates to the page where you can see the “Get” option.

Step7: Click “Get” and your Firestick account name appears.

Step8: Then click “Download”.

Step9: Once download completed, go to the homepage of Firestick you can see the Instagram app on the Apps section.

Step10: Click to open and enjoy the features of Instagram.

How to get Instagram app on Firestick using the Downloader app?

In general terms, it is stated as “Sideloading” of the applications. Follow the below steps to sideload any application into the Firestick.

Step1: Connect the Firestick device and Switch it on with internet connectivity.

Step2: Go to the menu followed by the “settings” option from the homepage.

Step3: Click on “My Fire TV” and popup opens.

Step4: Select the “Developer option” from that.

Step5: In the developer, option chooses “Apps from unknown sources”.

Step6: Click “Turn on” to turn on the source to download the app from unknown sources.

Step7: Go to the home and search for the Downloader app.

Step8: Click to download and install on your Firestick device.

Step9: Open the Downloader app and you can see the URL search box.

Step10: Paste the URL for the Instagram app and click “Go”

Step11: Instagram will start downloading.

Step12: After downloading, you can find the Instagram app in the Apps&Games section of Firestick.

Step13: Login to your Instagram account by clicking on it and enjoy yourself.

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How to watch Instagram Videos live on Firestick?

The users can see your live updates or other live updates on Instagram live. If someone you follow shares a live video, At the top of the stories feed their profile picture is visible with a colorful ring along with the word Live. Click their profile picture at the top and view their live video. When you start to watch others live video, you can comments, like or share it.

To start a live video on Firestick,

Step1: Tap the Instagram icon on your Instagram app. You can see the Instagram icon on the top left of the screen.

Step2: Next, Tap the live option which is located at the bottom of your app screen.

Step3: Tap the live bottom and start the video.

This is the way to start and watch Instagram app on your Firestick.

Sums UP:

Instagram is one of the most used social media networks which helps you to get the updates when you open it. You can show your individuality by posting your content to Instagram to get more followers. From the above methods, you can install the Instagram app on your Firestick easily. If you have any doubts regarding this article means to tell us in the comment box.

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