How to Install and Watch Apple TV on Firestick?

In this article, we are gonna see “How to download and Install Apple TV on Firestick?”. Moreover, You can get to know “How to Watch Apple TV on Firestick”.

Apple has announced to launch its Apple TV for the Streaming devices. But the user will really miss out on the Apple TV experience. Apple TV comes out with tons of Movies, TV shows, Videos, Sports and much more.

However, the Apple TV requires only the Apple ID to sign in. If you don’t have an Apple ID create one from your device.

There are many streaming applications available but Apple TV is one of the trusted ones to use. With the help of Apple TV, Users can watch all the Popular TV Channels like HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax and much more.

Features of AppleTV App

  • Easy to use on any device.
  • A huge load of contents available on Apple TV like Movies, Videos, TV channels, and much more.
  • Sync your Apple TV app history with your device to use one other TV.
  • Access to Popular TV Channels.

How to Install Apple TV on Fire TV/Firestick?

Step1: Turn on the Firestick /Fire TV.

Apple TV on Firestick
Apple TV on Firestick

Step2: Move on to the Search option on the Home page.

Step3: In Search, type Apple TV and click on the OK button.

Step4: Below you can find the list of applications, in that Select Apple TV.

Step5: Open Apple TV, there you can find an option as Get. Click on Get.

Step6: It will begin downloading and installing the application on firestick.

Step7: Once the installation completes, click on Open.

That’s it. Successfully installed Apple TV on Firestick or Fire TV.

How to Activate and Use Apple TV on Firestick?

Now, you can find Apple TV on your Apps Section. Let’s Get to the procedure to Activate the Apple TV on Firestick.

Step1: Open Apple TV app.

Step2: In the Welcome Screen, Click on Start Watching.

Step3: It moves on to the next page, there you can find Device Analytics.

Note: It will ask to select Send to Apple or Don’t send. Actually, if App crashes, usage reports and much more will sent to Apple.

Step4: Click on Send to Apple.

Step5: Next, you will be moved to the Home Screen of the Apple TV. In the Top menu select Settings.

Step6: Click on Accounts.

Step7: Then, click on Sign In.

Step8: Now, you can Sign In with your existing Apple ID using Mobile or TV. Or else, you can create an Apple ID.

If you select Sign in with Mobile, then you will be provided with to option to sign in.

  1. Visit Website
  2. Scan the OR Code.

If you select Sign in with TV, just enter your Apple ID to Sign In.

Step9: Now, you can start using the Apple TV and watch all your favorite movies, TV Shows, and Local Channels.

How to Delete[Uninstall] Apple TV on Fire TV stick?

Step1: Power On your Firestick.

Step2: In-Home Page, you can find Settings.

Step3: In Settings, select Applications

Step4: In Applications, move on to the Manage Installed Applications.

Step5: The list of an installed application appears on the screen.

Step6: Select Apple TV.

Step7: Click on Delete or Uninstall.

Step8: It will Uninstall all the data & files of Apple TV on firestick.

Wrapping Up

Apple TV has recently released the application for Firestick to watch Movies, TV Shows, and Videos. Also, It has released Apple TV Plus for Firestick which contains many more movies & TV shows.

But the sad news is for the Frist Generation Firestick user, Apple TV does not support them. So, You have to go through some other streaming apps or buy a new generation firestick.

If you are looking for any application for Firestick, just Visit or leave a comment below.

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