Download and Install Freeview on Firestick/Fire TV 2022 {Updated guide}

In this Guide, we are gonna see about the Freeview application and how to Install Freeview on Firestick in a minute. The user does not want a long guide to read and install the application. However, we have made a simple guide with step by step instructions to install Freeview in a minute.

There are many channels available on the firestick for free. Users can also make use of the free firestick channels to watch out all the live shows & movies.

However, the user will not change the application which they are using it for a year or more. So, User wants to install the application on their firestick. Likewise, Freeview is the best application to watch all the Live shows on Firestick. The User can make use of this guide and install Freeview on Fire TV.

What is Freeview?

Freeview is a digital television broadcasting platform that provides lots of channels. It has been one of the best providers of the most popular channels from BBC, ITV, Channel 4, SKY and more. Freeview provides 70 standard channels and 15+ HD Channels. However, Freeview does not work without an aerial connection.

There are many applications available on the Internet for live streaming then what is special in it?.

Actually, Freeview covers 95% of the nation’s favorite programs and telecast it on their Channels without paying a single penny. Also, It provides On-demand services to enjoy all your favorite shows & movies.


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Is Freeview Free?

By the name itself show that Freeview is Free. Freeview provides some of the channels free of cost and also provides the user with a catchy plan within a budget to subscribe.

How to Install Freeview on Firestick?

Firestick allows the user to install any third-party application on their device. Also, it provides the application to install from its App store. Freeview is not available on the Amazon App Store. So, You have to sideload the Freeview on Firestick.

Freeview on Firestick
Freeview on Firestick

Is it safe to sideload the application on firestick?. It will be the first question arises on the mind of the user.

Absolutely, it is safe to sideload the application on firestick. Just get the apt APK file for that application. Here, you can get the exact APK file for the Freeview application.

There many methods to sideload Freeview on Firestick/Fire TV. Let’s discuss what are all the methods to download and install Freeview.

  • Sideload Freeview on Firestick using Downloader App
  • Sideload Freeview on Firestick using Es File Explorer

let’s discuss the methods one by one in a detailed manner.

Turn On Unknown Sources on Firestick

Before sideloading an application there are some modifications that have to be done in your settings. Just follow the steps to do it.

Step1: Turn on your firestick

Step2: Open Settings

Step3: In Settings, you can find the Device option.

Step4: Open Device and there you can find Developer option.

Step5: In the Developer option, you can find Apps from Unknown Sources and USB Debugging.

Step6: Just Turn on both the option.

That’s it. You have turned on Unknown Sources on Firestick. Now, you can able to download any Third Party Applications.

How to Sideload Freeview on Firestick using Downloader App?

After Turning on the Unknown Sources continue the steps here.

Most of the user has doubt why are you using the Downloader App?.

Because Downloader App is a simple downloading tool available free of cost in the Amazon App store. Even Though it does not has any ads too. Simply enter the URL and click on Go to download any file.

Let’s Move on to the Installation procedures without any delay.

Step1: Open Search in your Firestick.

Step2: Type Downloader

Step3: Select the downloader and click on the OK button on your remote.

Step4: Now, You can find Downloader App below. just Select the Application and Open it.

Step5: In the Downloader App, you can find an option Download. Click on it.

Step6: It will begin downloading and installing the application on your device.

Step7: Once the Installation Completes, Click on Open.

Step8: In the Home page of the Downloader App, you can find an option to enter the URL. Just type the URL as given below.


Step9: After entering the URL, click on Go.

Step10: It will begin Downloading the APK file from the URL.

Step11: Once the download completes, automatically a window pop-ups on the screen.

Step12: In that, you can view a list of permission requirements on your Device.

Step13: After reading Click on Install.

Step14: Installation Completes within a couple of minutes.

Step15: Click on Done.

Successfully installed Freeview on Firestick. Now, you can view the application in your Apps section.

How to Sideload Freeview on Firestick using Es File Explorer?

Step1: Open Search

Step2: Type Es File Explorer

Step3: Open Es File Explorer App

Step4: Click on Download

Step5: Once Download Completes, click on Open.

Step6: In Home-page, you can find the +New tab below.

Step7: In the Pop-Up window enter the URL as given below and file name as Freeview.


Step8: Click on Download Now.

Step9: Click on Open file

Step10: A window appears with list of Permission requirements.

Step11: Click on Install.

Step12: Installation completes within a minute. Click on Done.


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Final Words on Freeview

Freeview is amazing application to use on your device free of cost. It provides all the popular channels from Sky, BBC iPlayer, ITV, MY5, UKTV play, and more. No other television provider has these types of the plan at a No cost. It provides more than 70 standard channels and 15 HD channels which cover 95% of nation favorite shows.

I hope that you have successfully installed the Freeview on Firestick. Also, If you are in need of any application, just visit

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