How to Access Internet Browser on PS5?

Internet Browser on PS5: A usual thing becomes a mystery when you find it in unlikely places. Similarly, a mystery revolves around accessing the internet browser on PS5.

PS5 is the top-line gaming console from Sony. It has been loaded with a lot of advanced features for gaming.

Even though it satisfies the top line spec sheet, the PS5 console lacks an essential element from its predecessor, PS4.

Moreover, the players who had the experience of using a PS4 console can identify the key difference between the two consoles.

Indeed, the internet explorer is the significant element missing on PS5. There is no any direct app or workaround to access the web browser on PS5.

But ‘ArsTechnica’ became the first website to discover the hidden web browser on PS5.

Yes, it is possible to access browser on PS5 with a simple hack. Continue reading the following article to uncover the mystery of accessing the Internet Browser on PS5.

How to Access Internet Browser on PS5?

As I have said earlier, the PS5 console doesn’t have a dedicated app or file to access the browsing functionality.

Indeed, you have to use the browser via the built-in Twitter app. Note that it is not the official browser for PS5.

Internet Browser on PS5
How to Access Internet Browser on PS5?

In addition, it can’t provide you the full-fledged browsing experience.

Seemingly, the primary advantage and use is that it can load the websites that primarily contain texts alone.

Unfortunately, you can’t access multimedia files like video, audio, and images.

Another catch is that you will need a Twitter account to access the Internet Browser on PS5.

With that being said, get ready with your PS5 console to access the browser with the below-given guide.

#1. Initially, Turn On your PS5 console and navigate to the Settings menu.

#2. Click on the Users and Accounts option.

#3. Choose the Link to other services option.

#4. Select the Twitter app from the list of available apps.

#5. Now you will be taken to the web version of Twitter.

#6. Click on the Sign Up with Twitter option located in the top right corner.

#7. Log in with your Twitter account credentials.

#8. At this point, you can navigate to several linked sites like Reddit, YouTube, and much more from your Twitter page.


I hope now you have learned the simple hack to access the internet browser on PS5. Indeed, PS5 provides you the infinite possibilities in professional gaming.

But the console is limited when it comes to browsing at this point. But we have discussed certain possible ways to get the browsing experience on PS5. Refer to the above-given article for more details.

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