How to Setup IPTV on Xbox One Connected TV? [2022]

Are you people in search of platforms to watch IPTV? If yes, you are at the right spot. Today we will be knowing the ways to stream IPTV. Remember that this is just an app to stream IPTV, you have to have the M3U Playlist URL. You will be knowing on How to stream IPTV on Xbox One.

What is IPTV?

IPTV is expanded as Internet Protocol Television. With IPTV the users can watch the television contents over Internet Protocol networks. The medium of delivery is either through internet or broadband connection. With a single subscription to IPTV, the users can stream many TV sets. IPTV users have the merit of choosing what program they want to watch. Follow the article to know the way to stream IPTV.

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How to Setup IPTV on Xbox One Console?

The following methods will show only the media/platforms to watch IPTV on Xbox One. And hence it should be known that the users should have the M3U Playlist URL in order to watch IPTV channels. The following are the platforms/media players to stream IPTV on Xbox One console. They are:

IPTV on Xbox One
IPTV on Xbox One
  • Using Kodi Media Center
  • Using My IPTV Player

How to stream IPTV on Xbox One using Kodi Media Center?

As we all know, with Kodi Media Center, the users can have access to live TV.

Step1: Launch your Xbox One console and establish a Wi-Fi connection to it.

Step2: Open the Store Menu.

Step3: Use the search bar and search for the Kodi Media Center app.

Step4: Select the Kodi Media Center app from the results and click the Get/Install button.

Step5: This will install the Kodi Media Center app on your Firestick Xbox One console.

Watch IPTV on Xbox One

Step6: Then, click open the Kodi Media Center App.

Step7: Open the Kodi Media Center and choose the Add-ons menu.

Step8: Tap the Download Menu and choose PVR Clients.

Step9: Navigate to PVR Simple Clients and click on it.

Watch IPTV on Xbox One

Step10: Click the install button. After installation, right-click the add-on and go for the information option.

Watch IPTV on Xbox One

Step11: Click the Configure option and head to the Settings page.

Step12: Go to the General section and add the M3U Playlist URL offered by the IPTV provider.

Watch IPTV on Xbox One

Step13: Now, head to EPG Settings and the EPG Source URL and tap OK after adding the necessary details.

Step14: After the prompting, restart the Kodi Media Center app and go for the TV Menu.

Step15: From the list of available channels you can opt for any of your favorite channels.

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How to stream IPTV on Xbox One using My IPTV Player?

We should remember that My IPTV Player is an official app on Xbox One console. So, it is definitely an easy process to load My IPTV Player on Xbox One. Let’s see to it.

Step1: Launch your Xbox One console and connect it to your Wi-Fi network.

Step2: Navigate to the Apps section.

Step3: Search and locate the My IPTV Player.

IPTV on Xbox One

Step4: Now, tap the Get/Install button to download My IPTV Player on Xbox One.

IPTV on Xbox One

Step5: Open the My IPTV Player and head to Settings.

Step6: Go for Add new playlist and EPG source.

IPTV on Xbox One

Step7: Choose the Remote Channels section.

IPTV on Xbox One

Step8: Type in the M3U Playlist URL which your IPTV provider offered.

Step9: Then click on Add Remote list.

Step10: Now add the EPG Source with the same username. And also type in the EPG source URL and click on Add EPG Source.

IPTV on Xbox One

Step11: Go ahead with the configuration process by going to the Settings and go for Select Playlist under Select Channel Playlist.

IPTV on Xbox One

Step12: Refresh the EPG source and click the Select the EPG Source and choose your EPG Source.

Step13: Click the Refresh button.

Step14: Enable Channel and EPG Settings by turning it on.

IPTV on Xbox One

Step15: Get back to My IPTV Player home screen.

Step16: Go to the Channels section.

Step17: Choose your favorite IPTV channel and get it streamed on your Xbox One.


To conclude, the above-mentioned methods will be of great use to the ones who want to have access to IPTV streaming on Xbox One. Hope you find this article useful. Thank you for reading.