How to Fix ITV Hub Not Working on PS4?

ITV Hub Not Working on PS4: At this point, you can use your gaming consoles as a video streaming device too.

Seemingly, the gaming consoles have a built-in app store to get your favorite apps and games.

But the problem is that many PS4 users are experiencing various issues with the streaming apps on their device.

In that way, this article particularly examines the ITV Hub not working issue. Accordingly, ITV Hub is an online video streaming service available in the UK.

It offers some of the best in class dramas, TV shows, on-demand content, and much more.

Moreover, the ITV Hub includes a built-in TV player with some amazing channels like ITV1, ITV2, and ITV4.

However, an issue with the ITV Hub app won’t let you stream any content. So that we have been here with some working methods to fix the issues with the ITV Hub app.

Continue reading the below-given article for the complete guide to fix ITV Hub Not Working on PS4.

How to Fix ITV Hub Not Working on PS4?

To put it in simple words, there is no ITV Hub app for PlayStation consoles. So that there is no possibility of installing the ITV Hub app on PS4.

You may have the doubt why ITV Hub is not available on PS4?. Well, there is no exact reason stating the cause for the unavailability of ITV Hub on PS4.

ITV Hub Not Working on PS4
How to Fix ITV Hub Not Working on PS4?

Seemingly, ITV Hub is the one-stop solution to watch all of the ITV shows anywhere, anytime. In addition, you will definitely need the ITV Hub app to stream the Euro 2020 live coverage.

As of now, there is no official announcement from ITV regarding the development of the PS4 compatible ITV Hub app.

Of course, developing a PS4 compatible app requires a lot of time and effort. Indeed, ITV may be primarily concentrating on developing apps for streaming devices like Firestick, Roku, and Apple TV.

How to Watch ITV Hub on PS4?

Well, there are some possible workarounds to get and watch ITV Hub on PS4. Sky customers can easily watch the ITV contents on their console by installing the Sky Go app.

Of course, you need to get a live Sky TV subscription to watch the Euro 2020 program using the ITV Hub app.

Alternatively, you can also watch ITV Hub on PS4 by screen mirroring the ap content from your Android/iOS smartphone.


Unfortunately, the ITV Hub app is not available for PS4 consoles. As a result, it becomes impossible to access the ITV contents on your PS4.

But Sky Go customers have a chance to access the ITV videos via the Sky Go app.

Use the above post to fix the ITV Hub not working on the PS4 issue and the possible ways to watch ITV videos on your console. Thank You.

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