How to Install and Watch ITV Hub on Smart TV? [Updated Feb 2022]

Day-by-day life is getting enhanced by the use of technology. This is applicable in the field of entertainment as well so is live TV. There are many paid services as well as free services in the field. Not all free online streaming services meet our expectations. But, today we are going to let you know about an awesome free online streaming service named ITV Hub. This article will guide you on How to watch ITV Hub on Smart TV.

About ITV Hub

ITV Hub on Smart TV

ITV Hub is the former ITV Player. ITV Hub provides on-demand video content for its users. It offers live TV streaming also. ITV Hub is taking the place ITV Player as its home. It has family channels such as:

  • ITV
  • ITV2
  • ITVBe
  • ITV3
  • ITV4
  • CITV.

ITV Hub is compatible with a wide range of devices. To list a few: Android, iOS, Windows, Apple TV,  Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Sony Bravia TV, BT TV, Sky, Blu-ray players, Now TV players, FreeSat, YouView, Virgin V6 Box, Freeview Play, PlayStation 3, Nvidia Shield, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Features of ITV Hub

ITV Hub is loaded with features to exclusively entertain the users. Let us have a look at it.

  • Live TV
  • Family channels
  • ITV Hub+
  • ITV Win
  • Morning Helplines
  • ITV Careers
  • Video-on-demand service
  • Sneak peeks
  • Scenes gossips
  • Premieres
  • First looks
  • Comedies
  • Dramas

 Goes the list!!

What is the cost of ITV Hub?

ITV Hub is the exclusive online streaming service among many services because of its cost. It is free of cost service. ITV Hub comes with ad interruptions. If you are annoyed with ads, you can get upgraded to ITV Hub+.

How to Register for ITV Hub?

  •  Signing up via website

Step1:Browse the ITV Hub website.

  • Signing up via app

Step1: Launch the ITV Hub app on your Android or iOS and head to the My ITV section.

Step2: Tap on the Sign in button.

ITV Hub on Smart TV

Step3: Go for Sign up option.

Step4: Enter the necessary details asked for.

ITV Hub on Smart TV

Step5: Give yourself a password.

Step6: Get along with process and register for ITV Hub.

Is ITV Hub available on Smart TV?

The answer is a big Yes. ITV Hub is available on almost a variety of Smart TVs, to name some: Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Panasonic TV, Sony TV, Sony Bravia TV, etc. You can have direct loading of the ITV Hub app to your Smart TV.

Provided, your Smart TV is compatible with the ITV Hub app.

How to install and watch ITV Hub on Smart TV?

Step1: Turn on your Smart TV.

Step2: Establish internet connection.

Step3: Go for the AppStore according to your Smart TV. For eg: if,

Step4: On the search bar, type and search as ITV Hub app.

Step5: On the app info page, click the download button.

Step6: Wait for the ITV Hub app to get downloaded onto your Smart TV.

ITV Hub on Smart TV

Step7: After downloading, Open the ITV Hub app.

Step8: Sign in or Sign up to ITV Hub app.

Step9: Start watching ITV Hub app on your Smart TV easily.

Is your Smart TV isn’t compatible with ITV?

Though ITV Hub is available on a wide range of platforms, it isn’t available on some other Smart TVs. If you own one, don’t worry you can also get access to ITV Hub via Casting. Follow the article, to know in detail.

How to watch ITV Hub on an incompatible Smart TV?

Provide same Wi-Fi connection to your Smart TV and Android.

Step1: Turn on your Smart TV.

Step2: Launch the ITV Hub app on your Android.

Step3: Sign in to your ITV Hub login credentials.

Step4: Go for the video you prefer to watch in your Smart TV.

Step5: Navigate to Android device Settings.

Step6: Head to Sharing & connection option.

ITV Hub on Smart TV

Step7: Click on the Cast option.

Step8: After a while, you will see a list of available casting devices.

Step9: Select your Smart TV.

Step10: Play the video you chose for casting.

Step11: You can now successfully cast ITV Hub on your Smart TV.

What is ITV Hub+?

ITV Hub+ is the subscription available for all the ITV Hub users. It is the premium service offered by ITV Hub. Its main feature is to offer ad-free streaming and download option.

What is the cost of ITV Hub+?

ITV Hub+ costs £3.99/month. By subscribing for a year, the user can avail of 2months of the free trial period. You get a 7-day free trial for a monthly subscription.

How to upgrade for ITV Hub+?

  • Via Apple device

Step1: Navigate to ITV Hub app Settings.

Step2: Subscribe to ITV Hub+.

Step3: You will be charged via iTunes.

Step4: Auto renewal takes place every month.

Step5: You can turn it off in the Settings.

  • Via Firestick

Step1: Head to watch ad-free section on the screen.

Step2: Go ahead with either monthly or annual subscription plan.

Step3: Click on Start 7-day free trial or Start Subscription.

Step4: You have successfully subscribed for ITV Hub+.

  • Via ITV Hub Website

Step1: Create a new ITV Hub account.

Step2: Or Sign in to ITV Hub account.

Step3: Navigate to Manage accounts.

Step4: You will receive an invoice mail about the entire info about ITV Hub+.

Step5: Go ahead and enjoy ITV Hub+.

The EndNote

To end, ITV Hub is a must-try online streaming service in the arena. It is topping the list because of its captivating features and free of cost service. Though there are minor bugs, there are no major flaws to be noted on ITV Hub. Hope you find this article super useful. Thank you for reading.