How to Play Jackbox Games on Firestick? [2022]

I’m very much excited about this write-up. And after reading this you people will also get excited. This is because we are going to know the way to have more fun and entertainment with friends from home itself. Yes, we are going to discuss the Jackbox Games. We will be elaborating on how to play Jackbox Games on Firestick.

About Jackbox

 Jackbox Games on Firestick

Jackbox Games is an American-based video game platform. The Jackbox Games is the party game-making studio. All top games are a part of Jackbox Games. This is one of the finest game apps in this period of pandemic and new normal. This is because people sit in their homes and play with their friends and have fun. Anybody can play Jackbox Games because it is widely available on major devices such as Android, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Apple TV, Firestick, and many more. And the finest feature is that no extra gamepads are needed instead you can use your phones or tablets for gaming controls. This is really cool right! The cost of Jackbox Games depends on the Jackbox Game you choose to play. Each party pack or other game has a different cost. You can play them just by purchasing them.

How to add Jackbox Games on Firestick?

The Jackbox Games can be easily played on your TV with the help of your Firestick device. This is because all the party packs of Jackbox are available in the App Store of Amazon.

Jackbox Games on Firestick
Jackbox Games on Firestick

Step1: Launch your Firestick with your TV.

Step2: Check whether you have connected it to Wi-Fi connectivity.

Step3: On your Firestick, head to the Search option or Go to the Amazon App Store.

Jackbox on Firestick

Step4: Type in and search for the Party pack of Jackbox Games.

Jackbox Games on Firestick

Step5: Choose your choice of Jackbox Party Pack from the suggestions list.

Step6: Purchase the Jackbox Party pack that you have chose.

Jackbox Games on Firestick

Step7: To access the game controls, the users can use their wireless devices such as mobile or tablets.

Step8: To go ahead with playing the Jackbox Party pack with your wireless device, first you have to browse the Jackbox TV website.

Step9: Then you have to type in the room code on the next screen which will be displayed on your Firestick.

Step10: This will direct to the gaming platform.

Step11: Further enter your Name.

Step12: Then tap the Play button and start playing Jackbox Games on your Firestick.

With this feature of playing with a wireless device, anybody can play Jackbox Games without spending an extra penny on gamepads or something else.

Alternative way to play Jackbox Games on Firestick

The Jackbox Games can be played with Steam games as well. So, you can add the Steam to your Firestick and choose any Jackbox Game of your choice and play it on your Firestick-connected TV. But the problem is that the Steam app isn’t available on Firestick. But no worries, you can sideload Steam to your Firestick using any of the following methods mentioned below:

  • Via Apps2Fire app on your Android
  • Using Downloader App on your Firestick
  • Using ES File Explorer App on your Firestick
  • Via Aptoide TV on your Firestick

You can also make use of the screen mirroring method and get Steam on your Firestick and play Jackbox Games on it.


To conclude, Jackbox Games are the better option for people who are looking for fun and entertainment with friends from home. And you have a lot more options under Jackbox Games, choose any game and play it with your friends. The best part is that from 1 to 8 players can play Jackbox Games. Hope you are clear with the streaming of Jackbox Games on Firestick. Thank you for reading.