How to Jailbreak PS4?

Jailbreak PS4: The first thing to remember is that not all video game apps are available on the PS4 console. At this time, use the Jailbreak app to access all the video games. So, get into this article to get more about the Jailbreak PS4.

At first, the purpose of using Jailbreak is to unlock all the electric devices to install all the software. Meanwhile, the Jailbreak application will give the owner access to the apps with all the features and benefits.

In detail, with the help of this Jailbreak app, people can install all the video game apps, block apps, access the application, etc. Unfortunately, the Jailbreak app is not available in all countries.

Advantages of Jailbreaking PS4

  • Free to install and download all the video games.
  • Backward compatibility is available using the Jailbreak.
  • It is possible to download the Custom ROM and also different themes.
  • It helps to access all the block games anywhere and anytime.

How to Jailbreak PS4?

In this passage, you will get the step-by-step process to set the Jailbreak on PS4. Then, use this Jailbreak to play all the video games and even streaming apps. Below we mention the simple steps for Jailbreak  PS4.

Jailbreak PS4
How to Jailbreak PS4?

Step 1:

Firstly, connect the PS4 console to your Smart TV.

Step 2:

After that, turn on the PlayStation 4 device and make a wifi internet connection to your console.

Step 3:

Then, with the help of the home page of the PlayStation 4 device, get into the Settings option.

Step 4:

From the Settings, click on the System -> System Information to check the System Software.

Step 5:

At this time, the System Software is 7.55 or below 7.55 mean the PS4 console users can Jailbreak the PlayStation 4.

Step 6:

After that, you need to update the Firmware to 7.55 on your PlayStation 4 console.

Step 7:

Now with the help of the PC, Download the 7.55 Firmware online.

Step 8:

After the downloading process, use the USB Pendrive and copy it from your PC.

Step 9:

Connect the USB Pendrive with your PS4 device and get into the System Sofware Update.

Step 10:

After checking the Firmware version, hit the Next option to start the updating process.

Step 11:

For the updating process, the PS4 console will restart.

Step 12:

Now click on the Settings -> System -> Automatic Downloads to check all the boxes to avoid automatic updating.

Step 13:

Then clicks on the Settings -> Network -> Set Up Internet Connection to select the type of Wifi intent connection.

Step 14:

With the help of the Custom, tap the Automatic from the IP Address Settings.

Step 15:

Choose the Do Not Specify option and hit the Manual from DNS Settings.

Step 16:

Once you set the Primary DNS and the Secondary DNS, hit the Next option and choose the Automatic in the MTU settings.

Step 17:

Now get into the Users Guide/ Helpful Info and choose the Users Guides.

Step 18:

After that, with the help of the Disable Updates, select the PS4 Update version.

Step 19:

Now clear all the Bookmark, Browsing History.

Step 20:

With the help of the Settings, Delete all the Cookies and Clear Website Data.

Step 21:

Now run the Mira Payload for rebooting the PlayStation for Jailbreak.

Step 22:

Lastly, you can install all the video games with the help of the Package Installer.


Is Jailbreaking PS4 legal?

At present, the Jailbreak app using is legal in some countries. So, use this Jailbreak process to access all the websites.

Does the Jailbreak is useful?

Undoubtedly, the Jailbreak app is very much useful. In detail, the main benefit of the Jailbreak app is to install all the apps, video games, etc., with the help of the Jailbreak application. Meanwhile, using this Jailbreak, people can access all the websites.


Finally, we conclude the Jailbreak PS4. Shortly, the Jailbreak is the best legal application to access all the things you want in your Smartphone, Smart TV, console, etc. Lastly, this Jailbreak on your PlayStation 4 console to play all the video games with our friends.

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