How to Install JC Media IPTV Android, PC and Firestick [2022]

JC Media IPTV:  Find all your wanted things or knowledge from the correct place. From this guide, you can find information about JC Media IPTV, its usage, its services on all devices, and the installation process of JC Media IPTV on other devices. So, let us find more information from the following entire note by overviewing this article.

About JC Media IPTV

Currently, JC Media IPTV is formerly known as Sportz TV IPTV. Meanwhile, JC Media IPTV works as IPTV Service Provider and IPTV Media Player. JCMedia IPTV is free to cost service. Moreover, here you can Stream more Live TV channels through this application. Unfortunately, you cannot access this service without the internet, and you can stream your favorite content through only the internet. Instead, you can access this IPTV Service on your Android, PC, and Firestick. Sportz TV (JC Media) has Three types of packages. The First plan costs $9.95 per month. The second plan costs $14.95 per month. And the third plan costs $19.95 per month.

JC Media IPTV: How to Install Android, PC & Firestick Updated Guide

However, additionally, the JCMedia IPTV has so many features as follows,

  • Get 6000+ channels in HD Quality.
  • Get PPV and significant sports packages.
  • Get M3U URL
  • Accept online payment.
  • It gives the external player support.
  • Gives Multi-screen

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How to Sign up for JC Media IPTV?

In this portion, we are discussing the Sign-up process of JC Media IPTV. Initially, the signing process is the easiest method; you can complete this process in a few steps. So, read this portion clearly to learn to sign in to the JCMedia IPTV.

  • First, go to the browser on your respective device.
  • Then, type the JCMedia IPTV in the search bar and click the search option.
  • Now, choose the official website of JCMedia IPTV from the search result.
  • Then, go to the official website and click the sign-in from the top right side of your respective screen.
  • As a next step, enter your details like name, address, and so more.
  • Then, fill out the Billing Address section with the details of the Street name, postcode, etc.
  • Next, change your password and click the sign-in button.
  • Now, after clicking the sign, your personal JCMedia IPTV account will create.

How to Install JC Media IPTV on Android?

Undoubtedly, you can Install and watch the JCMedia IPTV on your Android device. Unluckily, there is no separate application for JCMedia IPTV. So, therefore you cannot download the JCMedia IPTV straightforwardly on your Android device. But, no worries. Undoubtedly, you can Install the JCMedia IPTV by using its APK link on your Android device. The following steps will ideally lead you to install the JCMedia IPTV on Andriod devices.

  • First, turn on your Android device and connect it to the internet.
  • Next, go to the homepage and navigate to the settings.
  • Now, choose the Security option and enable the Unknown sources option on your settings.
  • Next, open the Web Browser and search the JCMedia IPTV to get the APK of JCMedia IPTV.
  • After getting the APK, click the download button to download the JCMedia IPTV.
  • After downloading the application, click the install key to install JCMedia IPTV on the Android device.
  • Complete the installation process, launch the JCMedia IPTV and complete the log-in process.
  • Now, JC Media IPTV will install on your Android device.

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How to Install JC Media IPTV on PC?

The installation process of JCMedia IPTV is a short time process. Formerly, you can install the JCMedia IPTV on a PC using BlueStacks. Do the following steps to install the JCMedia IPTV on a PC.

  • To Start, this process, first turn on your PC and connect it to the internet.
  • Next, Enter JC Media IPTV Apk download in the search bar.
  • Now, choose the relatable website from your result.
  • Click the download option to download JC Media IPTV Apk. 
  • Next, go back to the search bar and Search and get BlueStacks.
  • Afterward, go to the official website of Bluestaksand click download.
  • As a next step, install the Bluestacks, open the app, and complete the log-in process.
  • Now, Select the install APK icon on your Bluestacks.
  • On the next screen, choose the JCMedia IPTV APK from the menu.
  • And then, click the install button to install the JCMedia IPTV APK on your PC.
  • After installation, open the JCMedia IPTV and finalize the sign-up process.
  • Now you can stream the JCMedia IPTV content on your Firestick.

How to Install JC Media IPTV on Firestick?

This IPTV is Straightforward and not available on Amazon Store. So, you can get the JCMedia IPTV APK  on Firestick using the two methods. They are.

#1. Get JCMedia IPTV PK on Firestick using Downloader.

#2. Get JCMedia IPTV on Firestick using Es File Explorer.

How to Get JC Media IPTV on Firestick using Downloader?

Formerly, you can successfully install the JC Media IPTV On Firestick Using the Downloader by using this technique.

  • First, turn on Firestick and connect to the internet.
  • After that, go to the search bar and find the Downloader application.
  • After that, install the downloader application on your Firestick.
  • Now, go back to your home page and move to the setting option.
  • From the settings, select My Fire TV and Choose the developer option.
  • Select Unknown install application and click the Downloader to turn it on.
  • Afterward, open the Downloader app, put the JCMedia IPTV APK in the URL Box, and click the Go button.
  • After that, Install the JCMedia IPTV and Launch the JCMedia IPTV.
  • Now you can stream the JCMedia IPTV on your Firestick.

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Signing off

Eventually, now we are going to frame the final words for our topic, JCMedia IPTV. Indeed, you can stream a variety of content from various channels like Entertainment, Sports, News, Lifestyle, Television, and so more. Moreover, we believe this complete note will teach you more about JCMedia IPTV. Furtherly, if you want more details, keep following our website and get the info as your wish from our upcoming and updated article.


How to get JC Media IPTV on Firestick using Es File Explorer?

Keep following these below-given steps to install the JCMedia IPTV on Firestick using Es File Explorer. First, Turn on Firestick and connect to the internet> Apps store> Find ES File Explrer> Install and open> then select Downloader and click + key> enter your Path and name in the respective Field> click download to get APK of JCMedia IPTV>Next to install the JCMedia IPTV> then open and finish the log-in process>. Finally, now you can stream JC Media IPTV on Firestick.