How to Use Kodi on Nintendo Switch? [2022]

We have electronic gadgets that have certain restrictions on them. It doesn’t mean you can’t access the restricted ones. You can do it with certain sources which may allow you to access such services free of cost and so on. And that sources may also be restricted on your device. In that case, you need to jailbreak your device. In this tutorial, we are using the source, Kodi. We are going to guide you with steps on how to use Kodi on Nintendo Switch.

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What is Kodi?

Kodi on Nintendo Switch

Kodi is a service that was previously known as XBMC (Xbox Media Centre). Kodi is available for users and free of cost and it’s open-source. XBMC Foundation designed Kodi and was launched in 2002. Streaming the web content, accessing the content from the local files can be done with Kodi. Android, iOS, Apple TV OS, Windows 7 and later, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X are compatible platforms of Kodi. It’s clear that Kodi isn’t available on Nintendo Switch.

How to Install Kodi On Nintendo Switch?

At present, Kodi is not available for Nintendo Switch. But you can install Kodi on Nintendo Switch by jailbreaking your Nintendo Switch.

Note: Things to do before jailbreaking your Nintendo Switch are installing an antivirus software service and backing up the data on your device.

Kodi on Nintendo Switch
Kodi on Nintendo Switch

How to Jailbreak Nintendo Switch?

Follow the steps to jailbreak your Nintendo Switch using the Lineage launcher.

Step1: Get downloaded the Nx-Hbmenu version 2.0 zip file on your PC.

Kodi on Nintendo Switch

Step2: Transfer that zip file to a micro SD card.

Step3: Attach the micro SD card to your Nintendo Switch.

Step4: Access Settings on your Nintendo Switch.

Kodi on Switch

Step5: Then prefer the Connection Settings option and set up the DNS Server manually on your Nintendo Switch.

Kodi on Switch

Step6: Attach in the IP Address field on your Nintendo Switch.

Step7: Now reboot your Nintendo Switch.

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How to Install Kodi on Jailbroken Nintendo Switch?

After jailbreaking your Nintendo Switch by Lineage launcher, follow the steps to install Kodi on Switch. By jailbreaking your Nintendo Switch using the Lineage launcher, your Nintendo Switch can allow you to run the Android apps on it.

Step1: Allow your Nintendo Switch to the network connection.

Step2: The, Go to the Play Store on the Nintendo Switch.

Step3: Search for Kodi.

Step4: Get into its page by clicking on Kodi on your Switch.

Step5: Then tap Install in the Play Store on your Switch to get downloaded Kodi on your device.

Step6: Wait for the installation process. After that, access Kodi on Switch.

How to Install Kodi on Nintendo Switch From Nintendo eShop?

Here is the procedure to install Kodi from the Nintendo eShop and without jailbreaking the device.

Note: The below-given procedure is only applicable when Kodi is available for Nintendo Switch. Now it’s not available. It may be available for Nintendo Switch in the future. Then give it a try with the above given procedure.

Step1: Provide a network connection to your Nintendo Switch.

Step2: Prefer the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch.

Kodi on Nintendo Switch

Step3: Sign in to your Nintendo account on your Nintendo Switch.

Step4: Look for Kodi in the Nintendo eShop.

Kodi on Nintendo Switch

Step5: Then specify Kodi from the results in the Nintendo eShop.

Step6: Now choose the Download option on your Nintendo Switch to get it.

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Kodi is the service to stream online and local content without any restrictions on your device. And getting it on your Nintendo Switch isn’t a big deal. And you may come to know it with our article. The above-given procedures are the ever simplified ones to get Kodi on Nintendo Switch. We are thankful to you for reading this article.