Lenox on Firestick | How to Download and Install Lenox on Firestick? [2022]

In the fast-growing technology, people used to entertain themselves by hearing songs and watching videos through online applications. In the olden days, they spend their time to get entertain by watching television or hearing the radio. Nowadays, television becomes Smart TV and the radio is available on a smartphone. For hearing songs and watching videos there are various media player applications available online. One of the best media player applications for watching your favorite shows and hearing songs is Lenox media player. If you are bored due to situations like lockdown, download Lenox media player and enjoy watching movies and favorite shows. Let’s see in detail that how to open Lenox on Firestick.

What is Firestick?

A line of digital media players developed by Amazon is called Amazon Firestick. The first version of Amazon Firestick is introduced in the year 2014. A small device with a remote that delivers audio and video content streamed via the internet to the smart TV. The users of Firestick are allowed to access local content and to play video games with the remote controller or by using mobile app remote control with another device. Because of the small size, it is easily portable, so that you can watch your favorite shows anywhere at any time.

In the online market, one of the best video streaming devices is the Amazon Firestick which helps to change your normal TV into a smart TV. By plugin your tiny flash drive shape device on your TV’s HDMI port you can stream your favorite shows, movies, sports, music, and many by using the Firestick remote. You can stream various content from popular online services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and many.

About Lenox Media player

A service provider subscribes to an application to view their content is called the Lenox Media Player. Any content such as live channels, movies or radios is not available in the Lenox Media player. Lenox Media Player app is developed by the software development entity. For providers, it is built to be a media player to offer their content to their end-users.

Lenox MP app supports Firestick models including Amazon Firestick powered TVs. After installation, you will be prompted with a login screen to enter your provider code, username, and password (which are provided by your provider). After logging in you will see their content.

Features of Lenox Media player

  • You can watch full episodes of your favorite shows.
  • Connect with your TV to discover better movies experience with Google Play.
  • You can also watch Food Network anytime with access to live TV and full episodes of your favorite shows.
  • Available in Google play store.
  • Lenox media player is a software development entity
  •  It was built for the providers to offer their content to end-users.
  • Contents like Live channels, Movies, and radio are not available in the Lenox media player.
  • Feasible for both IOS and Android OS devices.
  • Available in devices like Roku, Firestick, and many.
  • With the help of online streaming devices, you can able to use Lenox on your smart TV.
  • It is free of cost to download and install Lenox, but the subscription is necessary after free trial.

Subscriptions for Lenox Media player

Lenox media player does not ask money for download and installs on your device. But after installation, for streaming the content on Lenox media player it charges 24$ per month. You can get benefits by using the trial pack. The subscription cost is a little bit higher when you are a single user.

How to download and install Lenox media player on Firestick?

You can able to get Lenox on Firestick to enjoy the content of Lenox media player on a big screen on your smart TV. Here I am going to explain how to get Lenox on Firestick. Below are the two methods.

Lenox on Firestick
Lenox on Firestick
  1. How to download and install Lenox on Firestick using the Downloader app?
  2. How to download and install Lenox on Firestick using Es File Explorer?

To download the app you have to “Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources option” in the settings option. Let’s see below in detail.

Step1: Plugin the Amazon Firestick device to your HDMI port of smart TV and power on both.

Step2: On the homepage, click on the menu and go to settings and select “Device”.

Step3: Click on the “developer option” on the settings.

Step4: In developer, options choose “Apps from unknown sources” and click on it.

Step5: A pop-up screen opens with 2 options, Click “Turn on”.

Step6: After turn on, you can now able to download apps from unknown sources.

Let’s move to the installation procedure

Method 1: How to download and install Lenox on Firestick using the Downloader app?

Step1: In the homepage of your Firestick device connected to your Smart TV, go to the Search tab and type Downloader.

Step2: Click on the Downloader to download the “Downloader app” on your device, so that able to download apps from unknown sources.

Step3: After that open the Downloader app and go to the URL box and type the URL as given below.

Step4: Then click ok and the download of Lenox media player will start automatically.

Step5: After downloading click “install” to install Lenox on your device.

Step6: After install click done and now you can see the Lenox Media player app on the apps section of the homepage on your device.

Step7: Now you can “Login/signup” to enjoy the contents like movies, favorite shows, TV channels, and many.

Method 2: How to download and install Lenox on Firestick using ES File explorer?

We all know “ES File Explorer” is available in all the storage devices. Like that it is available in the Firestick device also. It’s a managing device to store the data and helps to download the apps on Firestick. Follow the steps to get Lenox on Firestick using ES File Explorer.

Step1: At first, Download and install “ES File Explorer” on your device.

Step2: On the homepage, you can find ES File Explorer and open it.

Step3: You can find the “+New” option on the homepage and click on it.

Step4: A pop-up menu opens and it asks for the path and name.

Step5: As per your wish enter the path and file name as given below.

Step6: Then click on “Download Now”.

Step7:  After downloading, open the file and it asks for permission to save on your device.

Step8: Then click “Install” and the Lenox media player app is installed on your device.

Step9: After installation completes, you can see the Lenox on the apps section of the homepage.

Step10: Open the Lenox and enjoy your movies, videos and many as per your wish.

Sums Up

Lenox is one of the best media player apps that entertain the people in the group for the users. I hope you can follow the above steps to download and install the Lenox on Firestick device to make your normal TV into a smart TV. One of the user-friendly and online apps for watching high definition videos. If you have any issues in the above steps let me immediately in the below comment box and I will sort it out ASAP.

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