What Channel is Lifetime on Verizon Fios? [2022]

Lifetime on Verizon Fios: Hey, Fios users! Attention! Do you know something? Now, you can stream all your favorite Lifetime shows on the big screen by using your Verizon Fios service. Yeah! You read this right, it is possible with our guide.

This article is going to speak about Lifetime, Version Fios, and the accessing method of Lifetime on your TV provider service. Also, it includes one amazing trick to get all your Lifetime favorites with a single tap. If you want to access the Lifetime channel on your Verizon Fios streaming service, then without delay, let’s get into the article.

About Lifetime

Lifetime is one of the American cable television channels which is controlled by the company of A&E Networks. With Lifetime, you can get numerous interesting collections like movies, shows, videos, and so on. In addition, it offers shows like Married at first sight, Phrogging: Hider in My House, #TextMeWhenYouGetHome, Dance Moms, and so on.

Also, you can get movies like Sister with a Secret, The Art of Passion, In Love With My Partner’s Wife, and much more. In addition, you can also stream live TV content with a lifetime channel without any restrictions. Moreover, it covers sports events like women’s professional sports, Women’s National Basketball Association, LPGA’s Tournament of Champions, National Women’s Soccer League, etc.

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About Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios is a cable television service which is also known as Fios by Verizon. The parent of the Verizon Fios is Verizon Communications. With Fios, you can get a Telephone, internet, and much more services. You can access the Verizon Fios service in Mid-Atlantic and New England. Also, Verizon Fios offers plenty of channels to its subscribers.

The upcoming guide will explain about Verizon Fios subscription plan. There are four types of subscriptions available in the Fios service. They are,

  • Fios TV Test Drive

It is the trial pack that offers all Fios features for $70 per month for 60 days. With this plan, you can get 425+ channels and a set-top box too. However, after two months, you have to choose the respective plan to enjoy Verizon Fios features limitlessly.

  • Your Fios TV

It is a Fios basic plan which offers 125+ channels to its users. In addition, you can get a set-top box as well as $50 worth of Verizon Gift. With this package, you can choose your five favorite channels as per your wish. The subscription cost of Your Fios TV is $70 per month.

  • More Fios TV

The More Fios TV plan offers 300+ channels and regional sports channels to its subscribers. In addition, you can get a set-top box and basic DVR service with this pack. Moreover, it will provide a Verizon Gift Card worth $50. When we come to its subscription cost, it charges $90 per month.

  • The Most Fios TV

This is the premium package of Verizon Fios service. With this plan, you can get 425+ channels for $110 per month. It includes a lot of Sports and Movie channels. Also, it offers a set-top box and a Multi-Room DVR service, in addition, you can get a gift card for $200.

Now, you can add more features to your subscription by purchasing add-ons. For example, with Verizon Fios, you can get Sports packages, Premium channels, Spanish Packages, and International Channels. But, visiting the Verizon Fios official website before going to subscribe to the service is recommendable. Because the above-mentioned subscription plan may differ in the upcoming days.

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What Channel is Lifetime on Verizon Fios?

Now, you can stream all your favorite Lifetime shows on the big screen limitlessly using the Verizon Fios streaming service. In addition, Lifetime has a dedicated channel on your existing service channel lineup, so you can directly find the channel and stream all your favorites hassle-free. The upcoming guide will include a simple as well as effective trick to tune the Lifetime channel and access it easily.

Lifetime on Verizon Fios
What Channel is Lifetime on Verizon Fios?

So, keep reading this portion without skipping. As said before, Lifetime is officially available on Verizon Fios TV provider service. In this case, we are planning to include the channel number of Lifetime to make your work easier. Make use of it to get all your Lifetime favorites with a single tap on your desirable device.

Streaming Service: Verizon Fios

Channel Name: Lifetime SD

Airing On: 140

Channel Name: Lifetime HD

Airing On: 640

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Popular shows on Lifetime

You can get tons of shows with Lifetime limitlessly. Now, we are going to discuss some popular shows on your Lifetime channel in this portion. So, continue reading this article to the end to learn about Lifetime shows.

  • Keeping Up With the Joneses 2021

The Keeping Up With the Joneses 2021 has 7.8 IMDb ratings which are aired on the Lifetime channel. In addition, this show is cast by Arie Thompson, Jasmine Aivaliotis, Vivica A. Fox, Ciarra Carter, Marcos James, Ted McGinley, Michael Paré, Kandi Burruss and Shellie Sterling. As of now, this series has two seasons and seven episodes, namely, The Wrong Family, The Wrong Letter, The Wrong Blackmail, The Wrong Nemesis, The Wrong Murder, The Wrong Marriage, and The Wrong Inside Men.

  • Little Women: LA

The Little Women: LA is one of the reality shows on the Lifetime channel. The opening theme of this show is Take Me Away by Clooney, and it is created by Terra Jolé. This show star Tonya Banks, Elena Gant, Traci Harrison Tsou, Terra Jolé, Christy McGinity, Briana Manson, Jasmine Arteaga Sorge, and Brittney Guzman. Currently, it has eight seasons and 138 episodes, such as The “M” Word, Little Women, Big Drama, Who Do You Think You Are?, The Ex-Factor, Movin’ On Up, She’s Booty-ful, and so on.

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We hope this article will share all information about Lifetime, Verizon Fios as well as how to access the Lifetime channel on your existing Fios TV provider service. Fortunately, Lifetime is compatible with the Verizon Fios service, so you can easily stream all your favorites.

Also, the early mentioned write-up includes the Lifetime channel number, which helps you to find the channel from the Fios channel lineup effortlessly. Moreover, you can get more interesting channels on your existing Verizon Fios streaming service by checking out our website under the What Channel is category.

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Can I watch Lifetime on Verizon Fios?

Undoubtedly, you can stream all your favorite Lifetime shows on the big screen with the help of the Verizon Fios streaming service. Luckily, Lifetime is compatible with Verizon Fios, so you can easily find and stream all your favorites hassle-free.

Is Verizon Fios a subscription-based service?

Of course, Verizon Fios is a paid TV provider service, it offers plenty of channels to its subscribers without emptying their wallets. With Verizon Fios, you can get four types of subscription plans, namely Fios TV Test Drive, Your Fios TV, More Fios TV, and The Most Fios TV. Select the right plan which suits you and subscribe to it to access all Verizon Fios features on your desirable device.

What Services include Lifetime?

You can stream all your favorite Lifetime shows on your desirable device by using streaming services. Lifetime is compatible with numerous streaming services like Hulu, Xfinity Choice TV, Vidgo, Sling TV, Philo, DirecTV Stream, Fubo TV, and so on. So, make use of any of these services’ subscription credentials to enjoy all your desired Lifetime shows limitlessly.