How to Get Mods on Xbox One?

Mods on Xbox One: Hey, gaming buddies, playing the game on the big screen will give an unbeatable experience. In this case, now we are going to add some sprinkles of exciting features to get a super cool gaming experience.

Are you excited about what we speak about in this article? If so, without delay, let’s start the essay. Here we will show the simple methodology to add mods to your game. Yeah! If you have used a mod before on your game, then you will know how much the mod is helpful for your victory. So, today we will discuss the procedure to get mods on Xbox One console. Keep reading this article to the end to learn the tricks to win the game effortlessly on your Xbox One.

How to Get Mods on Xbox One?

Now, we will see the simple techniques to get Mods on Xbox One. But before going to start the getting method, kindly check whether your game supports mods or not.

Because certain games only support mods, such as Minecraft, Factorio, Civilization V, Fallout 4, etc. In this section, we will see the procedure to get Mods on Minecraft game which is one of the most famous games that supports mods.

Mods on Xbox One
How to Get Mods on Xbox One?

Step 1:

Firstly, you must download the Mods for your Minecraft, so go to the Microsoft Edge Browser on your device.

Install Microsoft Edge Browser on Xbox one
Install Microsoft Edge Browser on Xbox one

Step 2:

Then, visit the website and select the Mods option 

Reach the official website of and choose mods option on it.
Reach the official website of and choose the mods option on it.

Step 3:

Once you select the mods, then click on the Download Resource option.

Click Download Resources option
Click the Download Resources option

Step 4:

Now, hit the Download Behavior button on your Xbox One.

Step 5:

After that, install the MC Addons Manager app and click on the Import option.

Click import option
Click import option

Step 6:

Select the MCpacks and import option on your device.

Step 7:

Then, launch the Minecraft game and select the Play, Create New and Create new world options.

Step 8:

After that, enable the Experimental Gameplay option on your Xbox.

Enable exprimental Game Play
Enable experimental Game Play

Step 9:

Now, select the Resource Pack and choose the My Packs option.

Select resource Pack
Select resource Pack

Step 10:

Then, you can activate your mod pack on your gaming console.

Step 11:

Finally, hit the Create button to access mods on your game without hassle.


You can quickly get Mods on your Xbox One gaming console without limitations. But make sure your game supports mods. Limited games only allow you to use mods to win the match.

We hope the method mentioned above will help you access mods on your game. For more interesting facts about your Xbox One, kindly look over our website under the Xbox One category.

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